DIY Paper Butterfly Wall Art Decor | Wedding Ideas | ANN LE
DIY Paper Butterfly Wall Art Decor | Wedding Ideas | ANN LE

(cheerful music) – Hey everyone, how’s it going? Anne here, and today,
I’m going to show you how to make a piece of wall art that you can hang in your home. Now this is something that
is a little bit different. It is inspired from something I saw online of an ombre heart. I thought it was so beautiful, but I wanted to add my own spin into it. And so today I’m going to show you how to make this wall art that is also something that you
can use at a wedding, or at a shower, a reception. Some sort of celebration where you want to get your guests involved and also interact. So that way, when you
hang it in your wall, you can be reminded of
the wonderful celebration and the wonderful people in your life. For this DIY, you’re going to
need come color craft paper, I have four different shades that I’m going to work around with. I have a light pink,
up to a very dark pink. So if you want to go
for that ombre effect, then pick a few shades to choose from. I found this butterfly cutter that I got from my local craft store. Now if you can’t find something like this, it’s okay, you can
create your own template of a butterfly or a heart. But I just find that a cutter
makes the job so much easier. Next, you will need a big old canvas. Now this piece of art can
be as big as you like, you can use a smaller canvas, or you can even find a bigger one. All right guys, so the first
step we’re going to do is just cut out a whole bunch
of little butterflies. For each color I’m going to
start out with 10 butterflies and then, if I need more,
then I’ll just cut out more. So I have a whole bunch
of little butterflies. These are so pretty! What I do with the butterfly
is that I fold the wings up, that way it looks like the butterfly is sitting or landing on something. Isn’t that cute? All right, so for those of you guys who can’t find a butterfly cutter or a heart cutter, this is what I suggest for you to do. Cut out a little square that’s about the size of your palm. Then you’re going to fold it in half and cut out a heart shape. Just keep cutting it until
you get your desired look. It should look like little butterflies. I cut out a whole bunch
of my little butterflies and they look so good! Look at this beautiful
ombre effect right here, isn’t that gorgeous? We’re gonna use some double-sided tape and put them onto the butterfly. I with that I had a
thinner double-sided tape, but I’m just gonna use
what I have available. And this is a great project to have a friend over to help you out. You know, you can bribe
them with some yummy food. And just tell them that, you know, you have some cookies and cakes and tea. And they’ll come over.
(laughing) (evil laughter) That’s my little trick, right there. The way you want to display
this at your reception or at your party is lay the canvas down flat on a table surface. And then you’re going
to take your butterflies and lay them on top, just
like what I’m doing here. We’re gonna start with the darker color and then we’re going to
transition into the lighter color. So the way this works is
when your guest walks in, they see this beautiful display of butterflies in a heart shape. There’s going to be a sign on the side telling them to leave a blessing and sign their name on a butterfly. They’re going to take the butterfly, write a little note of encouragement, I mean, this is not that
big, so maybe something, “Love and laughter, signed Anne.” And then they’re going
to peel off this paper… All right guys, so I laid
out all the butterfly in a heart shape right here. It turned out so beautiful. But I think that the guests
are going to love this. If you know anybody who is
having a shower, a reception, some sort of party, celebration, wedding, make sure to share this video with them. And, if you enjoyed this video, then make sure to give it a thumbs up. Subscribe for more weekly videos. And I would love love
to see you guys soon, have a great week, everyone. Mwah, ciao!

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