Dollar Tree Shopping for Party Supplies, Gift Bags, Home Decor & More | May 2019 | Hip2Save
Dollar Tree Shopping for Party Supplies, Gift Bags, Home Decor & More | May 2019 | Hip2Save

Hey guys! It is Collin, it’s Stetson.
We are in the parking lot at… are you guys ready for this… Dollar Tree! Stetson doesn’t realize the treasures we are about to find at Dollar Tree. Oh my word, I am so excited!
They have the most amazing stuff and I’m pumped, and I talked about it all the way on the car
ride here to Stetson and about all the glorious items we’re gonna find.
Storage containers and random hidden treasures! You ready? Dollar Tree is so much fun
because everything’s $1! Dollar Tree, Dollar Tree, Dollar Tree! [Stetson] Just $1, Dollar Tree!
Just $1, Dollar Tree! So you guys, one of my most favorite
things ever to buy it Dollar Tree is anything party related. Anything for
birthdays, anything for other celebrations because everything’s a
dollar and it makes for such cheap buys! Like look at these just as one example.
These are little candle toppers. They’ve got the little age candle and then
happy birthday and then I found these too. Hello! This guy sings a happy
birthday song! Only a buck, you guys. Compare that to a grocery store and you are
saving out a lot of money. You guys, my absolute favorite item out of anything
you can buy in Dollar Tree is their gift bags. They have big ones, they have small ones,
they have cool designs and they’re all a buck. And they beat Walmart and Target any day.
I mean sometimes at Walmart and Target you can pay
like $4, $5 for a gift bag. Everything here is a dollar. And we’re in Target—boom!
That is the magic of video editing. But seriously, you guys, I had to hop in
Target to show you how much the gift bags are. This is craziness!
$4.50… The small bags are $3.75 but you can get the big
ones for a buck at Dollar Tree! It’s crazy
I mean look, $4.50. But they have two cutest, cutest wedding
bags at Dollar Tree for a buck. The addiction is real. I can’t step away
from the gift bag section. I do want to mention it’s, like, wedding season and they have the cutest bags
if you know someone getting married. I like literally want to buy all of these.
Seriously, so cute! I thought I’d go over my
5 current favorite bags right now and again they’re all a buck.
Are you guys ready for this?! It’s so cute! Look at that, the little pop-out! Oh my gosh, you know a friend
who’s having a baby? Get this! How cute for a little kid’s birthday party. The little tag. Ribbon handle. Sorry, I know I keep talking about
the party supplies but all of these items are a dollar! Streamers, different
party themes. Party plates, party hats. Party tablecloths. And look!
They even have Lego themes! Seriously, a buck! This is like the store to get the celebration on! Yes, I’m sitting on the Dollar Tree floor, don’t mind me.
Okay but seriously you guys, They have these! They’re so cute. They’re like little,
they’re not huge, but they’re like little pictures and they’d be super cute, like
hung in a bathroom or a kitchen. You could do a bunch of them, and they’re a buck.
So anyway, I found so many, I think they’re so adorable. Like I’m actually
very impressed with all these. I love them! Now, figuring out how many I should get. But they’re only a buck. I could buy 10 and it’d be like $10. No big deal. I absolutely love browsing the cosmetics section and
the beauty island just seeing if there’s like any little treasures and I
did find these and I will say, disclaimer I have not tried them yet but I’m stoked
I love anything with coconut. But I found this Bolero,
I think that’s how you pronounce the brand, this body oil with coconut oil and sea salt and
then I found these, and my hands desperately need them, but there’s like a
body polish and body cream so we’re gonna have to try these. Get your hands clean. I’m stoked about this deal. So these 8oz. Softsoaps
and they’ve got some fun scents. Wild Basil and Lime. And we’ve got this guy.
These are a buck and then I noticed they have this small Softsoap which are only
5.5oz. for also a buck. So it’s a pretty easy idea which one I’m
gonna get. But anyway, these retail for much more like stores like Walmart or
Target. So it’s a really good deal at just a buck! Can’t not mention the Totally
Awesome cleaner that you can find a Dollar Tree for a buck. Everyone raves
about this cleaner, like raves about it. It’s a multi-purpose cleaner. You can
basically use it to clean like everything. It’s kind of crazy. So anyway,
you might want to hit it up to check it out. It’s a buck! And you can get the concentrate for a buck! Okay, storage containers, you guys. So Dollars Tree sells a whole bunch,
keep in mind they’re a buck each so they’re not going to be like super
sturdy and high quality however they’re great to organize your pantry, just
organize things. Because, I mean, when you got a lot of stuff, they’re nice.
So for example, I’m thinking outside the box and I have this laundry hamper thingy, a buck.
I’m using it to store all my chips and snacks so I’m going to throw everything
in here. But again, they put so many items and fun spring colors and all that good
stuff and it’s a buck. Oh my gosh, you guys. These are about
the cutest things ever. They were hidden, I had to search high and low so hopefully you guys can
find these but look they’re like little, it could be little ring holders. This is
a unicorn, a cactus, these are so cute! These would be cute like in a
bathroom. Anyway, a buck each. I’m gettin’ both! I’m gonna test it on you, Stetson. We just shopped at Dollar Tree. We got gift bags… We got gift bag. We got some art, [Stetson] ’cause we’re Dollar Tree smart.
Dollar Tree Smart

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  1. Mj Brooklyn says:

    So fun, thanks. Dollar tree smart. Woo hoo

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    Love your videos!

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    I like treasure hunting at Dollar Tree because you never know what you will find..
    Great tip you can make gift baskets for cheap at Dollar Tree..
    Enjoy Collin & Stetson in these videos. Hope you'll have a blessed day..

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    I need Stetson’s shirt….where are those from?

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    This was so fun to watch . I love dollar tree.

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    I always enjoy watching your videos ur so funny yes I agree were Dollar Tree smart to shop there!!👍👍

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    Y’all are too much fun together!! Thanks for the great video! ❤️❤️

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    8 oz soft soap are 49 cents or 25 cents if you have the 75 cebt coupons from various magazines at kroger

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    Glad to see u back Collin!! Love Dollar Tree! Lisa from Boise!!!

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    I enjoy your videos, ty. Gave me a morning laugh!!! Lmao

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    You guys are the goofiest, and I mean that as a total compliment. Very entertaining. 😊

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    Yeah! My favorite spot for party stuff and everything else. You and Stetson were down the street from my kids place.

  16. Jessica Pieper says:

    I have missed your videos so much!! I too LOVE shopping at Dollar Tree… have for years, but must admit they have REALLY improved both selection and quality in last couple years! Lol I think it's safe to say (and I know my hubby would agree) that I'm pretty much not allowed to go there with any kind of time limit (same with Target lol, only WAY worse there!), cuz I can spend SO long perusing if allowed. I have learned in last year or so how much we love getting a couple certain things at Dollar Tree such as hbc items, storage containers, gift bags and accessories (I too am a gft bag-a-holic, lol!), and especially greeting cards (2 for $1, hello!)! Thanks for all you do, Collin (and now Stetson too, you are so much fun!)! 🙂

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    this was a cute video

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