DIY Marble Resin (Will it Ruin these Antiques?)
DIY Marble Resin (Will it Ruin these Antiques?)

Hey guys, we’re
Evan and Katelyn. Welcome to our
continued adventures of putting resin on stuff. We have a mission. We are going to go
antique shopping. We’re going to find
something, like a tray, that we can pour resin
on to the bottom of and we’re gonna try to
make it look like marble, which we’ve never done before. So, hopefully we
can make it work. Hopefully we can find
something (laughs). There’s an antique store. Right there. Let’s go. This video is sponsored
by Squarespace. From websites and online stores to marketing tools
and analytics, Squarespace is this
all-in-one platform to build a beautiful
online presence and run your business. We just walked in and I
already found some trays. So, I’m feeling pretty good. Okay, but we have
to keep looking, we can’t pick literally
first tray we find. EVAN: (laughing) I
was like, we walk in– We drove all the way here. EVAN: That’s it (laughs). KATELYN: That’s kinda cool. (quirky upbeat music) I think the resin would
fall out of the middle. EVAN: Katelyn, I thought that we were coming here for trays. KATELYN: This. This is what I shall recreate. We can go head-to-head. We found two matching ones. (laughing) (laughing) (quirky music) Katelyn, I found an antique
back-scratcher. (laughs) Another one? (meowing) (funky techno music) Another one? This is a metal plunger. Hello? YouTube?
(funky eerie music) Just watch your head (laughs). Another? Ooh, hm. Whose hand is this meant for? I just don’t know. It’s perfect, except
it’s painted red. EVAN: But that’s what
you’re looking for, like a tray about that size? Yeah. We’re not finding anything. I thought this would
be a lot easier. (laughs) Me too. Another one? Another one? Another? Yeah.
(sad music) At this point, Evan
was about ready to switch ideas entirely. Instead of doing
resin, we’re gonna do an antique tool
restoration video. KATELYN: And then literally, at the last place we went
to that was open that day, we found them.
(angelic music) It’s got feet! Are there toe beans under there? Oh, no toe beans. We can add them. (quirky music) Okay, so, five thrift stores
and 2 1/2 hours later. We have our things!
We have our things! We have chosen, they
kind of match, too. Yeah, they do! So now we just need
to do some experiments before we actually
pour on these antiques. Yeah, we only get one chance. Yeah. But first, tacos! And then we’ll go
do the thing, okay. Sound check. Sound check. Good evening, scientist. Good evening.
Good evening. It’s two o’clock.
Good evening (laughs). You know what we probably should have done before experimenting? What? A little bit of research,
because we really don’t know how to make marble using resin. I feel like it’s something that one should theoretically
be able to make. We’ve done geodes.
Yes. We’ve basically done geodes,
and rainbow gradients! Yeah, but we’ve
never done something, I’m trying to put my finger
on why I’m worried about this, because it’s kind of plain. You just don’t
understand the nuances of Carrara marble.
(harp chiming) I think that we
can figure it out through brute force, though. Let’s just start going (laughs). So, Katelyn, tell us
what you’re doing now. Well, I’m pumping resin. I’m gonna be doing
my experiment first, because Evan wants to get a
little crazy with his marble, but I just wanna do basic,
classic, like I want it to look actually like marble. EVAN: Yeah, just basic,
basic marble (laughs). I’m just a basic marble,
with its pumpkin spice latte. Okay, so I have a few different materials I can work with here. Pearl Ex pigment, alcohol
ink, and flow acrylic, which we’ve never mixed
with resin before. I thought it might
be a good idea. Yeah, Evan thought it
might be a good idea. EVAN: All right everybody, I’m gonna be your close and
detail-shot camera person. Awesome. It blurred more. Okay so, I have three molds
and I have three plans. Yes. One is… I actually have two plans. I’m hoping I can come up
with a third in a minute. One is using the Pearl Ex
powders for most of the color, but adding kind of, like,
little cells and lines with the white alcohol ink. Oh, you’re gonna do
white and then white on top of the white! Multiple whites. SO white. Ready? EVAN: Ooh. That is awfully shiny. It’s so shiny.
Okay, what if I try some of the liquid acrylic? EVAN: See, that looks
more marble-like to me. KATELYN: Yeah, it does,
it looks like milk. (laughing) That looks just like
marble! (laughing) Shh, shh! I’m not done with it! The white alcohol ink. This is where it’s all
gonna come together. Is it marble yet?
(goofy music) This is bad.
No! This is exactly what I planned. Just gonna mix it in. I shouldn’t do swirls, because
marble doesn’t really swirl. It has a natural flow to it. Some parts of that kind of
looks slightly marble-y. Can I try next? (laughs) If you just focus
in on right here, right there, no where farther. It kind of looks
like marble (groans). Okay, okay. (ominous music) Okay. Maybe you should try (laughs). Here, you can use my resin. EVAN: All right, perfect. Okay, so do you wanna talk
through your thoughts? I’m just gonna try these two
different methods right here. Just mixing a whole
bunch of alcohol ink and try to make a
nice matte white, and then a whole
bunch of flow acrylic and see if that makes
the matte white. (laughing) That’s a lot, you
gotta save some for me. There’s, there’s? No, there’s not a lot! (laughs) Okay.
Make this count. EVAN: Alcohol ink over here, flow acrylic over here. KATELYN: Oh, yeah. EVAN: That alcohol ink
really has a ton of pigment. You almost need a
little bit of a mix both, though, in a way, because
in some ways alcohol ink is so solidly white, it just looks like plastic. I’m just gonna add a few drops of the black
pigment directly in. Just kind of go like… That kind of looks
like marble, right? I did these more. Don’t make my mistake
of going back and forth. The veins don’t go like this. EVAN: Yeah, they just
go in one direction. KATELYN: And then
they kind of fade. EVAN: Yeah, like
this or something. So you gotta pick a direction. EVAN: Yeah, so I need to
screw this one backwards. I think–
Oh no, oh no! I think it’s–
Shot? Don’t you want to try mixing in your secret thing that’s
gonna make yours more unique? Gold! I have gilding paint,
some Pearl Ex pigment, and I also have flow acrylic. (grunts) It’s the gloves,
it’s the gloves! Oh that looks so
cool, though, right? KATELYN: What happens if you try to blend one of
the gold streaks? EVAN: Yeah, that looks cool! KATELYN: How did
pink get in there? I don’t know (laughs). KATELYN: More and more
pink is coming out. I think whatever is
that gold pigment, has a pinkish tone
and it’s separating. So, mixing in gold this
way works okay, too. Certainly glad we
did this experiment before we started
on the main one, because so far– So far, they are
pretty bad (laughs). They’re pretty bad (laughs). (quirky music) KATELYN: It’s the same base. EVAN: Same base. We gotta go fast now,
because our resin is starting to cure
and I feel like we’re not anywhere closer. I mean, it’s kind of matte. EVAN: We can try it, yeah. Okay, okay. I wanna layer it and do kind
of more faded ones first, and then a few
strong ones, yeah. That actually looks kinda cool. I wanna try burying it, but
I don’t wanna over-blend it. EVAN: Yeah,
definitely don’t just stroke through it in a whole
bunch of different directions. Who would do that? (laughs) KATELYN: I’m kind of forking
the big one into two. EVAN: Yeah, it looks like veins. Right? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. EVAN: Huge improvement
between one and two. Do you wanna try a bit more? Is it already kicking? So hot, it’s so hard. It’s so hot. It’s so hard. I just wanna do
one more attempt. Okay.
I wonder if you do even more will it really
solidify the colors? KATELYN: I feel like it’s
gonna keep it from curing. (laughing) That much. That’s a lot. Ooh! KATELYN: Not swirls. Don’t go in circles,
resist the urge. How are you feeling? Confused. KATELYN: It’s definitely
not mixing in the same way. EVAN: Maybe if I just
keep on adding more. KATELYN: It looks like
a derpy Stormtrooper. That looks really cool. That actually, wait,
yeah, don’t touch it. It looks like a snowy landscape. Like a Bob Ross painting. Ooh. EVAN: Gold’s pretty
solid at this point. Wow.
Wow. Where’s the white? I’m gonna do the same thing
with the flow acrylic. Flow acrylic (laughs). But do a little bit less, because I think I went
too much with this. KATELYN: So you’re
doing a whole new test? A whole new test. ♪ A whole new test ♪ ♪ We will test the things ♪ ♪ Because we have
one mold left ♪ Kinda went different
directions there ♪ Now I’m in a whole
new MOLD with you ♪ (humming) (laughing) EVAN: Is this your favorite? This? Yeah, that one.
Oh! I don’t know why, I thought
it would be hard by now. KATELYN: Do you feel ready? EVAN: I feel like I could. Should I? (laughs) All right guys,
it’s the next day. We’re no more confident
in our designs. We can pop them out, though. Ooh, the underside looks neat! Ooh!
Ooh. Not really sure what
we’re learning here, from popping these out. Oh!
That looks nice! It doesn’t really
matter, though, because there’s no way to
pop it out of these trays. That’s true, we need
the top to look nice. We’re getting
excited over nothing. Okay, let’s explain
what we’re doing. What we’re doing
is, we noticed that it looks kind of nice when
the white isn’t fully opaque, but we don’t want the
underside of our antiques to show through. So, we’re gonna paint it with– Some white primer.
And while we do that, we wanna thank Sqaurespace for making today’s
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Thank you! I don’t know why we always wave. This is the middle of the video. It’s kind of sad to paint
over the design, but– It’s gonna be better in the end. All right, now that we have
tested six different options, we’ve taped off our
antiques, we’ve primed them. Are we prepared? No, but why don’t you go first? Because you’re so good,
you’re just so talented. I feel like you’d have a
better chance at doing it (coughing) I’m genuinely concerned, I’m just not good
at expressing it. EVAN: Give me your
genuinely concerned face. It looks like you
pooped your pants. (laughing) That’s the thumbnail photo. (both laughing) All right, do you wanna mix
in the while, or should I? I can do it. That way I can
only blame myself. So, here’s the plan. We’re gonna do one that’s a
really heavy opaque white, kind of like this guy, and one that is a not-as-opaque
white, kind of like this guy, so that we can
mix them together. (laughs) Both times you pointed I had no clue what
way you were pointing and I didn’t get it
on the detail shot. KATELYN: This guy, opaque. This guy, not opaque. EVAN: Okay. Just like a smidge. KATELYN: I’m gonna
leave it kind of-=EVAN: A little bit unmixed? KATELYN: A little unmixed. Dangerous.
I know. Risky.
I know. (laughs) Okay, so, first off,
are you ready for this? I’m gonna do something
a little different, that we haven’t done at all yet. EVAN: Okay. I’m gonna pour some
black on the bottom. EVAN: What? That way, maybe it
kind of shows through? Like it’s a deeper
part of the marble? Okay.
Okay. (quirky music) Not a ton. EVAN: Remember to go all
the way off the edges. Well, this is gonna
be underneath, so it doesn’t really
matter too, too much. EVAN: Unless it does. I’m just gonna pour
in some of the opaque. And it completely
covers the black. Translucent. I’m gonna kind of swirl
them together a little bit. Coerce them to the edges. EVAN: The black is showing up! Oh, through it! Underneath it, from
the underneath! KATELYN: So I’m gonna
diagonal veins for my marble. Whoa, Katelyn, this is working. It’s kind of working. Oh, I might have to do
the same exact thing. The teacher will never now, I’ll just change
up a few things, just add some gold
in there. (laughs) KATELYN: Okay, that. EVAN: Is that it? Is that done? KATELYN: I feel like
this part’s kinda weird. Yeah, that part’s kinda weird. KATELYN: But it’s
kinda cool, actually. I just need to get it. See how it’s ending a little
droplet, like a circle? I just need to get
it to be a streak. Does it need a little
bit more pigment? EVAN: I don’t know,
it’s danger, right? KATELYN: Carefully blending it. Blend, blend,
blend, blend, blend. EVAN: Get you one of
those beauty blenders. Dab, dab, dab, make
your marble fab. I feel like I need to fill it all the way to the tape. Yeah, up a little bit. Yeah, hmm, yeah. You could enter the danger
zone and add some more black, but I worry about that. KATELYN: I’m not gonna. EVAN: Yeah, because then
you’re gonna end up with this. KATELYN: Yeah, who wants that? So, this side is a
little over-worked. You can see it looks
way better over here where I didn’t over-work it. So, what do I do? EVAN: You’re so funny. I pan over here and I’m
like, “ooh, that’s nice.” Then I pan over here (laughs). Just like, what happened? Who is she? KATELYN: Pour some clear on top. EVAN: Ooh. Is that a bad ooh? Ooh, interesting!
(laughing) Interesting!
Stop! EVAN: Katelyn, how do you feel? (sighs) Half excited
and half disappointed. Because part of it
looks really good, and part of it looks really bad. Okay, I’m gonna get
in the zone here. (fast-paced music) It might be as good
as it’s gonna get. Yet it’s also still bad. So I still need to, I
keep messing with it. I kind of just wanna stir it
all up to mix it as one color. Can I get your opinion? I might be giving
you bad advice here, but my advice is to do more. Just do a streak of
black through it. Add some more black,
but I worry about that. KATELYN: I’m not gonna. Yeah, because then you’re
gonna end up with this. I think that’d give
it a little bit more character, or something. Do some black. Do one black streak, just commit to
that black streak. If you look at a
piece of marble, it’s pretty smooth,
there’s not a ton going on. EVAN: I think the one thing
that you might wanna do is clean up those cells there, because that looks
very un-marble-like. KATELYN: Yeah, it does, okay. (sighs) I’m gonna mess
with the good side. (suspenseful music) Need to change them
from cells to veins. That actually made
it a lot better. It kind of balanced it. Yeah. I helped! (cheerful music) No, you did help, you did help. Okay, how about this,
we need to flame it. Let’s see if that
changes it, also. Okay.
For better or worse. Let me get these out of the way. (popping) Yeah, you know, I think I’m
gonna stop messing with it. Should I take off the tape? EVAN: Yeah, we’ll
take off the tape. Wait, or should we wait
until it’s more dry? I can wait until it’s
a little more dry, just don’t let me forget. Okay.
Okay. Are you ready?
I’m ready. I am ready, I’m gonna build on the foundations
that you have built. Oh, those splatters were
totally intentional. KATELYN: That’s fine,
it’s gonna be buried. Just don’t put too much black. Okay. And then, and addition
to this black vein. Oh, you’re gonna
gold underneath? And then you went with
the opaque first, right? (stammers) I don’t
remember. (laughs) Ah, I just wanna
copy you! (laughs) I’m trying to do
everything in this pattern of left to right, you know? Oh, why does it look so bad? KATELYN: No, it’s okay,
it’s okay, it’s okay. Now, I just stir it slightly. KATELYN: Not really
stir, more like push it. BOTH: Real good. You have too many
directions going on. You have one diagonal that way, one diagonal that way,
and then two horizontals, so you need to, yeah, make
those horizontals diagonal. Yeah, like this. It’s so beautiful. Why isn’t it working? You made it look so good. Do you have any white left? Just a very a little bit. KATELYN: Pour it on
top of the black, yeah. EVAN: I feel like I need
some black going on. KATELYN: I wouldn’t– I also poured too much. (laughs) It’s over-flowing the banks. Do you wanna scoop some out? I don’t know! KATELYN: Do you want a spoon? Like, a normal-sized spoon? Yeah, a bigger spoon,
a bigger spoon. KATELYN: Okay, okay. Thank you. KATELYN: You can scoop out
whatever you don’t want. White, gold, black.
Puddle right there. I don’t know. Hey, this crater
is looking cool. Right? Um… (playful music) I kind of think that
area looks the worst. No!
I think this area looks cool, where you haven’t
messed with it too much. I think that area looks
like resin and not marble. I thought this area
looks really boring. Just scooping out my failures. Oh no, that looks way worse! What have I done!? You know what I’ma do? What?
Watch this. (playful music) KATELYN: Just gonna
blend away your troubles? There we go! Looks just like marble!
That’s… You need to direct
the lines, yeah. The thing is, that’s
gonna get worse. Well, it’s not good now, so
you gotta mess with it more. Yeah, you can’t have zigzags. You need to direct your streaks. EVAN: Like this? So we poured once, we’ve
scooped a bunch out, we’ve poured a bunch more in. Now we’re back to over-full. You know what? It looks good full. (laughs) Yeah, it looks great full. It’s grateful to
be alive. (laughs) It’s great, it’s
great, it’s great. Does that look good? KATELYN: That looks kinda bad. EVAN: This looks kinda bad. KATELYN: That looks kinda bad. What about that? I mean, it doesn’t look great. I’m gonna be honest,
it’s not great. EVAN: What do you mean,
just nice and subtle. That’s nice a
subtle, too. (laughs) KATELYN: Subtle. Can you save it, doctor? I will do my best. You know, I think we should, ooh yeah, this is
getting pretty hot. This is quite hot,
I’m gonna go ahead and remove the tape.
Tape, okay. (suspenseful music)
Oh, no. It’s close, it’s really close. Okay. It was just a lot
of resin at once. That heat goes quick. Ooh, that looks really nice! Aw, I should have gotten that
reveal on tape, probably. (playful music) I don’t think it’s
gotten better, Katelyn. (laughs) All right guys, is that better? I think this is better,
and how dare you insult me after
saving your butt! You know what, art and
beauty is subjective. (popping) You know what I’m gonna try? KATELYN: What? A new technique. Okay, yeah, was that a great
time for a new technique? Yeah, I’m just gonna
try something random. (upbeat piano music) KATELYN: Well, just go for it. (laughing) (laughing) The only thing about
the blowing is look, now you’re getting squiggles that are not in
line with the veins. See, it’s the
pattern of the air. EVAN: Oh yeah, the
pattern of the air. If anything, you should
be blowing from the side. (sighs) You know what, we tried. Maybe it’ll look better once
it’s unwrapped and stuff. Yeah, yeah. It does look better
with that clean edge. Well, that was exciting. (laughs) Lessons were learned. I think we should
let these settle out. Resin always kind of moves a
little as it’s still curing. (laughing) And then we’ll show you
guys what it looks like. (peaceful jazz music) All right guys, and here’s
how they turned out! I am actually really happy
with how Katelyn’s turned out! (laughing) KATELYN: I am, too! EVAN: I got really close. There are some really
cool parts of this. I think some of the
lessons we learned is, it helps to have right angles, because having this
gradual boundary was a little bit hard, I kind
of over-flowed the edges. I think that this is one of the least favorite
parts of mine. KATELYN: Yeah, that is kind
of an instant give away that it’s something
liquid and not marble. This is what I feel about
the whole thing in general. At the very beginning
of the whole process, I had some reservations
and it was because this is an understated
look, it’s something subtle. What I was comparing
it to is this. It’s really easy to just embrace the chaos with
something like this. But with this, you
have to be restrained, and I have trouble with that. But it’s awesome that this
is also very possible, using the same materials. KATELYN: Yeah, I mean,
it’s really cool. Hope you guys picked out
something from this process, and we’ll look forward to
seeing you in the next video. BOTH: Bye! (humming) Hi, Katelyn.

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    You would only want to zigzag back-and-forth a few times or you start to muddy everything up.

    Love y’all’s content!

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    I qq
















    Qq s qq
    I fell asleep 9n my iPad last night watching this and this is thee comment you got I guess
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