DIY Stuffed Animal Taxidermy
DIY Stuffed Animal Taxidermy

– Hey guys, so I am back
with another DIY video. Kind of a weird DIY video, let me give you a little back story. So there’s this store in San Francisco called Paxton Gate, which sells a lot of cool, but kind of weird stuff. And then there’s a kid’s store called Paxton Gate for
kids, which sells hand made and very well crafted kids toys. But I was looking up on
the wall, and I noticed these stuffed animal taxidermies. I just think they’re hilarious, but they’re selling them for $56 each. So I thought that maybe,
I could make my own. So the two main materials
you’re gonna need are a wood plaque like this, which I just got off of Amazon for $10, and then also a stuff animal, and I chose a puppy sized elephant, and I also got him off of Amazon for $10. If you wanna get the
exact ones that I got, I’ll put a link in a
sublime list down below so that you can go find them. So let’s head over to my crafting station, and see how it goes. So the first thing I’m going to do is add a hanging mechanism to the back of this, because I don’t want to finish the whole thing and then realize I have no way of hanging it on my wall. (string music) Okay, so now that my slightly off-center hanging mechanism is on
there, it’s time to paint. For the originals, they seemed to have stained the wood, but I don’t have any wood stain, I have acrylic paint. So I think I’m just gonna paint it a nice blue-green color, to make
it all bright and happy. (string music) Okay, so my shield is fully painted, so now I’m just gonna set
it over there somewhere, so it can dry while I start
working on my stuffed animal. It’s time to start some surgery
on this little guy here. I am so sorry, you did not get the life you deserved, but what can you do? So I think the cut I’m
going to make is going to come down here kind of under his neck. And then up top, I’m going
to do a circle on his back, so that I can fold this
material down over the stuffing, and then sew it in place
with my embroidery. Yeah, with my embroidery there. Oh God, I’m so nervous, I
hope I don’t mess this up. (string music) I did it, now I have an elephant head. Oh, I’m so glad that worked, and didn’t like explode all over my room. Okay, I think we can just leave this elephant body, just kind of over here to bleed out and die of its stuffing. And now I have to just kind of take out a little bit of this excess stuffing so this can sit nice and
flat on the back of his head. (string music) Okay, and I think that’s good. So now I just have to
trim a little bit of this, I overshot this fold over circle, which is probably good
because I can trim it down, but I can never add more, so I’m just gonna trim that so that it fits this outline a lot more cleanly. (string music) Okay, good, and now I
think it’s time to sew. (string music) So I’m just doing a pretty simple stitch going over the edge. And since this fur is
so dense and the thread matches it well enough,
you can barely even see it once it’s all sewn up. which is exactly what I like to see, because I was worried this just wasn’t going to work, at all. And there we go, now we
have an elephant head ready to be mounted on wall. That was actually way easier
than I expected it to be. And this stuffed animal turned
out to be perfect for it because the seam, the fur is long enough that you can barely even see the seam when I sewed it shut, which is what I was kind of worried about. So, yeah, we’re actually already almost done with this project. Although now I have to
figure out what to do with this bursting open elephant body. This is what Emily from
The Brain Scoop feels like. Okay, so I just took a little lunch break, but now I have my elephant head, and I also have my shield. So now it is time to put them together. Before I do that though, I’m just gonna use a lint roller
to go over my elephant, because he has little bits
of fur stuck all over him from when I was cutting
all of the fur off, so there’s quite a lot
that I have to pick up. It’s like having a cat, I
assume. I’ve never had a cat. Okay, so now that he is nice and clean, to attach him to the thing, I was thinking of using my E-6000, there it is, except that last time I used it, my room smelled like E-6000 for two days, so I don’t know if I
want to do that again. So I actually think hot glue
might be all that I need, as long as I use a ton of hot glue, so let’s go for it. Let’s see if I ruin the entire thing. Okay, I’ve let my hot
glue gun get really hot. Because I want to make
sure I can really get a lot of glue on this thing. And, oh God, I’m so nervous. I hope this works. (light percussion music) The initial gluing is
done, and now, now we wait, and hold the ears out of the way so that they don’t get stuck down to the board. So there is a lot of
hot glue on this thing, let me just take you in really close here. There’s quite a bit of hot glue and I kind of want to cover that up. So, I’m gonna use this
yellow ribbon and just go all the way around the base here, just with another round of hot glue. (string music) So we’re almost done, I just went and printed off this little name tag that says “Bubbles, 2014-2014,” because sadly, he had a very short life. And now I’m just going to hot glue this right here, underneath his head with some ribbon in the background. (string music) So it is a few hours after I started, and look, we have a
stuffed animal taxidermy. I am so happy that this
actually turned out kind of how I pictured it in my head. I think this would be
super cute for, like, a nursery, or baby’s room,
or like a little kid’s room. It’s just kind of like a
weird object that’s cute, but then you look at it a
bit closer and you’re like, “hmm, not even gonna ask.” You could also do this if you have maybe an old childhood stuffed animal that is kinda worn apart and you wanna save the spirit of it,
you could mount its head like this and that might be kind of cute if you can stomach cutting up
your childhood stuffed animal, which I know I could never actually do. So if I were to do it again, since I only had the materials, this is
the first one I ever made, I would have done a
couple things differently. First, I probably would have sanded this before I started painting, so it’s a little rough in some parts. It kind of makes it look more rustic, but the paint probably could have gone on nicer if I sanded it first. Second, I probably would
have measured more, because right now everything
is slightly off-center and not quite straight,
which is partly because I was doing it at weird
angles for the camera, but also because I just
didn’t feel like measuring. So if I were to do it again,
I would have measured more so it was more, you know,
not a little bit wonky. And third, if I was to do it again, I would probably get some wood stain to get this actually looking like wood instead of quite so brightly
colored, ’cause I love this color, don’t get
me wrong, but it does look like something
you’ll put in a nursery, and I think this should
also be really cool if you made it look a little
more grown-up, so maybe you’ll have to get some
more supplies and try again. One last thing, I promise
I like how it came out, it’s just, there are a couple different variations you could do. I probably would’ve either
gotten a bigger stuffed animal, or a small plaque so
that I wouldn’t have to do the name card, which is fine. But the original ones,
they didn’t have that, it was just a smaller plaque
for the stuffed animal, so it kind of took up the entire space, which I think I like a little bit better. But I still think that’s funny, the “2014 through 2014.” I am so sorry I had to kill you as soon as I got you. So I think that is about it. Let me know in the comments
if you were to make one, what animal would you put on your plaque. also if you want to
see some real taxidermy that’s not just stuffing and fabric, Emily from The Brain
Scoop does that on Youtube and I cannot watch those videos because my stomach will not allow it, but yeah if you’re actually interested in that, you should definitely go
check out that channel. Okay, my battery light is
blinking and the lighting is all weird because I’m filming later in the day than I usually do, but yeah, let me know if you try it. If you wanted to see my last video, it was a favorites video. You can watch that right here, and if you want to see my last DIY video, I made things, oh I made the luggage tags. You can watch that video right here. Oh, and one more thing, I didn’t outline what I was going to say so this is all over the place right now. But this actually took way
less time than I expected. I started probably like four hours ago, since acrylic paint dries really fast, and hot glue dries really
fast, it’s already finished, and all ready to be hung on the wall. So if you really wanna
make one, keep that in mind and you can knock this
out in like half a day. Okay, now I am done for real. Bye guys, thank you for watching. I will see you all next
week for more videos. Okay, bye everyone. (upbeat music)

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