DIY Newspaper Wall Hanging Craft | How to Make Newspaper Wall Décor | StylEnrich
DIY Newspaper Wall Hanging Craft | How to Make Newspaper Wall Décor | StylEnrich

How to Make a Beautiful Wall Hanging Craft using Newspapers Things You Need… Newspapers, Scissors, Cutter, Ruler, Straw, Paint Brush, Colors Color Paper, Decorative Stones & Pearls, Adhesive, Satin Ribbon, Glue Gun & Stick First of all, let us make paper sticks. Cut and roll the newspaper sheets as shown We need several such newspaper sticks. To make the circle , join and flatten the newspaper pieces and roll it as shown. Now let us make small rings. Again join and flatten the newspaper sticks as shown. Take any round object and then wrap the newspaper sticks around it like this. We need several such rings for the wall hanging. Make a glue solution with glue and water and apply it on the circular base to tighten and strengthen it. Similarly, repeat the process with the rings and allow it to dry completely. Apply colors on the circle and the ring as shown. The base layer will be white followed by different colors. Paste the rings on the circle as shown. Add more such rings to complete the design. Take a color sheet, fold it and make small flowers from it as shown here. Now cut out one petal of the flower and seal the edges with glue to give some depth to the flower. We need multiple such flowers. Let us decorate the wall hanging with decorative pearls and stones as shown. Now stick the small flowers on the wall hanging as shown here. Decorate the flower with decorative pearls like this. Take a lace and attach it on the backside of the craft as shown for hanging purpose. Wow!! Your beautiful Newspaper wall hanging is now ready. Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!

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