floral what is up guys today I’m gonna be
showing you guys how to make a DIY floral wall decor so let’s get started don’t forget if you
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this video first step is to paint the toilet paper tubes I used about six and had a little extra
left however many you have I would paint em I hand painted black because that’s how
I wanted it to be but you can spray paint it there is different kind of Spray paint
out there that can make it look more mentally towards the end and i decided i wanted a
pop of color so i took a longer tube and I painted half of it yellow and half of
it dark blue but the dark blue really didn’t show up because had a blue
painted room so that went sour but it didn’t look blue it looked black so I guess
it’s fine um next step is to fold the toliet paper tube
in half in sandwich style to make it easier for when you cut it after you cut it you will start making
your design before or after you make the design i did it after um I would paint the
insides of the tube so it would make it nicer when it’s on the wall after you’re done making your design and
painting the inside you can start gluing it i did with hot glue gun I don’t know
how else to do it so i recommend using hot glue gun and that is the finished
product that is how you make the floral DIY
wall decor thingy if you guys liked it give it a thumbs up comment down below
if you tried it and if it wroked for you subscribe to my channel and share and i
will see you guys next time thank you for watching byee gooooooooooooooooooooooood mornin to the best family on Youtube

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