DIY Home Decor Using Waste – 4 Easy Craft Ideas at Home | #Recycle #Handcraft #Anaysa #DIYQueen
DIY Home Decor Using Waste – 4 Easy Craft Ideas at Home | #Recycle #Handcraft #Anaysa #DIYQueen

To make this cute Unicorn we need and draw a unicorn shape on it now lets start to make these flowers fold it four times draw a circle and cut it such a nice trick to make more circles at a time now half fold one of this circle fold it till its last end just open it and flower is ready its looking little weird but when we’ll paste it then you’ll know likewise prepare more flowers apply fevicol along the marked line for a than Unicorn now hold this flower from centre and paste its centre along that marked line likewise paste more flowers all along the line don’t leave gaps otherwise you’ll not get that proper unicorn shape for making horn take fold it this way paste the last end with fevicol paint it with golden colour paint and paste it on Unicorn’s head likewise make colourful flowers as we made that white flowers and paste it towards the outside of the Unicorn make its eyes with a black paper now paste this whole sheet over this Card Board so as to hold it properly wherever you’ll hang it now lets make these paper flowers lets first make its shape for this we need fold it and cut it like this again fold it create a mark towards the open side and make small cuts along the marks don’t make cuts across that marked line open it and then flip apply fevicol on one side and paste it with the other side and you’ll get a shape like this apply fevicol here and wrap it from here using a wire now just apply fevicol and keep wrapping it you need to give it a slight upward push to its petals so that they doesn’t get sticks with one another wrap a green tape on this opened wire now we’ll make leaves for it cut a leaf shape use colours according to your liking and if you like this technique to make leaves then hit LIKE to the video now paste the leaves here in the last and done with it likewise make more colourful flowers and place them wherever you like its so easy to make this sun mirror so first make its sticks cut a newspaper into four parts role the newspaper like this and paste the end using fevicol likewise make more sticks now we’ll make this portion for this we need cut the carton in a mirror shape and paste it at the back side of the mirror using a glue gun and you need to paste the sticks in such a way that most of their portion remains outwards here we paste some more sticks now paint these sticks with our favourite colours but must apply a white colour first now randomly cut to give them a look of sun-rays now paint colour on these rays paste another round shape carton at its back side now put dual tape at its back side and you Sun rays mirror is ready for this flower pot make sticks as we made in sun rays mirror paint one by one with a golden paint and let them dry cut any round shape empty bottle cut these sticks evenly arrange them like this on that cut portion of plastic bottle and then secure it with a rubber band twist it like this apply glue here to secure it properly and use a ribbon to hide that rubber and our flower pot is ready

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