DIY Wall Decoration Peacock
DIY Wall Decoration Peacock

Hi guys. This is Lu-Ann Skaggs. And Welcome to the channel. Now I made this peacock for you guys a while ago. And if you guys have not seen this peacock. It would be linked in the description down below. And at the end of this video. Now when I made this peacock. I asked you guys. If you all would like to see this peacock. And you guys said yes. So here’s this peacock. Now a full list of all the materials needed for this project Would be found in the description down below. Now let’s get started. Now to get started. You’ll download the pattern. Absolutely free, for the first 48 hours. And the link for the pattern. Is in the description down below. Now we’ll take number one. And we’ll be cutting it along this line. Now we’ll be gluing number one, to number two. Now you could use clear tape. But I’ll be using the glue gun. Music Now we’ll take number three. And we’ll be cutting it along this line. Music Now we’ll glue number three to number two. Music Now we’ll be cutting number four along this line. And we’ll be gluing it to number three. Music Now this is the first row. Now we’ll take number five. And we’ll be cutting along this line. Now we’ll take number five. And we’ll be lining it up. And we’ll be gluing it. To the side that has number one. Now we’ll take number six. And we’ll be cutting it along the line. That says number six. And we’ll be cutting it on the bottom side. Music Now we’ll glue the both sides that we cut. To number five and to number two. Music Now we’ll cut number seven. Along the line that says seven. And the bottom side. Music Now we’ll glue number seven to number six. And glue down the bottom side. Music Now we’ll cut number eight. On these two sides. Music Now we’ll stick number eight to number seven. And glue down the bottom side. Music Now I’ve placed number nine and ten. On the same paper. And we’ll be cutting them apart. Now we’ll be cutting them along these lines here. Now we’ll also be cutting this edge of number ten. Music Now we’ll glue number nine and number ten together. Once we’re finish with this. We’ll line them up, and we’ll glue them on the top here. Now we’re going to be cutting. Around the edge of our pattern. So it would be easier for us to see what we’re doing. When we’re sticking it onto the foam board. Now guys if this is your first time here. Consider Subscribing 😃. We have new and grate videos like this. Coming every week. Music Now we’ll place the pattern onto the foam board. We’ll line it up and pin it into place. Now I decided to push the pattern, all the way to the top. Now we could finish drawing in the in completed edge. Now to secure the paper to the foam board. I’ll be using these straight pins. Now once you’re done sticking your pins into place. We’ll use an exacto knife. To trace the design from the paper. Onto the foam board. Music Now one of the cool things about using an exacto knife. Is that you could remove the paper as you go along. So that you know how much you’ve done. And how much you still have to do. Music Now we’ll continue this for the rest of the board. And I’ll come back and show you what we do next. Now we’ll prepare some bling wrap for our project. Now we’ll cut our bling wrap in two. And guys there are two strings. Going through the bling wrap. And we’ll cut one of them. And leave the other one attached. This would make it possible to go around our corners. Now guys. You could use this technique. For a lot of different projects. Now Design on a dollar. She used this technique. To go around her sunflower mirror. Now guys I learned this technique. From Lu-Ann Skaggs. Over here on her Channel. She’s a great YouTuber. You could take. And cut one side of your bling wrap. Row. And then you will be able to go around the curves. Of your mirrors easy. Now if you would like to see how she made this sunflower Mirror. I would leave the link for this. In the description down below. And one of the things that I learned. Is to start from the smaller piece. And then bring the long piece. Over the shorter piece. To cover up the edges. So that we have one seamless looking piece. Music Now we’ll be gluing one long piece. On the other side. Now we’ll be gluing one row in the middle. Music Now guys! we’ll repeat this same process. All the way around. And I’ll come back. And show you all. What we do next. Now we’re going to be using this green sequence. In the middle. Music Now we’ll be doing this. To all the pieces. Now while I was doing this. I found using this. Dollar Tree glue which comes two in a pack. This makes it much more faster to do this project. All I did. Was took the glue and I used it. On all. Of the sides. And once I placed the glue. And put on the bling wrap. The other side was dry. And I was able to go back in. And do the other row. And guys. This is such a faster way of working. This made the project. Finish. In such a short space of time. So I just wanted to come back and show you guys. How much more easy. This was to do. Now another great tip. Is to glue the bling wrap. In one direction first. And then turn it over. And glue it. In the other direction. That will make sure. That you don’t have to keep flipping. From one direction. To the other. Just like I’m doing here. Now to achieve these pointed edges. This is better done with the glue gun. So I switch back to the glue gun. And then you put the glue onto the cardboard. And carry it onto the edge of the bling wrap. Then you put the bling wrap onto the cardboard. And carry the bling wrap. Onto the top of the bling wrap. Just like I’m doing here. And this would achieve those pointed edges. And you do this. Throughout the piece. Wherever you need to have pointed edges. Music Now we could continue. With the regular gluing method. For the rest of the board. Music Now I use this gold sequence. In the center. To finish out the peacock. Music Now after gluing on the bling wrap. I thought that it was a little too flat. So I took this cardboard. That I took off from a Dollar Tree mirror. And I place the peacock on top of it. And cut it out. Then I took a grocery bag. Cut it in half. And I place it within another grocery bag. And I folded that. And glue it, to the center of the peacock. Now this is how I filled in the remainder of the peacock. With plastic bags. Music Now we’re going to crush some aluminum foil. And we’re going to use this to wrap our peacock. Now I decided to cut off the legs of my peacock. But you could leave your’s on. Now I continued wrapping the aluminum foil. And gluing it around the peacock. Now you could take your time right here. And shape the peacock. To make sure that it has a nice round smooth surface. And then glue the rest of the aluminum foil. Behind onto the cardboard. Now if while you’re shaping. You think it needs some more padding. You could always put in some more. And then continue shaping it. So that it get’s the look. That we’re going for. Now to cover the peacock. I picked up this silver and gold sequins. From Walmart. And this is the design that I came up with. Using these sequins. Music Now we’ll take the eyes. And we’ll cut it out. And we’ll stick it to our peacock. Now we’ll be using E6000 glue. To stick the eye to the peacock. Now we’ll put E6000. All over the eye. To protect the eye. And also to give it a glass-like look. Now we’ll continue gluing the smaller sequins. To the head of the peacock. Now for the beak. I’ll be using this gold sequins. That I picked up from Walmart. Now this is just to give it a different texture. So that the beak. Would stand out. From the rest of the peacock. Now I’ll be using this black acrylic paint. That I also picked up at Walmart. Now we’ll be using this. To mark some lines on the beak. So that we could tell the top beak. From the bottom beak. And we could also mark around here as well. Now we’ll draw-in some of the eyelashes. So that we have nice. Beautiful eyelashes. Now we’ll be using these gold fuzzy sticks. And we’ll be cutting four different lengths. Music Now we’ll be bending the edge of the fuzzy sticks. So that we have nice little curls at the top. Now we’ll twist the ends of the fuzzy sticks. And I’m using a pliers here. So that I could get a much deeper curve. At the end. Now we’ll be gluing some sequins. On the ends of each of the fuzzy sticks. Now we’re going to glue the feathers to the head. Now I’ll show you. How I did the glitter, on this side. Now I use this glue, that I picked up from the Dollar Tree And this flat head brush. Now I put the glue between the grooves. And I used the flat head brush. To spread out the glue. Now I picked up this black glitter from Walmart. And this is the glitter that I used on the background. Now you could leave the peacock on the board. But I decided to use this hot knife. To cut out mines. Now if you don’t have a hot knife. You could use an exacto knife. To cut out your peacock from the board. Then we’ll take some black paint. And paint around the edges. Of the foam board. Now we’ll fill in the empty spaces. With strips of the diamond wrap. Now we’ll be using the three different size sequence. We’ll be using the large one here. The middle one here. And the small one on these. And this is how. We’re going to be gluing on the sequins. Now we’re going to be doing this. For every other one. Of the feathers. Now We’ll glue the peacock in the middle. Now I use command strip. And double-sided tape. To hang it on the wall. Now guys! I really 💚 the way that this peacock tuned out. And I’m so glad 😃. That one of you guys requested it. Because it was such fun to do this project. If you guys would like to do this project. Let me know in the comment section down below. And if you guys would like to do this. Peacock on the side. That would be linked in the description down below. And at the end of this video. Thanks for taking the time out to watch the video. You have a Blessed and Awesome day. Now if you Like this video. You may also Like these as well. And don’t forget to Like 👍🏾😀. Comment. And Subscribe. See you in the next one. Music

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