DIY Wall Decoration With Quilling Princess I Do It yourself Room Decor Ideas
DIY Wall Decoration With Quilling Princess I Do It yourself Room Decor Ideas

How to Make an Amazing Wall Decor With Quilling Pattern? Things You Need… Color Papers, Craft Glue, Scissors, Quilling Strips, Quilling Needle, Cutter, Pencil, Scale Take a stencil and draw the given shape on a red paper. Divide and cut a quilling strip into 4 equal parts. Make multiple tight coils. Paste and arrange the coils to form a design as shown. Divide and cut each quilling strip into 4 equal parts. Take one fourth part of each strip. Paste and join them to make one. Make multiple such strips. Take a strip and make a tear drop shaped coil. Shape it with your fingers. Make multiple tear drop shaped coils. Paste and arrange these tear drop shape coils to form a design. Now paste and arrange strips vertically to form upper body of the dress. Cut the shape from a red paper using cutter. Paste this cut out on a white thick paper. To make the skirt, arrange the cut out of yellow stripes vertically. Cut out 1/2 of a yellow quilling strip. Paste and join with the blue strip to make a loose coil. Paste these loose coils to the bottom of the dress. Divide and cut a blue strip into 8 equal parts and yellow strip into 4 equal parts. Paste and join the strips as shown here. Make multiple tight coils. Paste and arrange the coils to make a bottom line. Divide and cut each quilling strip into 8 equal parts. Arrange these small strips between the previously pasted yellow strips. To make the hat, take a yellow and blue strip, make loose closed coil and give it the shape as shown here. To make the shoes, paste and join a yellow strip and 1/2 blue strip. Make a loose closed coil and give it the shape of shoes. Paste and arrange small cut outs of yellow strip vertically to make the sleeves of the dress. Finally paste the red and yellow strip on the borders to frame the white paper. Your amazing wall decor with quilled patterns is now ready!! Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!

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  1. Harini Natesan says:

    very pretty. Nice idea. Great job..

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    Super Quilling Frame to Decorate your Walls!

  4. Saara John says:

    Amazing Wall Craft. Love it ..

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    Fantastic craft! It will test your patience but end product is worth it!👍

  6. YesDIY says:

    This is one of the prettiest quilling I have seen and more importantly you have used in wall decor. You are amazing StylEnrich.


    Qué lindo quedó, como para un cuadro:)

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    Very pretty ,u r the true inspirer
    Here is a suggestion if you can please do talk in Videos o at least make the wording bit bigger
    Sometimes it seems different to read so
    All the best for next video
    Am waiting for it …

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    Very beaufiful….

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    Wow it looks so amazing! I love watching your videos. Thanks

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    Beautiful, WOW you are amazing

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    wow sooooo. beautiful

  14. Kathleen Brown says:

    Fantastic video, with one of the most fantastic quilling projects, EVER on YouTube!! I will definitely be trying this one out!! Do you always use deviantart,com for your silhouettes? Time to reload my ink in the printer!! Thank you so very, very much for sharing your skills with us! Much appreciated!

  15. Priyanka Goel says:

    Very very beautiful art

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    really nice creativity .i love it nd definitely try to make it .

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    can u add this dolls drawing to ur discription for us to download

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    Mam Template for this ??

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