DIY Room Decor – DIY Christmas Wreath for Home Decoration | Winter Crafts | Christmas Decorations
DIY Room Decor – DIY Christmas Wreath for Home Decoration | Winter Crafts | Christmas Decorations

Welcome to Studio StylEnrich DIY Christmas Wreath for Home Decoration Things You Need… Color Paper, Woollen, Cardboard, Scissors, Thread, Pencil Silk Cloth, Green Tape, Adhesive, Thermocol, Quilling Stripes Take a circular cardboard and wrap different color woollen threads around it. Ensure that you wrap only one fourth portion of the cardboard with woollen threads. Take the quilling strips and roll it as shown. Join the ends using glue. Apply glue at the end of the quilling stripe to close it. We need several such quilling rolls. Now paste these rolls on the cardboard as shown. Take the thermocol balls and cut it into two halves. Paste these halves on the inner portion of the circle just below the quilled rolls. Again take a yellow quilled strip and roll it as shown. Now draw the markings on a color sheet as shown and cut it. Fold it into two halves and cut the pattern as shown. Apply glue on the surface of the patterned strip and keep the yellow quilled roll inside it. Now roll the blue patterned strip over it. Use your fingers to spread the cut out patterns to give it the shape of a flower. Take a silk cloth and cut out a piece from it. Cut it in such a way so that it looks like a leafy pattern. Paste the leaves on the cardboard as shown. Now paste the flowers on the leaves as shown. Make a beautiful set up with the leaves and the flowers as shown. Take the half cut thermocol balls and paste it on the outer edge of the remaining cardboard. In the remaining portion of the cardboard, paste a combination of big leaves, big and small flowers. Paste some mirrors on the surface of the wollen thread as shown to complete the look. Wow!! what a beautiful and creative Christmas wreath it has turned out to be. Do try this wreath and share your valuable feedback with us. Happy Crafting!!

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