DIY Room Decor! 10 DIY Room Makeover Ideas for Teens!
DIY Room Decor! 10 DIY Room Makeover Ideas for Teens!

Ready to transform your room into a colorful
explosion of fun? Here’s how to do a complete room makeover
with 10 awesome DIY room decor projects! I’m a bit weird and like to lay around the floor
of my apartment. But let’s be honest, it isn’t always the most
comfortable experience. So I decided to make the world’s biggest pillow
ever! Are you ready for that? Let’s do it! Take a very large blanket. This one is so soft and I love the variety
of happy colors on it! Place it on a flat surface and fold it in
half. Grab a glue gun and glue together the longest
side. You can even sew the edge with some thread
and a needle, or use fabric glue. Stick the top layer down while the glue is
still hot and wait a minute or two to cool down and seal the two fabric layers together. Do the same on one of the shorter sides. This is perfect! We’re going to leave the other short side
open for now, because this will be the entrance for huge amounts of pillow stuffing! Take some older pillows and carefully cut
them open. Grab the fluffy stuffing and put it inside
your DIY giant pillow. You can even buy only pillow stuffing online
or in a store – it’s even more affordable. But I had some old pillows that I didn’t need
so I just decided to use those. Continue throwing in more and more pillow
stuffing until you reach the desired size. I want my pillow to be extra soft and squishy,
which requires quite a generous amount of stuffing. When you’re happy with your ginormous pillow,
glue the side with some hot glue. Ta-daaa! This is so comfy! You can totally stop here, I mean it is already
so pretty, but I decided to use this lovely pom pom garland to decorate the pillow edges. To make this fast and neat use a glue gun
and you’re pillow is finished and looking pretty! What an epic DIY project! You can use your pillow at home or have it
on the balcony or in the garden. This is literally so comfy and I feel like
I could lay here in the sun forever! It is also perfect if you have sleepovers
with your friends or movie nights. This giant pillow really gives such a cozy
and cool vibe to any room. I’m already planning to make an even bigger
pillow using two blankets, that would be insane. Without a doubt this giant pillow will bring
so much joy so grab an old blanket and have a ton of fun crafting! Who loves plain white walls. Not me! So I am always on the hunt to find new and pretty
wall decor ideas. And let me just say – this is hands down
the most gorgeous wall decor I’ve ever created! We all know my obsession with pom poms. It’s serious, but it’s also an endless spring
of creativity, so I’m willing to cope with it! Grab a white piece of thicker paper or cardboard
and cut out any shape that you like – like a heart, a star, or your initials. So I cut out a big S for Superman. No – for Sara. Take a glue gun and apply a little blob of
glue on the paper. Chose your first little pom pom – mine is
green and stick it on top of that glue while it’s still hot. Continue adding pom poms to your wall masterpiece. Pink, yellow and a ton of other colors to
make it extra interesting and bold. For a super neat result try to keep the spacing
between your pom poms minimal and trace the paper edges as precisely as you can. After a while you will end up with the most
stunning wall art ever. I love the texture and everything about this
DIY. It is so unique and gives a gorgeous pop of color
to any room. You can buy the colorful pom poms online
for very inexpensive. You get a ton and can use them for so many
DIY projects. What can I say, the pom pom obsession is still
here, and stronger than ever! Could this chair be even more boring?! No, I don’t think so. We have to do something about it! Oh yeah I have an idea. This chair is about to get a complete makeover! Take some pink acrylic paint or any other
color of choice and color the legs of the chair. I chose pink because as you know my room is
blue and pink, so this will fit perfectly with the furniture. That’s exactly why I love DIY-ing so much. You can chose the colors, the materials and
finishes that you like and make unique pieces for your room! Okay, the chair legs are all colored, so let’s
leave them to dry. Now take a piece of fake fur material! I wish you could feel how soft this is! Cut out a circle which is slightly bigger
than the chair seat. Flip it upside down and make four short cuts
where the chair legs are. Place the chair on the furry circle like this. Grab a glue gun and apply a small blob of
glue on the seat edge. Fold the fabric up to stick it on the chair. Do this all around the edge of the seat and
check out this epicness! Can you believe the transformation that we
just made!? I am so satisfied with the result! From the cheapest, most boring chair we created
the prettiest and coziest chair ever! You can even use it as a night stand or a
decoration piece and place on a flower pot, picture frame or something like that! Because of the furry seat, this chair became
super comfy as well! Bingo! Have you ever seen any cuter plants? Because I haven’t! These two grass pots are so cool and adorable. They instantly put me in a better mood when
I see them. Come on, I’ll show you how to make them from
scratch. Take a rounded pot or vase like this one. I’m using yellow so they will kind of look
like emojis but just pick any color you like. Take a pencil and sketch the face of your
emoji. I went for a super smiley one with a tongue
sticking out! Now take a black permanent marker and trace
the lines. If you’re a super talented free hand drawer
you can skip the sketching part. Be my guest. I am definitely not good enough for that,
especially with the rounded surface of the pot. Next take a red permanent marker and color
the tongue. Ah I love this happy face! Isn’t it so funny and cute!? I made another emoji with a bit different
eye shape and gorgeous happy smile! Now that our pots are ready, let’s sow the
grass seeds. Grab a bit of cotton wool and put it on the
bottom of the pot. Take some grass seeds and pop them in as well. You can allocate them evenly allover the cotton. Pop a bit of cotton wool on top of it as well. To make the seeds grow, we need to water them. The top layer of cotton will protect the seeds
and keep them moist. In about 2 days you will already see little
grass peaking out, and 3 to 5 days later your emoji will have an awesome hairstyle already! Wow these two are just so adorable, I can’t
handle it! They give such a nice pop of color to any
room and will brighten up your day whenever you see them. You can make different hairstyles, you can
cut their hair and in a day or two and the grass will grow back up. Make lots of different emoji grass pots and
see who’s hair grows the fastest! They are so much fun! A decoration and an epic toy at the same time! Picture frames are the perfect decorations
for your room or desk. Not only can they be gorgeous, but if they
carry a meaningful photo of a memory or beloved person, they become even more special. Go outside and find a bunch of stones. Let’s color them up! For the first one I’m choosing red acrylic
paint. Use a paint brush to color the entire stone
in red. I love how opaque these acrylic paints are
– one coat is more than enough! Such a time saver! I colored a bunch of stones in blue, green,
yellow and pink, which is the first one to receive a monster makeover. Apply a drop of a super glue on the stone
and place a googly eye on top. This will be a one-eyed monster with spiky
teeth. Draw the teeth in a shape of triangles using
a black permanent marker. Dip a tiny paint brush in white acrylic paint
and color the inside of the teeth. I like to leave some of that black border
visible. How adorable is this buddy right?! I also made some smiley monsters with two
eyes, different colors and so on! Make each of them a bit different. Just like we people are – everyone so different
and so special! Here’s our monster squad all done. Just two words: Cuteness overload! I love them so much! Take a plain picture frame. I like the color of this one, otherwise it’s
pretty boring, so let’s change that! Use a glue gun and stick the stone monsters
on the frame. You can place them all around or just in the
corners as I did. Whatever you do your picture frame will turn
out stunning, guaranteed! I am so impressed and happy with mine. You can use it to display a photo close to
your heart. I just placed a random school bag picture
in the frame for now. Still looks very cute though! The monster stones can also be used for other
DIY projects. You can for example stick a magnet at the
back and use it as a fridge magnet or a post it notes holder. Be creative and without a doubt you’ll have
a ton of fun decorating. Ever since I was little I always wished I
could walk on clouds. People told me that this is not possible,
but I am here to prove them wrong! We’re making the most adorable fluffy cloud
rugs! Grab a fake furry material or a piece of a
carpet. This one is so soft and cozy and I got it
for super inexpensive – just about 7 bucks. Place the rug on a flat surface with a front
facing down. Sketch the cloud shape using a pencil. I want mine to be big and puffy! That’s perfect! Take your exacto knife and carefully cut the
cloud out by tracing the pencil lines. This was surprisingly very easy to do! When you’re done, flip the rug around and
check out this beauty! I already love it so much but if you believe
it or not, we can make it even more adorable. Use some felt and cut out the eyes and mouth. Stick it on the cloud with a fabric glue or
a glue gun. I made heart shaped hot pink eyes and a big
smile because I want the happiest clouds to decorate the floor in my room. This is so freaking stunning, isn’t it?! Rugs instantly make any space feel more cozy
and warm, but this cloud rug is just a whole another level of epicness and cuteness. It literally transforms any room and gives
it that happy almost fairytale-ish vibe. I made one more and even bigger cloud with
flushed rosy cheeks. Someone please stop me before I make 10 more
of these for my entire apartment. I am just too excited! Walking on clouds has never been easier. Clothes pins can work as a great organization
piece for your desk. You can buy pretty decorative clothes pins
in a craft store, or use the usual wooden ones and color them yourself. Of course we’ll choose the later, because
we’re the DIY masters, duh! I’ll color my first pin in blue. One or two coats will give you an opaque and
neat finish. Now let’s create a fun geometric pattern. I’m making white diagonal lines using a small
paint brush. For some extra pop of color I decided to add
a little yellow dot between the lines. I am using a dotting tool, but a toothpick
will do the job just as great! I made four different designs and colors on
my clothes pins. The last thing to do is pop a glue pad on
the back of each pin and you’re ready to stick it on the wall, the fridge or anywhere else
that you like. These glue pads won’t damage the walls or
leave colored stains, which is great! These pins look very pretty but they are also very
useful. You can use them to hang post it notes, pictures
or even bracelets and necklaces. This is such an inexpensive and easy DIY that
you should try for sure! This glass succulent terrarium is so pretty
and a perfect decoration for your room or a dining table! It looks so delicate, sophisticated and it
reminds me of beautiful pink sand desert. How cool it would be if such desert actually
existed! Prepare a rounded glass bowl and pour in a
bit of sand. I went for pink decorative sand but you can
take some sand from the sea side next time you’re on vacation. You don’t need too much of it, that’s right
enough for me. Now take some artificial succulents and stick
them into the sand. I have a bunch of different ones that I got
online. Some are taller, some more rounder, but all
in all they look like a lovely little squad together! Here comes my last blue cactus and voila – we
are done! This turned out so beautiful. And it took us like what – 2 minutes?! Such a gorgeous decoration, you can put anywhere
in the apartment – bedroom, living room or bathroom as well! You can even make this as a gorgeous gift
for someone you love! And if you want to be fancy – use real succulents! But good luck with that, I’m just going to
stick with my fake ones! Welcome home little planty. I’m going to take such good care of you. Umm… I think you need some water, yeah you do. What?! How?! I don’t know how it is possible but I just
can’t seem to keep a plant alive. Luckily we can replace a real plant with a
cacti made out of stones! Yes it sounds weird but the result is stunning. Take a bigger oval stone and paint it green. I am using acrylic paint and a paint brush,
but a spray paint would make the job even easier and faster. Just a couple of swipes more and my stone
has turned into a cactus. Well not quite yet, but with a few touches
we’re going to make it look spot on! Dip a smaller paint brush into a dark green
paint and make thin stripes to represent cactus ribs. This will make it so much more realistic. Lastly draw a bunch of spikes in a shape of
little white stars on top of the dark green lines. The spikes give so much detail and dimension,
I love it! I don’t want this cactus to be poor and lonely,
so let’s quickly make a little friend. Color a smaller oval stone in dark green. I’m going for a different cactus species this
time – this one has small white dots allover. To make the perfect dots, the easiest way
is to use a nail art dotting tool or a toothpick. Alright it’s time to assemble both of our
cacti in a plant pot. I chose this beautiful pink one! Since the pot is quite deep, place in a ball
of inexpensive clay or play dough to fill up the bottom. Press it down to distribute it evenly and
to fill all the sides and edges. Grab the bigger stone cactus and press it
down in the clay. This will create a dent in the clay, holding
the stone up, which is exactly what we want. Do the same with the smaller one. They look so cute together! Grab some decorating sand and pour it on top
of the clay to hide it. I love this shade of blue! It looks so nice combined with the pink and
the green. Lastly I decided to stick a little fake flower
on top of the bigger cactus. It’s like a cherry on top! I feel like the flower ties everything together
and makes the whole cacti pot even more adorable! This is such a gorgeous decoration for any
room, but also for a balcony or a garden. You can always tone it down with a neutral
colored plant pot and white sand. But you know me – the brighter, the better! I am so happy with this cutie and the best
part is that you don’t have to do absolutely anything to keep this plant alive. That’s exactly what I needed! Last but not least, let’s make these cute
desk organizers that are so pretty and very handy as well. You can store in sweets, paper clips, pins
or any other bits and pieces that usually lay around your desk and drawers. Grab a jar in any size of your choice and
a plastic animal. I went for the giraffe. Take the lid off the jar and it’s time to
stick our giraffe on it. To do this you can use super glue or a glue
gun. Just make sure it holds really well. Okay this cutie is attached safely to the
lid so let’s go grab a spray paint. All these colors are gorgeous but I’m going
to pick the blue one. I’m so predictable, right?! Carefully spray your creation until it is
completely covered and opaque. You’ll get the best result if you make several
thin coats instead of spraying loads of paint at once. And if you don’t have the spray just go for
usual acrylic paint. It will work perfectly too. Here we go, the jar looks gorgeous so let’s
fill it up with lots of yummy candy! Mm… nom, nom, nom! I also made a pink elephant jar because we
don’t want our giraffe to be lonely. Everyone needs a friend in their life, right. And together they look even more adorable. I filled the elephant jar with a ton of colorful
gum balls! Oh yes – extra pretty and super yummy! Because DIY room decor can be cozy, colorful,
happy and nonetheless tasty! One more thing! Make sure to subscribe here and my second
channel because we’re going to have an amazing summer here and you don’t want to miss out! OK, love you guys, bye!

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    If you saw the 2 people who were just looking at her like "what is she doing

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