DIY: Fired Alcohol Ink Art | Home Decor
DIY: Fired Alcohol Ink Art | Home Decor

Jacob: Hey JBirds! What’s up it’s Jacob here!? Welcome back to my channel and welcome to
another video! so joined with me issssss… Jerry: Jerry! Jacob: what’s uppppp? Jerry: well today what’s up is
I’m kinda excited not gonna lie Jacob: what are we doing? Jerry: well we’re gonna do some DIY home decoration
which in fairness we’ve kinda failed at DIY stuff in the past
sooo Jacob: fingers crossed we don’t fail! Jerry: fingers crossed!
expectations for me are through the roof and down to hell
soooo somewhere in the middle we’ll be alright
Jacob: so Jerry found this really cool like ink burning thing on facebook
that he wants to do and you mix alcohol ink together
with regular 91% rubbing alcohol and you burn it and it looks beautiful!
and we’re gonna see if we can do it Jerry: we’re gonna see..
we’re gonna do it! Jacob: we got double sided picture frames
so there’s glass on both sides so we technically get 2 chances to do this.. Jerry: yeah.. Jacob: alright so I’m taking my first attempt
here – music – Jacob: ok, here we go ready? – laughs –
Jerry: Somebody had to light the table on fire! – laughs – – music – Jacob: I guess that’s it here’s my first one
we’ll see how it looks I don’t think it turned out to too bad
Jerry: and especially try to imagine it with a white background too because you’re supposed
to put white paper in between to make it pop Jacob: alright now I’m gonna go for my next
one! – music – Jerry: yeah dry your hands! Jacob: Oh Lord! Jerry: what? Jacob: hopefully I don’t die here
Jerry: let me light it Jacob: alright you got it? Jerry: I think so it’s so hard to.. – laughs – Jacob: ahhhhhh – music – Jacob: not bad I guess
they’re all supposed to turn out different so that’s what kinda hard about this I think
alright Jerry’s turn! – music – Jerry: this is the most scary part to me because it splashes – music – Jerry: alright I guess I’ll see how this looks
Jacob: here we go! OPA! Jerry: aie yie yie yie – music – Jacob: hold it up! Jerry: alright guys
Jacob: looks pretty – music – Jacob: I know this is probably the hardest part right here
Jerry: probably I shouldn’t have wanted to get such a big bottle Jacob: put a little bit more – music – Jacob: Oh Lord… you’re a pyromaniac Mr. Blevins! Jerry: 3
2 1
Go! Jacob: ahhhh!!! – laughs –
Jerry: this is legit hot like I’m afraid I’m gonna come back with less
eyebrows or something the hair on my arm is curling! – music – Jerry: would have been nice if they would
have said you could need some pot holders or something.. Jacob: I think that one turned out pretty!
ok so for this last part what we do is we take this frosted spray paint
and you spray it over the glass on the side that we did all the
ink and burning stuff to Jerry: oh… Jacob: haha make sure you have the side that
you put the ink on Jerry: you know with spray paint
you probably are gonna do them the same time because you know with spray paint
you want to be as one fluid motion as possible – music – Jacob: ok so apparently this dries in 30 minutes so, we will be back in 30 minutes! Jacob: alright guys so the time has passed
we are back! and our spray paint should be dry!
it’s raining outside now if you can hear that it’s been raining on and off all day
hence why we did an indoor thing today I kinda like it! alright, so now we just have to take paper
put it in it’s little container thingy’s ahhhh! I think it turned out good! Jerry: oh I like it, a lot!
you’ll get to see it don’t worry Jacob: oh they can see this side anyways!
– laughs – I like that side a lot
alright, so here are what our final products look like Jacob: alright guys so if you like this video please be sure to give it a big thumbs up
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some links to go to Jerry: but don’t set your hopes too high
let’s just get that out there right now Jacob: because let’s face it
we don’t always do everything right Both: Alright guys!
– laughs – Jerry: bye
Jacob: bye JBirds!!!

16 thoughts on “DIY: Fired Alcohol Ink Art | Home Decor”

  1. xXnormalratxX says:

    Great job, my boys!

  2. Robbie W says:

    Loves it!! That opening was too cute with your head on Jerry. We were a lil nervous about fire inside the house. Hope you had a fire extinguisher near. The art work is beautimus! I would say y'all hit this one out of the park. These would make great gifts – hint hint. Especially for someone who has a new house. 😂 Seriously. Great project. And yes Jerry we want to see more.

  3. waterfieldV says:

    reminds me of when I was in preschool doing bubble painting for art, and then accidentally drinking some of the paint.

  4. KKvlogs says:

    Jacob.. I want your hair. Now. ;x And if someone doesn't know who Jerry is by now.. what kind of a viewer are they?!

  5. Andrew Bouchahine says:

    These came out so cool!

  6. Hanco and Kaytie says:

    thumbs upppp ❤❤ you guys are so cute 😍 this looks really beautiful but uggh so many stuff needed I would be too lazy to get it all 😂

  7. Paul Celano says:

    Those turned out cool. And man Jerry still has the best lines. He needs to do stand up.

  8. PTXart Chiara says:

    wooow that cool😱💖

  9. Amelia Jane says:

    Holy shit that's pretty af <3

  10. Shonda Nolan says:

    I did this with my grandkids its easier if you use eye droppers to put the alcohol on the glass. Beautiful!!!

  11. Brandy Bobo says:

    Spray bottle…dropper…something would be better than poring it…gentlemen. ;~) dangerous. Pretty but dangerous. Cookie sheet or something underneath, just to help contain it a little bit lol…wow on the flamage…lol…

  12. Brandy Bobo says:

    Yeah hot…lol…you guys are cracking me up…lol
    Love it!!

  13. Joyce Parkes says:

    What was the spray you applied at the end guys?

  14. April Leyba says:

    I loved this vid. Specially because they laugh during the light up. Lmao!!

  15. millana says:

    You guys, check out some designs, like blowing with straws and stuff.

  16. Anne Slabinski says:

    Great job. You can also get a tiny spritzer bottle for the rubbing alcohol.

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