hey guys how are you and welcome back to my channel so this video is about how i created these things for decorating my wall and these are very easy and cheap you can find the materials anywhere and i just stuck them randomly on to my wall so if you wanna create this wall decor keep watching take your A4 size sheet and make sure it is thick so you can use a chart paper if you want now take a scale and a pencil , make rows of similar widths. i took 3 cm now take a scissor and cut them i am taking four strips at a time if you want more petals on your flower you can take how many you want now what you have to do is take your strip and fold it into half and take this end fold it like this then fold the edges and then open it up , you will see it will take a daimond like shape and then secure it with a pin do the same thing for the other strips also now take them together and take your cloth pin and secure them with it slightly away from the edges take your glue and stick them together you can make how many you want according to where you are sticking them after they are dried remove the pin and they will look like this now to stick them on the walls you have to take a celloptape and then find that idiotic end and when you finally find the end , then what you have to do is take a section of a cellotape and then make a loop like this then stick it to the center like this now you can stick them anywhere you want and thats it for this super easy DIY for decorating wall you can stick them anywhere you want and yes one more thing that i have to tell you guys is that next week sunday there will be no video as my exams are coming and i have to study so yes i promise you guys that there will be a midweek video on my channel after the exam and yes thats it , thankyou for watching ,please do SUBSCRIBE to my channel and give a thumbs up and byeee

2 thoughts on “DIY WALL DECOR”

  1. Nishat Kosar says:

    very nice and easy to make….i like it………waise tape milne me 2000 years lag gaye.😚😍😙😃😃😃

  2. Sudhir Kumar Mishra says:

    will decorate my wall like this thanks for the idea 😀

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