DIY headband – using markers & rubbing alcohol
DIY headband – using markers & rubbing alcohol

[music] You’ll need: wide elastic in a light color. Sharpies or other permanent markers. Rubbing alcohol and an empty spray bottle. Paper towels, scissors and needle and thread. Cover your work area with paper towels. Measure the elastic around your head and add an extra inch before cutting it. Now pour some of the rubbing alcohol into your spray bottle. Draw simple shapes and patterns onto your elastic. If you want to go bold and colorful, you can use a lot of different colors and shapes, like me. [laughs] If you want to keep things a little more subtle, make bigger shapes and only use a few colors. Spray some rubbing alcohol onto the shapes you just drew. Make sure to add A LOT to the center of your shapes and less on the rest. This way, the colors will blend into a circular shape. After a while you will see the colors spreading. Add more rubbing alcohol if you want to. Just remember that the colors will continue to spread out until the elastic is completely dry. So, if you spray TOO much rubbing alcohol your shapes will get lost completely. If you’re unsure, wait until the elastic is almost dry and then add more alcohol, if needed. When you’re happy with the result and the elastic is completely dry, it’s time to turn it into a headband! Have the two ends of the elastic overlap by an inch and sew the two pieces together. Now wear it with pride! As you can see I also made a bracelet using the same technique, which is fun too! I hope you like this tutorial! If you do, please give the video a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe. Thank you for watching. Byeee!

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  1. Bill M says:

    This is super cute….but your smile at the end is much nicer! ♥

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