Dollar Tree DIY Garden Fence Wall Decor
Dollar Tree DIY Garden Fence Wall Decor

so before all the spring stuff and
gardening stuff is out of dollar tree I want to try one more project we’re going
to make something that can hang over a doorway and hang in a room as room decor
it can split up some photos on a photo wall
hi guys and welcome to my channel where we do DIY projects crafts and a little
bit of organization but all on a budget come out and check out this today come
check out our new project today come check out our project today come check
it out so this no joke will probably one of
the easiest and quickest projects that I will have on my channel you want 2 of
these garden fences and they’re very flexible like they’re they’re plastic
they’re easy to work with what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna cut off these
edges on both sides so you see how they have these pieces that connect into each
other so we’re gonna cut off those and then we’re going to take out these
bottom pieces and I’m just using the crappy old box cutter as I hot-glued the middle of these two
together I did it in portions I put a small amount of hot glue in the middle
where it attached and I would hold it together as it dried once it was dried
then I would move on to the next part and I did that all the way through to
make sure that the center would stay completely closed and attached adding
the twine is completely optional I just did this to give it a little bit more of
a farmhouse look alright guys so this is what the final
project looks like I think it looks really cute and you can make it a lot
more farmhousey if you wanted to use a rope going just around the frame which I
think would look really cute but I wanted a little bit more simple this is
going to end up going above my door but I am not tall enough to reach it so
until my husband can get it up this is where it will reside normally I have
pictures all around this wall also but we’re having some construction done so
it’s there alone today alright guys this is above my door so that’s where it’s
gonna eventually end up I can’t get it up there that high I’m on my tippy-toes right
now I hope you guys enjoyed this project and I can’t wait to see you guys next
time ba bye

3 thoughts on “Dollar Tree DIY Garden Fence Wall Decor”

  1. Colleen Davis says:

    what color is the paint?

  2. Ody says:

    I made a wall art video inspired by this DIY! Thank you for sharing 🌼😌🌼

  3. Brooke Resch says:

    I wish I had seen this sooner. This product isn't at dollar tree right now but I need a headboard 🙁

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