DIY Wood Plank Wall painted with Chalk Paint® Weathered Wood look
DIY Wood Plank Wall painted with Chalk Paint® Weathered Wood look

hi guys, welcome to my channel Avanti Morocha Today I’m going to show you how my husband and I made this accent wall.
We used cedar boards and Chalk Paint® This project was made in collaboration with Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan I’ve used to paint on several projects. Having work with it I knew was going to
be the perfect way to give the new untreated cedar boards a weathered wood look This is an easy project but time-consuming. The process of planing, cutting, sanding, painting, and placing the boards took us approximately two
weekends. The time we spent making this project was totally worth it we are really happy with the final result. For those whom may not know I studied
architecture and this kind of projects are my cup of tea. Stay tuned to my channel more master bedroom projects are coming soon. I hope you’ve liked this
project if you have any question leave it in the comment section if you made this project don’t forget to share a picture on my Facebook page or tag me on Instagram I’d love to see it Don’t forget to visit my blog, follow me on my social media, like this video and share it with your loved ones. See you soon, chau chau.

18 thoughts on “DIY Wood Plank Wall painted with Chalk Paint® Weathered Wood look”

  1. Avanti Morocha says:

    Version en Español aqui

  2. Kelly Legg says:

    What Sander do you have?

  3. san diego allison says:

    GORGEOUS! amazingly detailed step-by-step instructions.

  4. Roni B says:

    Nice work! Just trying to get different ideas! That’s different for sure!

  5. ORLA S says:

    You can buy wallpaper these days
    that looks like the real thing and has the same texture too !
    Lot less agro and lot cheaper !

    Your process looks to be very hard work
    and expensive too !!

    Looks good though ! But I will use wallpaper !

  6. picasso ronal says:

    Authentic!! Your own self made piece of Art! Just amazing

  7. Trish Maxwell says:

    How can I make my white wood paneling look distressed, what colors do I need to use?

  8. bobzthecat says:

    surely its that rough cut look that gives it real character? why rub it off..?

  9. bobzthecat says:

    the white streaks dont look natural, too many and too thick

  10. Juan Martin says:

    Hola desde España , Buen trabajo, me ha gustado mucho y quiero hacerlo en un lado de mi salon pero es muy grande ahahaaha. Como se llama la maquina que utiliza tu marido para clavar los pallets a la pared. Un saludo

  11. Kelly Staten says:

    Great Job!

  12. BDDave says:

    Okay, arrange planks on floor 1st before you nail them to the wall. Oh, that is a great tip! Thank you!

  13. Allison Berneck says:

    Beautiful !

  14. cao miles says:

    we would like to use Loryro Reclaimed Wood Wall Panelling, DIY – Just Peel & Stick, Quite Easy!

  15. jo jo says:

    Wow you are a hard working lady. Looks great.👍 What is the upkeep like, does it attract a lot of dust?

  16. William Irizarry says:


  17. Dennis Alvarez says:

    I love this! Would like to do thin in the master bedroom.

  18. Bonnie Roy says:

    Nice but why did you use cedar if you are going to stain it? I know cedar resists termites. But other wood us cheaper.

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