DIY Projects : How to Make Beautiful Paper Dahlia Craft for Home Decoration | DIY Room Decor
DIY Projects : How to Make Beautiful Paper Dahlia Craft for Home Decoration | DIY Room Decor

How to Make Beautiful Paper Dahlia Flower Home Decor Craft This is a very easy paper flower making tutorial Things You Need… Color Papers, Adhesive, Pencil, Scissors, Ruler, Dry Branch Rangoli, Plastic Bottle, Glue Gun, Glue Stick, Thermocol Balls, Golden Pearls, Paint Brush, Color, Shells, Baubles Take a color paper and cut the paper pieces measuring 3*4 cm We need cut out pieces of different dimensions as shown here. Similarly, we need yellow cut out pieces of the dimensions shown here. Now make cones of these paper pieces like this. We need such multiple cones. Cut the circular shape of the paper for the base. Now arrange and paste the cones on the circular base as shown. Make 3 such layers. Arrange and paste these layers as shown here. This is how the flowers will look like Take a yellow color paper and cut the circular shape of the paper. Fold the circle and cut 1/4th part of it. Arrange and paste the cones on this 1/4th part. Make 3 such layers. Arrange and paste these layers as shown here. We need such flowers. To make the leaf, take a green color paper. Cut it measuring 14*7 cm Fold it in half and draw a design as shown and cut it. Fold this shape in an accordion pattern. Paste this shape to make a leaf. We need multiple such leaves. Cut the 4 cm wide long strip of green color paper. Fold and cut the long strip into multiple pieces as shown. Fold the paper piece in half and cut the leaf shape of it. Take a dry branch and paint it using golden color. Paste the flowers on the branch Decorate these flowers using baubles and golden pearls Paste the leaves on the branch as shown here. Take a plastic bottle. Fill it with white rangoli. Place and fix the branch in it. Put some thermocol balls and shells in it. Decorate the bottle using decorative tape. Your beautiful paper flower home decor is now ready. Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!

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