DIY Framed Shower Door Installation – Basco Deluxe 6150 & 7150 How To
DIY Framed Shower Door Installation – Basco Deluxe 6150 & 7150 How To

Elegant, attractive durable. Bath and shower enclosures from Basco
accent the owner’s style with the design that offers years of carefree use. Spread a drop cloth and unpack the 6150/
7150 bath enclosure carefully. Handle the glass panels carefully and
protect the edges. Remove the warranty sticker and save for
registration. Before discarding the carton, check to
see that no small hardware parts have fallen to the bottom of the box. Identify all parts using instruction
sheet as a reference. To install your Basco bath enclosure you’ll need a tape measure, level, #2 phillips screw driver a 3/16″ wrench, hacksaw, clear silicone caulking and drill with the 1/8″ standard
drill bit in 3/16″ tile masonry drill bit Start by measuring the opening at the
center the tub rim. Measure and cut the tub track 1/16″
short of this dimension. Place the tub track in the center of the
tub rim with the tall leg to the exterior. For fiberglass or acrylic units, it may be necessary to file a radius on
the ends of the tub track and wall jams to match the corners of the enclosure. Press both wall jams into position
over the tub track. Use a level to plumb both wall jams. Then mark the pre-drilled hole locations
on the wall. Lightly mark on the side of the tub track with a pencil, then remove all the parts. For tile or marble walls drill six 3/16″ diameter holes and insert the plastic wall anchors. For
fiberglass or acrylic units, if reinforcement is built into the wall
or the unit drill six 1/8″ holes to install mounting screws directly into
the reinforcement. Next, run a heavy bead of silicone caulk inside the pencil marks on the tub rim.
Place the tub track in the exact pencil marked positions and press it firmly in the caulking. Replace wall jams in the tub track and
attach each to the wall with one 8″ X 1.5″ truss head screw. Slip a nylon spacer over the two middle
truss head screws and install each into the center hole
of both wall jams. Check each jam for plump, and tighten the screws, being careful not to over tighten. The
6150/7150 bath enclosure is equipped with safety T Lock wall jams. When properly installed, the header is
permanently locked to the wall jams and cannot be accidentally dislodged. To
secure this, measure the wall-to-wall opening at the
top of the wall jams and cut the header 1/16″
short of this dimension. Check the header for fit. Place the header on top of the wall jams,
making sure the Basco logo is facing out. Holding the header in position, carefully
twist the loose while jam and fit into place inside the header.
Pivot the wall jam back into place, press into position and attach it to the
wall with two 8″ X 1.5″ truss
head screws inserted through the top and bottom holes. Attach the four nylon roller bearings to
the door panels using 8/32″ by 3/8″ hex head screws centered in the outside slots in the top
bearing fits. Lift the interior panel with a rough
surface closest to the top, fit into position with the rollers fitting
into the roller slide in the header. For maximum waterproofing, position the
interior panel closest to the shower head. Repeat this procedure for the exterior
panel. If the door panels are not parallel to the wall jams, remove them from the header and adjust
the rollers up or down. Slide the four towel bar trim rings over
the clear acrylic towel bar brackets and press the brackets into the ends at
the two towel bars. Attach one towel bar simply to the
exterior panel with the # 10 24″ X 7/8″
inch truss head screw through the inner rail. Insert a # 10 24 X 1 1/8″ flat head screw through an acrylic finger pull, then
through the outer rail and into the outer towel bar bracket. Do
the same for the interior door panel. Locate the nylon bottom guide in the
middle at the tub track with the door panels. With a 7/64″ bit, drill a
hole into the v-groove through the mounting hole in the bottom
guide. Install the bottom guide with a 6″ X 3/8″ pan head screw through
the drilled hole. Slide the stainless steel bumper inserts
into the two soft vinyl jam bumpers. Align the slides and the bumpers with the
outer rails at the door panels and snap the bumpers downward over the center while jam screws with the nylon spacers. Neatly silicon both the interior and
exterior of the entire unit where the tub track and wall jams meet the top
tub or tile, paying special attention to the interior
of the tub track. Remember to register the warranty
following the instructions on the warranty sticker. Elegant, attractive, durable. Bath and shower enclosures from Basco.

3 thoughts on “DIY Framed Shower Door Installation – Basco Deluxe 6150 & 7150 How To”

  1. Randy Billman says:

    Best video to watch if you buy basco. Installed easily except for door adjustments. Had to keep taking off till I got them right. Start rollers in middle of diagonal slot then adjust. Otherwise pretty straight forward.

  2. Tim Jansen says:

    Yesterday I had a 6150 version of these doors installed on a tub. I did not install it myself but had a Lowe's contractor do the work. I was told to wait 24 hours to use it so that the silicone adhesive could dry. Today I examined the door. I immediately noticed that the small, square, plastic finger grab of one door could strike the aluminum frame of the other door when either door was being slid opened and/or closed. There is no doubt that this would cause damage to either the metal frame of one door, or the finger gab of the other door, or both. It could happen as quickly as the first hurried slide of either door. The doors appear to be installed correctly. I am puzzled, and disappointed, by what appears to be an obvious design flaw.

  3. Md Gahidul says:

    lmoRTANT Please

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