DIY: How To Upcycle Jean Shorts With Yarn

hi everyone this is Melanie from
counting crafty sheep and I am going to show you how to make upcycle tasseled
jean shorts today using crochet we are using Darn Good Yarns silk blend sport
weight yarn 80/20 rule this yarn is made entirely out of recycled silk saris as
you can see it’s gorgeous so everything you see right here is exactly what
you’re going to need to add this decorative edging to your shorts so
let’s dive in we want to get rid of this hemmed area right here and cut it off
right above the seam here okay and you just kind of want to make sure you’re
doing it sort of evenly and as you get to the inseam make sure that you’re
leaving enough for the shorts to still be wearable okay so what we’re gonna do
is take our darning needle go about a roughly a centimeter from the edge of
your jeans right here okay and you’re just gonna press and pass the darning
needle all the way through. is take our hook insert it from the outside in grab
our yarn and we are going to just pull up a loop okay so you’re gonna pull your
stitches up to the edge of the pant leg right here okay so we pulled up our loop
we’re just gonna fasten it by pulling it through and we are going to do three
chains so what we’re doing now is making the base for the rest of the pants so
all I’m doing right now is just a simple simple chain stitch we’re going to take
our needle pass it through about a centimeter from our first stitch the
hook fell out but that’s okay pop it in okay and then we’re just going
to insert the hook like that pull up another loop and pull through both loops
on the hook so you can see then our chain three becomes the base that we’re
going to use to work the second round of the jeans oh we’ve joined and slipped
here so we’re going to yarn over go skip this first stitch go into the next do a
double crochet and then we’re gonna go back to that first one we skipped we’re
reaching behind and going in and doing another double and that gives you this
nice little cross here now normally you would skip and go into the next stitch
but that’s not what we’re gonna do we are going to continue around always
working the second stitch and the one we worked previously so that gives us a
little bit more strength to the second round here to start what I’m calling the
crochet tassel stitch what you’re going to do is you’re going to insert your
hook into the space and pull up a loop okay and you’re just going to have a
slip stitch now on this first one we’re gonna have two because we were joining
from the previous round but for the remaining ones you’re only going to have
one loop that you have to pull through and you’re gonna pull up the thread so
that it’s about an inch I’d say you’re gonna keep that long and you’re gonna
keep your hook on it you’re gonna reinsert your hook and
you’re gonna pull up another loop that’s about an inch long once you’ve got the
two loops you’re going to take your working yarn here and you’re just gonna
wrap it around so that it kind of cinches it right there we’re going to do
that each time we pull up another loop just to make
sure that when we cut it our tassel doesn’t come apart so you can do this as
many times as you’d like for a thicker or thinner tassel I have done it so that
I end up having six tassel loops on my hook when I finish so I need to do one
so I’ve got let’s see that was four so this is my fifth loop and here is whoops
here we go my sixth loop okay so once you pull up your six loops and
you’ve done that that little wrap right there oops I’m losing my you’re gonna
wrap it around an additional four or five times so we’re you know one and
just kind of give it a little tug so that it stays down towards the bottom
two three four a little high there and we’ll do five okay so that gives you the
bottom of your tassel all right see how that looks there you’re gonna
take your hook out completely kind of pinch it so that it doesn’t all come
unraveled and then go to the next side of your X and we’re just going to repeat
the process you’re going to insert your hook you’re gonna pull up a little loop
and do a little chain there a little slip stitch sort of chain and
you’re just gonna extend that up so that it’s about an inch long you can see that
when we wrapped it it got a little bit shorter so and once we finish we’ll clip
them all but just to give you an idea of how it’s going to look you want to make
sure that obviously that it’s fastened before you cut any of them so we’re
going to cut them at the end but see that how that makes a nice little tassel
right voila I have to do is just take your darning needle weave in your ends
and you’re all set I hope you enjoyed it and love your new upcycle tassel fringe
shorts thanks for watching

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