DIY para Crianças ⭐🏠 Casinha de Cano, Luminária de Nuvem e Almofadas Fofinhas
DIY para Crianças ⭐🏠 Casinha de Cano, Luminária de Nuvem e Almofadas Fofinhas

Hi everyone, I am Dany Martines! And today´s video is special I am participating to a large collab
With 3 channels from Brazil One from Mexico and another from Spain All these channels
has thousands ideas for kids As the kids day is right in
the corner here in Brazil I was challenged by my friend
Paula Stephania, I am sure you know her If you don´t know her channel
visit her channel to see her ideas Let´s start this amazing DIY To this idea I am using this
soft towel I will cut in a shape of a star Cut it twice
and we will be sewing all around! I am using my sewing machine.
It is way faster But you can sew it by
using your hands, does not matter Just remembering:
All these molds are available at my Pinterest I am going to leave a hole in the bottom We are going to untap the star
this way the sewing markers are going to be hidding Untap everything to make it evenly Later you just have to fill it with
plush filling And to close it, just sew in the bottom Sew it by using your hands with
a yellow thread I will also be drawing by using
the black paint I will draw the eyes and the
mounth of the star To match with the star
I also did this moon I made a moon with a hat
and if you also want to do it I used the same material
I used to create the star. And it is ready!
I love the result! When you use towels to do Pillow
cases, it turnes out like this It´s very cute tho to decorate your room! To this next idea, I cut a cardboard box
10 times in this cloud shape I also cut 4 clouds smaller than
the others Glue one to another
like a block of clouds I am using the hot glue, because it dries faster
But you can use any color you´d like! We will wrap the largest block of cloud
with the plush fleece Wrap the entire front and
the edges The back part is not necessary to wrap
we will be pasting the small clouds I will paste this led light all around.
I bought this at a craft store Apply some hot glue and
place the led lights all around Now we have a table lamp.
But to make it even cute I will be drawing some eyes with
the black ink And I am using some blush to the cheeks! Go very slowly, it is going to be very cute! Now let´s start by assembling our
toy house. Take your time to print this image
or you can find it at my Pintrest That´s going to be the basis
of our house After you buy and cut all the
PVC pipes. We are going to paint it At the edges of the pipes, I applied
this masking tape I painted with a spray paint
a coat of white, left it to dry And then painted in pink.
Which is the color I choose for my house After it dries, remove the masking tape The elbows are going to
be painted in the same way Painted in white and then the choosen collor! Remember to be carefull not to paint
the inside part of the PVC Pipe If you paint inside, remove the paint
with some ink remover and a fleece! Now I have all the pieces to build my house! Pay attention to assemble it Start with the 60 cm pipe, and place at the edges
a 90-degree elbow. Direct the 2 90-degree elbow
pointing to the top! Now let´s put together a 10 cm pipe with a
tee We will need two parts similar to that
to make the walls of the house Now you just have to glue.
this Tee part has to be poiting to the front Don´t forget it, okay?
Be careful! It´s ver important to remember to leave the pipes
in the right direction Because this glue dries fast
and you won´t be able to move it again! Moving on, we are going to apply in each sides
a PVC Pipe with 60cm. Time for the roof,
we´ll use a 90-degree elbow Two connection tubes and two tees. Glue it all. In this part, make sure the tees are pointing
to the top. Like I´m showing! Another connection is:
an 45- degree elbow with a tee.
remember to use this small piece to connect! I took the opportunity to leave
all these connections ready to be used And let´s finish this house To the roof I use these two 45-degree
conections with the tees One in each edge Later I will be using
the 2 pipes with 32 cm. One for each side Just place then all together in the top. make two parts like this one.
it means you´ll have two identical parts And to finish it and
tangle these two parts, we´ll be using the 1m pipes Just glue them all in the tee pipes. Now you just have to grab the other
part and glue it on the top! And it´s ready!
The structure is ready! I will be using these colorful satin ribbon
to hide the conections This will hide the connections and
the parts that are with no ink. But if you want, you can paint it all
over again. Or put all the pipes together and spray
it later, when it´s finished Now it´s my favorite part. Time to
decorate the house! I started by using this christmas light
I had from last christmas I applied in the rooftop of the house
from one side to another In the floor I will be
using this fleece blanked I have here If you have a small mattress you
can also use it! In the end of the house, I paste that
cloud table lamp I taught in this video when you light it on, it turns out really nice! To make it even coller I
decided to place the decorative pillows. And in the top of it I cover everything with
a white sheet. I decided to use this transparent fabric. You normally use for curtains Look how cute it turned out! You can decorate your kids room
in the day or in the night And the kid will have a
very special play room And to keep this DIY festival
I will challenge Isa from El Mundo de Isa She´s from Spain, she´s a very
nice Youtube channel So don´t forget to watch her channel too. All the participating channels are here
in the description of this video. Don´t forget to leave a comment here
in the box down below Which one is your favorite part? Thank you! Kisses, Goodbye

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