DIY Open Wardrobe – IKEA Hemnes / Miniature Furniture (Subtitles).
DIY Open Wardrobe – IKEA Hemnes / Miniature Furniture (Subtitles).

Hi Eveyone! In this video I show you how to make this Open Wardrobe. All the measures in the file below video 2.0mm – Linde platte 5x5mm – Wood square rod 4.0mm – ASA Half round rod white Measuring all the parts that will be cut in the Dremel moto saw soon Don’t forget to subscribe! Cutting some small parts with X-Acto 400 Sandpaper sheet for align the edges I use some rulers around to fix the pieces better And use Styrofoam Glue to fix them Some details in the sides Facing down the already glued sides, starting to up the main structure of the furniture A little preview Glue the top of the Wardrobe Some details in the top side All the main structure already assembly Cut some half round rod to make the details where the clothes going to be hanging I use a geometric ruler to find the 4.0mm diameter and paste to a piece of wood This is gonna be a detail for the up part of Wardrobe Sanding to give a better finishing Time to paint all the pieces and the main structure Let it dry for a couple of minutes before using again Cutting in small pieces the superior detail for the Wardrobe Fitting the 3 pieces in the bar Just finishing the sides with black paint again Fixing the hanging system Inserting some internal pieces

1 thought on “DIY Open Wardrobe – IKEA Hemnes / Miniature Furniture (Subtitles).”

  1. George Cunningham says:

    Love your work, just curious why you work in 1/10th scale when 1/12th scale is so popular and mainstream. Not that adjusting your measurements is very difficult, but it can be a bit tiresome for those of us who wish to TRY and reproduce your amazing pieces for use in an existing setting. Regardless, I am a devoted fan and hope you keep producing such amazing and enjoyable content.

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