DIY Shiplap Ceiling
DIY Shiplap Ceiling

hi everybody Phillip Bridges today we’re
I’m gonna show you a plank ceiling that we did at my sister’s house we bought
some 1 by sixes from Menards that were about 10 feet long their tongue and
groove like car siding and we’re gonna redo their living room four plank
ceiling and so we cut in a whole bunch a Lithonia wafer light cans because
there’s not very much room up in the rafters so we have minimal space to work
with to get lighting in what we did is we just ran romex and fished romex
throughout the whole living room and looped the cans around to find studs on
the rafters we basically just took nails and then just kind of went around found
each rafter and then put a nail in it and then did chalk lining down the whole
ceiling that way when we were putting up the car siding we knew where our rafters
were so we can nail into him this was a really fun project it was it went really
slow for a while but once you get in the rhythm of it it starts going pretty fast
we kind of did a 4 6 8 10 method of just kind of cutting planks and just kind of
spacing them all kind of getting a pattern and then we after we put it all
up we painted it it only took probably about four days to
do with everything so it went really fast and so if I you liked this video or
even thinking about doing I just kind of threw this up there I would I wish I
would actually did a video video but my sister took a bunch of pictures and
stuff like that and had some video footage but I think this turned out
amazing of what you can do and just kind of spice up a living room and it I think
it cost them maybe about $800 to do the whole living room dining room area and
they actually did the kitchen area too with those uh and then put in those
wafer lights it really made the space come alive and it just
they didn’t really have any lighting in their house either so in that area so
they put in those Lithonia wait for 4-inch disc lights and it just it was
insane on how much lighting they got out of it and it just looks awesome I’m
super happy for them for doing this project I think it was well worth the
money so if you liked this video hit the like button and subscribe if you’re not
subscribed or if you have any comments just comment down below and about this
project and I’ll try to answer them to the best of my ability i’m philip
bridges and thanks for watching

2 thoughts on “DIY Shiplap Ceiling”

  1. YouTube Creations says:

    I have been wanting to do this for a long time. Where can I get those recessed lights?

  2. Julie Bridges says:

    Love this house! Very Joanna Gaines!

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