DIY Origami Butterfly Room Decor
DIY Origami Butterfly Room Decor

Hey loves, today I’ll show you how to make
these adorable paper butterflies. You can make a few of them and stick them on a wall
for the loveliest room decoration ever! Making this paper butterfly is so simple and
it literally doesn’t take more than 2 minutes. I will show you slowly how to fold the paper
step by step so everyone can understand. Look pal, this is my childhood photo. I was
pretty, but now I’m gorgeous! Show me yours! – Nah, man. I rather not… – Come on you
gotta show it to me, I’m your friend. – Alright then. hahaha…:)
Ok that’s enough you two! To make a butterfly you only need a square
piece of paper. If you’re using a normal A4 paper, fold one corner up diagonally and cut
the unfolded excess piece away like me. This way you get the perfect square without having
to measure anything. I already have some square pieces of paper in a lot of different colors
and I am going to pick this burgundy one. You can use a larger or smaller piece of paper,
depending on how big you want your butterfly to be. I want my butterfly to be solid burgundy
red so I’m starting with this side facing up. My side of a square is around 14 centimeters
or 5 inches. Fold the bottom half of the square up to perfectly
cover the upper half. Unfold the paper and flip it to the other side. Now I have this
patterned side of paper facing up. Take one bottom corner and fold it diagonally. Unfold
it and then take the other bottom corner and fold it diagonally towards the other upper
corner. As you can see, we now have three leading lines. And If you’ve done them correctly
like me, you should be able to easily fold the paper into a triangle like so. You need
to have the longest side away from you, so it’s like a triangle turned upside down. Take
the upper angles of the triangle and fold the paper down like me. Turn your project
around again having the longest side away from you. Take the bottom corner and fold
it up so that it sticks past the longest side like so. Now you have this little triangle
shape on top with the opening in the middle. Take one half of the triangle and take it
down. You will need to fold some paper on the side to make it completely flat. This
will give your butterfly a beautiful wing shape. Then do the same with the other half
of the triangle. Turn your work around and you will see a little triangle sticking out
on top. Fold it down first and then fold a smaller triangle up like me. This will be
a head of our butterfly. Flip it around again and fold it in half. Lastly, fold both wings
again leaving a small part for butterfly’s body. Unfold slightly, turn it upside down
and there you have it. A cute origami butterfly. I decided to also make some butterflies from
pink and zebra patterned paper. I love how easy and fast these are to make but look fantastic
in the end. You can use them as room decor. Take a small piece of tape and loop it to
get a tube with the glue on the outer side. Place it on the bottom of the butterfly and
now you can stick it wherever you want! On the wall, closet doors, windows you name it.
I decided to jazz up my New York wall with these adorable butterflies dancing in the
sky. Every plain white wall will instantly look so much better, especially if you use
colorful paper like me. Ignore my weird happy dances here, I was just too happy with the
result. So, what do you think? Will you try to make
them too? Wait… I almost forgot. I am having giveaways
on my facebook and twitter so make sure to check them out.

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