DIY Glass Bottle Home Decor – 3 Simple Ideas
DIY Glass Bottle Home Decor – 3 Simple Ideas

Today I’m going to show you how to
create your own beautiful work of art using simple materials available at your
home. This fantastic home decor is pretty easy to make and fairly
inexpensive. We need empty glass bottles, hemp twine,
glue, tape, scissors, spray paint and some flowers. I’ll show you three different
methods of creating some wonderful home decor out of bottles to brighten up any
room. So, let’s begin! For this project we need clean glass bottles. So, I pulled up
all the labels. To take off difficult labels I used hot water and metal
scrubber. The first method is wrapping bottles with twine. The very first thing
to do is to spray-paint the bottles. I made two white and two black bottles. Now I’m just going to spread a thin layer of glue in a small section, probably around
2 centimeters. We just want to work in small sections at a time, so it doesn’t
dry too fast. Be careful with the glue, you don’t want to put too much of it,
because you’ll make a real mess. I’ll start wrapping around, making sure I
don’t leave any space. Take your time at the very beginning because you want it
to look very nice. You just want to make sure that it lines
up well. Once you are done wrapping, you need to cut it on the same side where
the beginning is, and then make sure the end of the twine is secured.
I made a braid out of the twine and glued it to the neck of the last black
bottle. Now it’s time to create the letters. I’m going to make white letters
using some pearls, buttons, yarn and handmade flower. I also use a white glue
and a hot glue. So, I started making the letter H with white yarn. I stuck it to the
bottle with white glue because it allows me to adjust the yarn very easily and
make a perfect letter. Then, to make the letter O I use this white flower that I
made myself. It is actually very easy and fun to make. I use a strip of fabric 3
centimeters wide and around 40 centimeters long. Then, I folded the
fabric in half and glued it with a hot glue. I cut the loops about half way along. I made a circle from a thin cardboard
and glued the fabric around it creating the flower. At the end, I added yellow
button to make the flower look more realistic. For the letter M, I use these
pearls from an old necklace and carefully glued them. Finally, for the letter E, I used white
buttons. The buttons were actually colored buttons but I painted them white. Also, I
glued small flower to the neck of the first white bottle to make it more
pretty. These are my favorite bottles! I really like them! The second method is
creating patterns with a tape and self-adhesive paper. First, I
spray-painted the beer bottles with black and gold spray paint. To take it to
the next level, I used self-adhesive paper and tape and
started making patterns. I’ve cut stripes, different sizes of
circles, and triangles and stuck them to the bottles creating stripes, dots and
a Sun burst. Use your imagination to create whatever patterns you want. Make
sure your tape and paper are not to sticky, otherwise the paint will come
out when you pull them up. After this, I spray-painted the bottles with
different colors to create contrast with the pattern. Finally, I remove the tape
and the paper of the bottles carefully. Now I’ve got a beautiful piece of art.
The third method is decorating bottles with white glue and hot glue. Just to warn you: It takes a lot of skill to work with a glue gun, but it’s worth the try! On the first bottle I’m going to make an abstract pattern, like abstract
rectangles. You can make whatever you want, there are no rules, but I think the
abstract ones are the easiest. This is another one that I also did with hot
glue, making some kind of vertical curved lines. For the third one I use white glue
to create dotted designs that pop out from the bottle. I really enjoyed doing
this. I let them dry for about 30 minutes before spray painting. For the
bottles covered with hot glue I use white spray paint and for the one
covered with white glue I use gold one. The final step is to take the glue off
of the bottle. It came out very easy. I decided to leave the other white bottle
as it is, because I kind of liked its design. This is the final result. So, at the end I added these beautiful flowers to give them more special touch. Now you can see all of my creations. It took me a whole day to finish all the bottles, but the
end result is amazing. Thank you so much for watching! I hope you enjoyed this
beautiful DIY. if you like this video, give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my

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