DIY Home Decoration : How to Make a Peacock from Plastic Spoons Crafts | DIY Projects | StylEnrich
DIY Home Decoration : How to Make a Peacock from Plastic Spoons Crafts | DIY Projects | StylEnrich

Welcome to Studio StylEnrich DIY Home Decoration: How to Make a Peacock from Plastic Spoons Crafts Things You Need… Fabric colors, Plastic Spoons, Color Paper & Glitter sheet, Decorative stones Cardboard, Cotton bud, Pencil, Cutter, Scissor, Craft glue, Paint brushes Glue gun Take some plastic spoons and pain them as shown in a peacock feather like design. We need several such feather like designed plastic spoons. Now, make a stencil with a peacock like appearance and use this stencil to draw the outline on a cardboard piece. Cut along the design as shown. Take a cardboard and draw a circle on it. Cut out the circular piece and this will form the base for the plastic spoon feathers. Take a plain colored paper and cover the circular cut out piece with it. Now take a glitter sheet. Cut it similar to that of a circular cardboard and paste the glitter sheet on it. Take the feather design spoons and arrange them on the circular cardboard piece to give it a peacock feather like appearance. Paste these spoons on the glitter circular cardboard. Now take the cotton bud and paint the top and lower portion of the bud only. Remove the plastic pipe connecting the buds. Take the peacock shaped cardboard and paste the colored cotton buds on the body as shown. Take the plastic spoon and cut out the lower portion of it leaving behind the bowl of the spoon. This will be used to make the head of the peacock. Cut and paste the spoon on the peacock’s head as shown. Make eye of the peacock using a black sketch pen. Paint the remaining portion of the head using blue color. Paint the rest of the body as well along with the head. Define the eyes and beak of the peacock using some colors. Now take the peacock’s body and paste it on the circular cardboard along with the plastic spoon feathers. Now to make the peacocks’s crest, paste some colored buds on the top of the head portion to make it look even more attractive. Take the decorative stones and paste it on the feather of the peacock to give it a shiny touch. Your beautiful peacock craft is almost ready! Just for some enhanced detailing, apply some glitter on the crest. Wow!! What a beautiful peacock it has turned out to be with plastic spoons. This can be used as a perfect home decoration and it looks beautiful on the walls of the room. Hope you have enjoyed this DIY wall hanging craft. Please share your experiences and feedback with us. Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!!

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