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hello everyone my name is Jeff and welcome to my channel [Music] [Applause] for today’s video I’m gonna be sharing with you how I made this beautiful firm house get to the car on a budget I really love how these three projects turn out but I have an issue I can decide which one is my favorite so please let me know in the comments down below which one is your favorite and you can give me a big thumbs up hey and remember this is Sunday I’m gonna be uploading my new section 5 minutes crafting with you so please subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to get notified every time I upload a new video and if you want to see how I made this beautiful amazing partners kitchen decor using adultery I didn’t just be watching I love you have what I do baby just a mechanic Noemi keeper and videos ever we acted most companies come up with an aesthetically class because theta s pillow from house he said today’s evening company must have a new policy remain solamente una hasta que necesito su ayuda por favor the help in a love comment area syllabus acadia bajo one where super would be no pony third night in it where that que este domingo every never sexy on Cinco minutos I see the frosting colors that we have Sevilla not me no mommy never forget to pivot a bit can I see I’m gonna say Cho yet you miss my company tether knows if you can say this but I get to tell ESPA not I know this week a comma will stay just so 100 me do you see carousel Commission we are father Michael asked invitation about the realist ontology so looking at the Ginza okay guys so my first project is inspired by an article of the new fall collection that Michaels has and you’re gonna need one of these galvanized buckets from the Dollar Tree I want to change the color so I’m gonna be painting it with my semi-gloss white spray paint and a let it dry I’m using these foam letter stickers that you can find at the Dollar Tree as well and I’m going to form the word bread I don’t like the color it has so I’m going to be painting it with my black acrylic paint and a let it dry from there I only had to stick the letters in the container as straight as possible and I also decide to paint at the bottom edge of the pocket in black color now you will need a circular wooden plaque of seven inches I bought it at Walmart for only ninety seven cents and I think is so great so I must remove the click that has in the back and also the sticker then send a word to make it soft and clean and I will be painting it with my dark walnut wood finish with a napkin you must remove the excess paint and that will be the color that my wooden plate would look like from there I’m going to use one of this plastic golf balls that they sell in the Dollar Tree toy section I’m going to put my a6000 and hot glue on it and stick in the center of the wooden plaque I decide to make a bowl with my Buffalo check ribbon and stick it next to the golf ball and this is how looks my bread container I really love it because it’s so much cheaper than buying the one that I see on the store and I like having a modern farmhouse style in my kitchen I think this is perfect for my second project you will need another circular wooden plaque you must remove the click the sticker and sanded I’m also going to paint in it with my dark walnut finish and with a napkin remove the excess paint you will need a candleholder from the Dollar Tree and I will be painting it with my semi-gloss white spray paint and a letter dry [Music] I’m going to stick it to the bottom plate you can use hot glue a 6000 or both this is in a very easy way to create a cupcake stand and I just love the contrast of the colors between the wood and the white candle holder I want to create a cover for this cupcake stands and the first thing I would do is to use another of this plastic golf balls and I’m going to be spinning and hitting the rub to the ball with my hot glue gun [Music] I’m also going to use this glass container that they sell in the Dollar Tree and I’m just going to stick the ball up the rope on the top again you can use hot glue 6000 or both and this is how my cupcake standards I love it is full of different textures but beautiful all together I decide to put a circle and inside but you can put whatever you want for the third project I will use this sticks to stir the paint they are from Walmart and come with three in the package for only ninety seven cents I will be cutting only two of the sticks that is sign that they have at one end and I just draw a line I’m going to use my Dremel and I love this tool because it makes my love so much easier and the battery is rechargeable if you are interested I will leave the link in the description of the video where I get mine add a good highs then I will put all the sticks together but the one that doesn’t cut the edge you will put it in the center I will use popsicle stick to glue them all together in the center stick I’m going to stick one of this part that we could out for the stir sticks and I’m going to use my popsicle sticks also to join it in this way we have a sign in the form of the rolling pin and I just think it’s perfect and I like it so much use the same with paint finish and then you can remove the excess paint with a napkin and I also put a ball with my fellow Shack ribbon on one side just to keep a nice detail with dollar tree stickers I’m going to form the phrase let’s eat up but I just changed the color with the white a cleric paint and let them dry then I just start stick the letters on my sign you can also use Mod Podge to stick the letters and put a good layer on the top to secure the stickers I actually removed my Buffalo Shack bow to put the modpodge let it dry and then I just returned to put the ball on place guys this will be the result of my three products they are very budget-friendly to make and it will give you a unique style to your kitchen please help me a let me know in the comments which project is your favorite and give me a big thumbs up if you like me speaking English it’s a little bit difficult for me but I’m trying so please thumbs up for that you are more than welcome to subscribe to my channel and you can also share this video and help me to keep my channel growing remember that I see you this Sunday in May 5 minutes crafting video so mwah I love you so much and see you there bye [Music] you

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