100 thoughts on “DIY How to Paint like a Pro Series A to Z”

  1. Home RenoVision DIY says:

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  2. rubendario297 says:

    Jeff ,if you work for me …..you r fired before lunch !!

  3. orlandotj1 says:

    Flat for walls, semi-gloss for trim?

  4. Adam Daniels says:

    this dude aint slept in weeks

  5. Patrick says:

    I forgot to subscribe and spent forever trying to find this video. Thank you for all the excellent advice!!!!!!!

  6. Aliwala69 says:

    Very Excellent video for a beginner. Always appreciate good word. I am very pleased the way he is explaining things. GOOD JOB

  7. Machonmi Shaiza says:

    What to you used for thinner water 💧or……?

  8. chris tully says:


  9. Mikee95 says:

    Did he just say he’ll use a 20 mil sleeve for interior?? That’s nutty lol

  10. Julie Bender says:

    You are awesome! Thanks for taking the time to teach us novices.

  11. Brandon Bunsold says:

    I think you do excellent work done 4 diy jobs in my house off of your videos and might I say my wife is a lot happier with me. Happy wife happy life😂

  12. Ib Rene Cario says:

    Sorry but panel was not sharp enough. Go with tape.

  13. Jeremiah Johnson says:

    So did you sand between coats? And what grit sandpaper did you use? Also then do you have to wipe down the walls?

  14. Moe Doleh says:

    Great tutorial! One question, what grit do you suggest between coats?

  15. Alice Lee says:

    I had flashing issue and I'm about to paint in a different project. Can you please explain why Sheetlock powder handles the flashing problem but the ready use pail by the same company isn't???

  16. Mike Fasan says:

    Why do you use acrylic paint? From my experience acrylic is horrible??

  17. Mike Fasan says:

    Your videos are great by the way. I just think there are better products out there. (By far)

  18. Arthur Morehead says:

    Get rid of that pan and use a 5 gal. and a bucket grid Much quicker, rolling pans are a pain because you have to keep refilling it.

  19. Marc T.MMA says:

    As someone mentioned just below, 40 min video. Nothing worse than watching paint dry as they say! But I was mezmorised as well throughout. I still think, perhaps a little easier said than done but I'm a great believer in spend the cash on good tools, great paint and use the tips taught and most things will work out. Personally I don't find it a major drama taping up and it gives me that security as an amatuer to paint more freely. Thanks for this video though!! Everyday is a school day. Now to put it in practice…

  20. Johnny. 987 says:

    Great video, the guy makes it look so easy but im sure it takes some time to get it down.
    Will keep these tips in mind next time and give them a try 😎

  21. Robert Padilla says:

    Best paint video yet!!

  22. Rrrr D says:

    Hi Jeff, just wondering if you could do a video on painting asbestos walls? I think you are not allowed to sand the walls due to asbestos fibres, but a sttep by step video on this would be great of possible!
    Great work on this video too, it has given me alot of tips to try!

  23. Andrew B. Richardson says:

    After cutting in, should the paint remain wet from cutting in to rolling? Or should the paint be allowed to dry between cutting in and rolling?

  24. Andrew B. Richardson says:

    When there's a popcorn or knockdown texture on the ceiling, does that technique work?

  25. Andrew B. Richardson says:

    You should have titled this Painting: P to G

  26. E L says:

    Jeff — I moved into a home with swirl paint ceilings. I really don't want to sand, texture, etc. to achieve an amazing flat ceiling. Would a paint-loaded long nap roller help fill the grooves? What do you suggest?

  27. Art Uy says:

    This is exactly what I am looking for today! Thank you for taking your time to create this video.

  28. Garrett Guilbault says:

    I don't have anything interesting to add here, but I've watched easily 30 of your videos and wanted to let you know that I enjoyed every one. Great information, great presentation, love it.

  29. Johnson Leroy says:

    I always put my sleeve on my frame and if I’m working by my self I take the tape and put the end of the tape on to what ever is around if there’s nothing in the room no door or nothing I’ll put them in around the door knob and roll the tape out about 12 inches maybe a little more then roll the roller wanted to tape the get all the fuzzies off the roller and I usually do it two or three times depending on what how much is coming off but usually about two times and it’s ok and I also Santa Claus like you do and the sanding sponges I can’t stand when the person before you does a shitty job my girlfriend just bought us 300 and some thousand dollar brand new townhouse and I’m walking around the house with a flashlight you would not believe all the imperfections in the walls and he had a bulkhead that was crooked I was on her every day about emailing them now it’s about close to a year she did email them once and they wrote her back and said you can get some touch up paint up at the office I said I need stupid or they just don’t understand what you’re saying I said I’m gonna go up there and tell them because it was so many that they were going to have to repaint the whole house and this is in Baltimore city near Canton area in a really nice area really expensive area to live and that really bothered me that it was that many imperfections and holidays and the paint I’ll Chyna drywall imperfections and then dry rolling stuff and brush marks It was crazy because the way she is even when they hooked up the washer and dryer up they had the heart to the cold and cold to hot

  30. Gajendra Shah says:

    Very creative work!wonderful smile.and nice tone too.
    Entertaining video Jeff.

  31. herozero2007 says:

    Should I paint ceiling first or walls?

  32. WC 'Strawberry' Fields says:

    20+ years a pro painter. Nice work. Well-communicated.

  33. Charles Sinner says:

    2:04 holding the five in one backwards

  34. Michael Delepine says:

    Can I use toothpaste instead?

  35. Manuel Morim says:

    o cara é bom!

  36. German Villalba says:

    Thanks dude, after 30 years been painter you made me better professional, thanks for the time you took to well explaining

  37. Joseph McLane says:

    So entertaining, just wish he would paint my house

  38. John Joseph says:

    It might be a crazy questions i just wanted to know how come you don't have a mask on your face . Great video 👌

  39. Sascha Brukoski says:

    Sexy painting thanks learned a lot. (And I know how to paint too lol..)

  40. William White says:

    @Home RenoVision DIY. If you have large areas that need mudding will just painting over it be enough? Thanks.

  41. William White says:

    Small mini roller for wall corners eliminates lots of time and brush marks.

  42. Gina Cable says:

    Can I use that for holes and scrapes instead of pollyfilla? I have painted walls that have been plastered.

  43. kristian juel says:

    I would prime that spackle, with micro dispers.

  44. eduardo gonzalez says:

    you paint left to right, and make a N; ROLLERS FULL OF PAINT LAST ABOUT 2 PASSES ON 6 TO 8 FEET

  45. Mars says:

    What grit sandpaper did you use?

  46. Dzenis Alickovic says:

    My GUY! Everytime i have a need to learn to do something myself at my house , BAM !!!! This dude.

  47. Dacia's D.I.Y's says:

    I love this

  48. Charles Miles says:

    I had no clue you should same after 1 coat now that I know that i see why always had rough spots.

  49. Manuel Lopez says:

    Love see videos

  50. Ben Malin says:

    Hey Jeff. How would you go about covering up vertical seams caused by wallpaper that has been painted over? Or is the answer to remove the old paint and wallpaper underneath it?

  51. Suzanna Dorantes says:

    Hola, I have an important question. Do I put a sealant after the paint job is done? I had my entire house painted and when I touch it, it's like dust coming off the wall. Do all walls require to use a sealant after the painting? Can anybody help me as to what to do? Gracias from Mexico

  52. marzbound says:

    Love your technique, wish i could use it when turning multiple apartments in a day. Labor cost kills my bottom line.

  53. DANH THI KIM PHAN says:

    Wow! What I do need to learn is here. I am going to paint my house. Thank you very much for your precious experience.

  54. Barry Kennedy says:

    I started using a 3/4 length stick on the roller similar to this recently and it just makes a huge difference. Doing the edges first just speeds everything up. The other thing I really like is using Floetrol from Flood products. It makes the latex paint flow a little more like oil paint so it really helps eliminate roller marks and give a really nice monolithic finish.

  55. Greginski says:


  56. scott21 hanilton says:

    I keep asking my dad to watch this and see how it's done properly but he keeps giving me the brush off.

  57. Sean Maheu says:

    Modern day Al Borland

  58. Jasmine Rae Makeup says:

    This is do helpful! Do you have a video of how to remove texture from walls?😊

  59. Gringo Corridos says:

    What about cut ins on textured walls ? Is there a trick like cardboard in the corner or use of a paint guide or anything

  60. atar212 says:

    Excellent…thank you

  61. Daniel Cohen says:

    Can you use the denting method on plaster walls as well?

  62. Jeremy Walker says:

    I still see green on the cut in what a jack

  63. folkfingerstylefreddy says:

    I’m gonna show you how to paint in half the time. Then proceeds to unscrew all the power points! Seriously man, get a little sash cutter brush and cut around them! THAT saves time! You’re welcome

  64. baoluo 01 says:

    Great work! Any suggestions for the best type of roller?

  65. john Elliott says:

    Hi, great video very us full tips I will put to the test, out of interest can you go over gloss a second time as I understand you get a better shine, to the finish is that true? Thanks

  66. Ace Hardy says:


  67. domnic0 says:

    You didn't sand after your first coat.

  68. Iron Shark says:

    I came looking for something else and was intrigued by this professional

  69. Tim & Whitney Roche says:

    why no primer??

  70. Ailidh says:

    you should do a video on how to measure the amount of paint you need for a room

  71. Eddie Imparato says:

    For the Radius 360 Sander, what pole do you recommend as an attachment?

  72. irainkoolaid2 says:

    yea idk bout that, i would absolutely hit the ceiling or floor trim if i try edging, amazing how some ppl are able to do it tho

  73. Mark Longster says:

    Jeff what paint were you using 20 minute dry time wow our UK paints hour to two here if your lucky

  74. Jr TuMacho says:

    Painting can be alot of fun like you said but only if youre the one that does the rolling but if youre the guy that has to cut in all the bottom thats going to suck for you being hunched over all day on your knees

  75. expect1o says:

    12:13 thank me later

  76. Brody B says:

    I dont think ive ever had a house where the studs could be used to hang a picture. Unless you wanted pics hung in odd places

  77. Andrei Fasola says:

    Pro tips "that you know" Jeff 😛 there's more stuff out there. Like: Floetrol helps remove the brush marks, prevents paint from drying on the brush, mix some in, and smear some at the root of the bristles to prevent paint curds that ruin the brush.

  78. Ian says:

    Hahaha, 'You don't want to drag any dirt through your mud'

  79. Lauren Mahon says:

    I'm sorry,,, but you didn't mention turning the electric off! I've touched a live thermostat years ago that had no cover plate! Your screwing away with Ur drill 😑 ,,, I mean if a followed Ur video I'd be dead with in the first two minutes 😂

  80. Tim Wisner says:

    What's the grit you use on the walls when you sand them? I just bought the Radius 360 tool and I see there are 150 and 220 grit options for the sanding discs. Thanks!

  81. Shanta Thapa says:

    Great videos , thank you so much for making this videos. I already painted my three rooms couple of days ago but still I need to pain the hall way and other roonp I will definitely

  82. Shanta Thapa says:

    follow this all tips and tricks. Thanks again Jeff.

  83. Richard Murphy says:

    What an awesome vid!!! Thx man

  84. Daniel Mai Shorewest Realtors says:

    Are we suppose to sand after the first coat? I didn't see it in the video but you mentioned it a few times. Thanks!

  85. Kenneth Barksdale says:

    Well done good technique! Thanks a lot! 👍🏽

  86. Yana Y says:

    Man, I love this guy! Best video on painting. Easy, and quick NO TAPE 🚬😎 My first time painting ever, and I have to say that I am very pleased with the outcome!

  87. Wayne Huffer says:

    Jeff: I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but 90% of DIR'ers are doing repairs, not complete installs. While most of your videos are informative and help us with the basics, very few address repairs and problems encountered after digging into our repairs. Some problems I've run into are: 1) hanging joints, where fasteners have either missed framing, or no framing exists. The nails hit air and that caused damage to drywall butt and flat edges when nailed/screwed, 2) addressing edges where installation broke drywall and up to 1" of mud was applied to mask broken drywall, 3) framing/truss out of plane/uneven, causing enough stress on drywall to crack/bend/crumble, and masking with mud build up, 4) ceiling meeting outside corner wall partial truss at wrong angle with elongated truss members, causing corner section of drywall to crumble over time. I've had to install "sister" 2x sections to truss framing, furring strips, drywall shims to even frame planes, cut 1/4" slice from bottom of partial framing member so 2'x2' drywall ceiling patch lays flat against outside corner wall, etc… oh yea… most of my repairs are being mated to damaged areas of edges I am not replacing, to include flat and butt edges of fixed sections of drywall, due to above issues during original installation. There's no guarantee that my next 24" centered truss will fare any better if I were to extend my repairs to the next joist.
    Any of the professional drywallers who tutor to some of these issues on youtube would get so, so many more hits, it would send you layers above your peers. Thanks for all you do, Jeff. I've learned alot from you. WH.

  88. José Pacheco says:

    Woah! Imagine if this man was a chef

  89. Jean-Francois Joly says:

    Do you have to wipe clean the wall after sanding and before applying the first coat?

  90. Peregrino Maranata says:

    Sir, im not a doctor, but your breathing seems to be a little strange, go check your doctor.

  91. basket ball says:

    you should do a video on how to remove difficult boxes and stuff. I couldn't figure out how to remove some of the boxes like the air condition control box etc.

  92. basket ball says:

    It's hard to cut base boards I would rather do the base boards first then cut the bottom of the wall

  93. ravi oli says:

    Thank you.

  94. Grace Tayeh says:

    Hi there! I can't seem to find the list of items you used. Can someone please share. Thanks!

  95. Ibrahim Shaikh says:

    U sir can lead me into battle!!!

  96. Lhanso 20 says:

    Good tips especially washing your roller before painting.

  97. Randall Pearce says:

    Still the best video on YouTube I have seen on painting. Doing some more painting on my house after about 6 months and put this on again as a refresher. Picked up more tips I had missed on the first viewing. Great content. Still trying to find the equivalent of Sheetrock 45 here in Australia but sure something is here.

  98. Tahir Rana says:

    @8.43 £43 for a 20 kg bag in the UK!!

  99. charles 666 says:

    hello, i have a question. when i paint on my wall gray paint ontop of beige it turns out blue but when i paint ontop of white it actually comes out as gray. will i have to paint all the walls white first then gray to make it come out as gray?

  100. Allen Yates says:

    Good video always hated repaints painting a new build is completely different process of painting

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