DIY Wall Organizer & Desk Accessories {Back to School Ideas} by ANNEORSHINE
DIY Wall Organizer & Desk Accessories {Back to School Ideas} by ANNEORSHINE

(uplifting music) ♫Ain’t nothin’ better
than watchin’ you smile ♫Whoa, whoa ♫Ain’t nothin’ better
than watching you laugh ♫Out loud baby ♫Ain’t nothin’ better than watchin’ you ♫Be you ♫Ain’t nothin’ better than♫ – Hi guys, how’s it going? So, I’m kind of losing my voice right now, but I’m going try to make
it through this video. Okay, so today I’m going to show you how to make a very functional
wall display fixture. A lot of you guys requested
for something to store your hair accessory, back to
school, locker decoration, things to store make-up in. And so, I came up with this concept of a wall display organizer. And, it looks something like this. I was inspired from a
vintage theme, so I made mine vintage inspired. But, you can pretty
much like customize this whatever color you like
and to your own style. I’ve been shopping at flea markets lately, so I’ve been very inspired from
like that old vintage theme. And so, I wanted to
use like vintage prints and all that stuff. So, if you have a desk
and you need more like desk space this is great
to hang up on the wall by your desk and you can store
like stationaries in here. And, not only that but
you can also put this in your bathroom and
store hair accessories, like your brushes, other things in here. It’s so handy. You can also use this
as a make-up organizer put your make-up palettes in here, make-up brushes, lip glosses. It’s so handy. If you have a dorm, dormitory and you really don’t have
space or you really can’t like move lots of things to
your dorm like this is just so easy to like pack. You can make this half
a size and hang this into your locker, too. So, before we get started
I need you guys to help me with something. I need to come up with names
for different categories of D.I.Y.s. So, if you guys have been
following me you know that I’ve been making like D.I.Y.s
in different categories like beauty, fashion, and home decoration like this one right here. So, if you guys can help me like come up with some fun creative names. I know you guys are really
good with these kind of stuff, like comment below in the comment section and like tell me like what
you guys would suggest for me to use. I would love it because
not only are you guys like helping me name
like my little D.I.Y.s you guys are like a part of it now. So, that would be so helpful to me. And, let’s get started with this tutorial. Okay, so for materials you
would need some fabric. I purchased a half yard in
each pattern that I liked. You can also cut up
old clothing or drapery that’s in your home to make this. Next, I have a hanger. Then, some empty jars or cans. And, to hold things
together I have some glue and a hot glue gun. Okay, so we’re going to
first make the wall organizer that you can use to store
make-up, hair accessories, or office supplies. This would also look perfect
to hang in your locker if you do have a locker this
year to keep things organized. Okay, so step one cut out a 18 inch wide by 28 inch long rectangle with any fabric or pattern you like. So, step two finish the
raw edges by folding all four edges in on the wrong sides. This will prevent any
unravelling of the fabric. Make sure to fold in half
an inch on all four sides, then use some fabric glue to seal it in. (upbeat music) So, for step three once that all dries up I’m going to glue in my
hanger by folding over about two and a half
inches of fabric just like how I’m doing it right here. Then, glue the edge to the fabric. (upbeat music) Okay, so for this next
step four while we wait for the glue to dry let’s
cut out the pockets. You will need about six
pieces of seven inch wide by six inch high rectangles. Finish the edges like you did earlier by folding in, or
pressing in all the sides. And remember, to press in
about abou half an inch. Okay, so once you have
all your little rectangles now it’s time to place them
onto the bigger rectangle. So, the way we’re going to
do this is glue them on. Now, I’m going to provide
other measurements and guidance on my blog
Life and Style if you need all that measurement and how I did it. But, for now I just placed
them evenly onto the bigger rectangle and
then I just basically use my fabric glue to glue them on. Make sure to place the
fabric glue on the sides of the rectangle and on the bottom. Then, place it carefully
onto your desired area. I wanted to cover up
my hanger and so I just tear off a strip of the fabric
and you could do this with cotton fabrics and I
basically wrapped this around my hanger to give it a nice vintage look. And then, at the end
you can either glue it, dab it with some fabric glue, or just tie it around the hanger. So, I’m basically going to wrap my whole hanger with this. Okay, so with my left over
fabric what I’m going to do is cover some books and
also some cans and jars to give it that cute, vintage,
countryside decoration look. This will create a very pretty
theme for your desk area. To cover my book I simply
cut out a rectangle around my book leaving an extra three to five inches from the book’s edge. This will give extra room for when I close and open the book. Now, I’m going to fold
the top and the bottom in toward the wrong side of the prints to align it with the book’s edge. Now, with the right and
the left side of the cover slip the book’s corner
in where the folds are and then glue it at each
corner, just like how I’m doing it right here. I also like to wrap my
cans or jars with fabric. So, I lost some footage here,
but basically what I did was I cut some fabric,
enough to wrap around the can and I left an extra
two inches on the side, on the top, and on the bottom so that way it can wrap around nicely. So, I’m just taking some glue here and I’m dabbing it
inside the can, and then I am pushing the fabric in so it can stay. And then, for the bottom I
snipped off some extra fabric so that way I could wrap the fabric while I’m gluing it around the bottom. And, that is basically it. Now, you have a lovely work station to feel inspired in everyday. If you want me to see your finished work don’t forget to #DIYSundaywithANN or if there’s an idea you want me to see or you want to share with me or recreate then #DIYSunday. Don’t forget to thumbs
up guys and subscribe for more videos, love you, ciao!

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