DIY Monstera Leaf in Float Frame | Home Decor & How to Paint Leaves with Watercolors
DIY Monstera Leaf in Float Frame | Home Decor & How to Paint Leaves with Watercolors

Hi, Everyone. In this video, I’ll show you how to make a
painted tropical leaf in a glass hanging frame, which makes a beautiful home decor. To make this painted tropical leaf, I’m going
to use a cold press watercolor paper and my watercolor set. I’m going to link the brands in the description
box. Before I start painting, I’m going to sketch
the leaf with the pencil. Once I’m happy with the drawing, I’m going
to wet the paper. I’m painting with the big flat brush and adding
water all over, but avoiding the background area. I’m going to use the green colors I have in
my palette. As well as, the yellow ones. Here, I’m mixing the colors. The consistency should be thin, similar to
freshly brewed coffee. Now, I’m taking the yellow and painting it
in the middle of the leaf. Then, I’m going to add the green
to the edge of the leaf and connect the colors together. Here, I’m adding a little bit more of the darker green to the edges of the leaf. I’m adding yellow and green in a random manner
while combining the colors. There’s no particular order that I’m painting
in. I’m adding paint wherever I feel like it. And I suggest to not to overthink this process
but have fun coloring. Once I’m happy with the medley of hues, I’m
going to spray the leaf with alcohol, which will mix the colors even more and give a nice
painterly effect. While the alcohol is setting on the paper,
I’m going to touch up the edges of the leaf and make the edge darker with the bluish green color. To create the leaf’s midrib and veins, I’m
taking a clean wet brush and marking the midrib, I’m going to take a cotton bud and then going to use to wipe the
paint away. I’m wiping in the center and on the sides where I want the veins to be. After that I’m taking a yellow color and painting
the midrib and veins on the leaf. I’m going to let the leaf dry and add more
details and last touches. Watercolor paints change
once they are dry. So it’s always a good idea to let the painting
dry fully and then come back to it and add details. Ok, so my painting is dry, and I really need
to darken and emphasize the leaf veins for contrast and texture. I’m going to take the darkest warm green and add
details to the midrib and veins. I’m continuing to darken the veins and edges
until I’m satisfied with the painting. And then I’ letting the painting dry. Now that the leaf is fully dry, I’m going
to use the scissors to cut out the leaf. To make the clear frame, I’m going to use
two gold frames I purchased at the dollar store and a metallic gold twine. Remove the paper backing and the glass. Cut the twine and tie it to the frame on both
sides. Trim any excess twine after tying the knots. Take your glass and insert it into the frame. Make sure there is no dust on the inside of
the glass. Then place the leaf face down, add the second glass and then close the framing flaps. I decided to glue the knots for added security
and tape the excess twine to the frame. Now hang your tropical leaf in your favorite
spot in the house. When I look at it, it reminds me of vacation
on the islands near the tropical forest, and I really like it how it turned out. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Thank you so much for watching. Please like, subscribe and comment. And I’ll see you in the next video. Bye.

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  1. Gina Todor says:

    How beautiful! You are so talented!! thank you again for sharing with us!! ❤❤❤🌴

  2. Sarah Alai says:

    Wow this was the most helpful and beautiful monstera leaf tutorial. Thank you for this!

  3. Yelena Sakharova says:

    Thank you. It's beautiful !👏

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