Dollar Tree DIY Sleek Wall Sconce Home Decor Lighting
Dollar Tree DIY Sleek Wall Sconce Home Decor Lighting

what’s up glue dots I’m Elaine the
midnight crafter and tonight I have a really cool really easy DIY for you that
doesn’t have a lot of necessary items to emit a lot of ingredients a lot of
pieces that you need to get to put it together it’s a wall sconce and it is
not all blinged out like I’ve been doing a lot lately or have been seeing a lot
of people do it’s a little more sleek and a little more simple for those of
you that don’t like all the bling I don’t know why you don’t like all the
bling but anyway if you don’t this might be the sconce for you so stay tuned I’m
going to show you what you need very minimal items and you can get this
done in a jiff and before we do that though if you could write down there
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thank you to all of you that have subscribed so far and I really welcome
you to the glue dot family and thank you so much for your support and for
watching and for the really really awesome comments I’ve gotten from people
thank you so much I love it all right off we go so the first thing we’re gonna want to
do is cut the tags off of these and get them spray-painted silver or the color
of your choosing and you want to make sure that you do not paint the underside
of this because if the glue doesn’t stick very well afterwards if you do
forget and paint the underside you can not worry about it and just sand it with
a little bit of light sanding paper but preferably put a little piece of tape on
the bottom of there and avoid spray-painting it just to make life a
little easier the next step is to take our East 6000
and our little stir sticks or you can use popsicle sticks or whatever you have
this is such a simple DIY I’m really excited about it we’re going to measure just about half
the length of the bottom of this here because we need to have some room for
our mirror so and then there’s also the curve that we don’t want to go past the
curve to stick out so somewhere around there and cut a piece of popsicle stick
or whatever type of stick you happen to be using now we’re going to need a
couple of these take our mirror also you’re going to put
a little bit of glue and a little bit of hot glue and we’re
gonna glue our popsicle stick right down there and what that’s doing is it’s
gonna help us with the width of the mirror once we put our mirror in between
and sandwich it but I think we’re going to need because the width of the mirror
is a little wider than the width of the popsicle stick we’re going to need to do
a second layer of popsicle stick so add a little more glue and a little bit of
hot glue put your second layer of popsicle stick down just like that okay
now that we have our two pieces here the next thing that’s gonna go in is our
mirror and it’s going to go sandwiched right in between the two pieces of metal
and it is also gonna go just above where our sticks are so because we want this
to stick out some here so we have room to put a candle on afterwards so we want
to find the center point of our mirror and we’re going to add some e6000 or
your fix-all adhesive and also adding a little bit of hot glue
just for the more immediate adhesion to sort of keep everything together and
we’re also going to add a hot glue here and some fix-all as well as I said
you’re going to Center your mirror and sandwich it right in between I actually forgot to put glue we need to
put glue on this bottom piece as well so now that our mirror is kind of
somewhat being held in place we’ll put some adhesive here we could be a little
more generous on this side because this piece is going to be on the bottom and
line it up with the front piece making sure that they’re both flush on your
table and looking at the top view that they’re also lined up with each other then we’re going to give that a chance
to dry a bit and we’ll continue on I’m actually going to be adding some hot
glue and some e6000 in the sides and then I’m going to clamp it together to
give it a really good chance to dry so it will hold really well and we’ll give this 24 hours to dry and
finish up tomorrow okay so here we are the next day and what I forgot to do is
to show you that I decided last minute that I wanted to cover up the connection
that little gap that we have in there that we filled in with the glue so what
I decided to do is to use some of these Mardi Gras beads that you can get at the
dollar tree or at any other dollar type place is even at Michaels what I did is
cut let’s see if we can show you here for this section here I cut three strips
of six beads each strip and so what I’m talking about is I cut three strands of
six beads long and I glued them each individually here to cover that Center
part after that what I did is started right back here put a little glue in
there brought it around and then started wrapping and wrapping and wrapping until
I reached this point here which obviously was where I had to stop
because of hitting the mirror which is why I then glued on those three sections
so sorry that I did not tape that it was kind of an afterthought so what I want
to do just to finish up this project let’s now show you these aside here
these are the stickers that we spray-painted silver and I’m going to
use those to line up along the edges here just to kind of give it a little
extra interest and break up that plain smooth look on there
these are self-adhesive so they don’t need any glue
because they are stickers but if you decide you want to stick them on with
glue it might be a better option because it seems like they’re I don’t know they
do fall off whoops I think glue might be a good choice so
I’m actually gonna use my East 6000 okay so that’s all of the pieces they’re all
on I they says the finished product which is really not so easy to see on
here like this but I’m gonna go ahead and show you what this looks like on the
wall with the candle and ready to go it’s a nice change up from all the you
know the crystal and all that not that I don’t love the crystal and all that I do
but this is just for someone who’s not as much in dollar crystal and the
danglies in the Bangla bang Gleeson this is almost like having rivets or having
the thumbtack that tack heads on there so I don’t know change it up a little
bit why not what the heck so stay tuned hang on a sec I’m gonna show you this on
the wall oh hey one more minor detail how do we put it up on the wall what I
did also ahead is took a command strip and I always like to attach the two
pieces together before I do anything with them to make sure that they line up
well and I’m actually going to be cutting these because the width of this
is too small for a full command strip and it will show from the front so
measure it out and cut the excess off so that you have something that will fit
directly behind the backside which is what I’ve done here and you can see that
it’s been cut and it will fit perfectly and it will not show from the front that
way so off we go to hang it up on the wall so here we have it up on the wall I
really like it I mean it’s a nice change from as you see my other glitzy little
sparkly stuff and it’s just another version of another type of wall sconce
for you something a little more sweet well that’s it for tonight
hope you like wall stones DIY if you did give me a thumbs up don’t forget to hit
the subscribe button and as always have a positive and uplifting day

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