DIY Galentine’s Day Wall Decor | Michaels
DIY Galentine’s Day Wall Decor | Michaels

Galentine’s Party Floral Wall Decor 12×12 Gold card stock, Black marker, Arrow Stencil, Natural coiled wire, Floral wire, Scissors, Wire cutters, Foam brush, Gold paint Green garland, Pink floral stems, Hot glue gun Form heart shape Cut 3 inch wire pieces Wrap & wire Trim tail Tuck under & secure Cut excess Pull off flowers Glue Trace stencil on gold cardstock Cut out Paint dowel Cut dowel Glue Cut wire Secure arrow Thanks for watching. Subscribe to our channel and share your projects using the #MakeItWithMichaels

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  1. Living to DIY with Rachel Metz says:

    So great!

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