DIY Home Decor Ideas || Glass Vase Painting and Decoration for Home Decor
DIY Home Decor Ideas || Glass Vase Painting and Decoration for Home Decor

Welcome back to Om Lifestyle & Decor Today I’m going to show you, another way
to Decorate Your Plain Glass Vase. Before we start, please do subscribe to my channel, if you have not yet done so. This is absolutely free and doesn’t take
much time either. To make this peacock design I have taken a paper cut out to make it easier. Will fix it with cello tape and draw the outline with Acrylic 3D outliner. Peacock outline is done, now for the feathers, I am using glitter outliner. For feather detailing, I will use the golden glass paint outliner. Now the most important part, eyes of the peacock. Using the black glass outliner for this. Outlines are all done, it needs 2-3 hours
to dry completely. I will be using Fevicryl glass paint to fill-up. Blue for the peacock’s body. Orange glass paint and a green stone set on it while the paint is still wet, for the centre of each feather. Need to fill-up with green glass paint for
each of the feather. I will add some details on the feathers with the golden glass out-liner. You must ensure that the paint is completely dry before this. Now will add some potpourri and a string light to make it a statement. Hope you liked the idea. Do share your feedback through the comments section below. Keep watching. Thank you.

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