DIY Home Decor : How to Make 3D Wall Hanging Using Ceramic | DIY Room Decor | Ceramic Art
DIY Home Decor : How to Make 3D Wall Hanging Using Ceramic | DIY Room Decor | Ceramic Art

How to Make a Beautiful 3D Wall Hanging using Ceramic Powder This handmade wall decoration is a beautiful scene of fishes and water made using ceramic powder. We have used natural things like shells, sand, etc. Things You Need… Canvas Board, Hooks, Sand, Shells, Adhesive, Ceramic Powder, Cotton Divider Tool, Brushes, Glue Gun, Colors, Woodfinish Oil Take a canvas board and draw the markings on it as shown. Now fix a hook and draw the same on the canvas board to mark the point. Make 2 holes on the canvas board like this Make the mixture of water, ceramic powder, adhesive and some cotton. Keep this ceramic mixture aside for some time. Apply the adhesive on some portion of the canvas and draw the design as shown here. Spread some sand on the glue as shown here and cover the entire portion with it. Now make the fish from the ceramic clay as shown here. Now make the other designs using clay as shown here. This is how our design will look like. Now apply the white acrylic color on the design as shown here. Paste the shells on the canvas like this. Now color the canvas using different paints as shown here. Color the fish with different shades of yellow and orange as shown here. Define the grasses using different shades as shown. Now paint the fish further using an orange shade as shown here. Give some more definition to the fish to give it a more realistic look. Similarly, give some definition to the other designs on the canvas like this. Paint the shells as well to give it an altogether new look. Now take a divider and make small circles on the canvas to represent the bubbles in water. Paint these bubbles as well as shown here. Paste some more shells on the painting. Now fix the hook at the top of the canvas as shown here. Apply woodfinish oil on the painting to give it a nice shining. Allow it to dry completely. Wow!! Your beautiful canvas 3D ceramic painting is now ready. Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!

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