DIY Room Decor: Floral Monogram Letter – Easy DIY Tutorial | Wall Decoration Ideas
DIY Room Decor: Floral Monogram Letter – Easy DIY Tutorial | Wall Decoration Ideas

In today’s video I’m gonna be bringing two of my favourite things together: Flowers and wall art I am gonna be showing you how you can make a floral monogram letter which is so simple to make It’s a great piece of art where you can either use your initials or the whole name and gift it to your loved ones or you can just hang it up on your wall and make a statement. Here’s what you will need to get started: Hard cardboard, a Soft cardboard I am using a matte gold one, a pair of scissors cutter Marker, Printed letter pattern Fake flowers Fevikwik and a glue gun Start by printing the letter you want to use I’m going to be using my initial Cut the letter and trace it onto the cardboard and cut that as well Now to turn your letter into a 3D letter we need to create a depth So for that cut a strip of soft cardboard 2 inches by length Now just create sides by sticking it around the letter like this Once you have the letter ready, all you have to do is to just take your flowers and glue it inside the letter This blooming monogram letter is a sure win win Do give this a try.. Until next time, stay tuned and stay Glamrs

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    Will be Trying this for sure 😍

  4. priyal agrahari says:

    Are these flowers real

  5. AYUB Khan says:

    Awesome!! Going to try it out now!!

  6. teju says:

    OMG very beautiful i loved it thanks for the video 😍

  7. Amamah Khalid says:

    Thank you for sharing this amazing video with us. Will try for sure

  8. rashmi girdhar says:

    This looks so good..maybe i will try to make it.. Plus my initial is same…

  9. Deepti Ghai Sharma says:

    wow looks amazing

  10. Neha Shekhar says:

    Is there any substitute for glue gun??

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    Congratulation on 1Million Sub

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    Shirt 👕😍

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    Pta ni kisko rkh lia h.

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    Million tk le jane wali to koi or thi madam .y kha s aagi

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    Nice top

  16. Vismithaa Shivakumar says:

    It is such a fabulous idea thank for such a video i'll make it today

  17. Subiminal Phish aka cheryl cooper says:

    To keep it cleaner , one could put a piece of clear or matte plastic cover the shape of the letter and connect it by glue or just pucture frame clips to hold it.

  18. ROSSH Ideas says:

    Ohhh My name is Rosshita it's soooo cool thanks to give such a great idea

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    Superrrrrr dear plz try some more like dis plzzzzz

  20. Pumpkin Emily says:

    It looks very pretty! 🙂

  21. Health Beauty and Food says:

    So adorable ❤

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    Looks easy. Hope it's easy to make as well

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    so beautiful and nice idea

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    Hey riya! My name is also Riya. Monogram looks soooo nice

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    Thanks for make my name leater

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    Hiii dear
    Can plz tell the size of stencil

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    so cute

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