Dollarama Haul | March 2020 – Easter, Home Decor, Beauty
Dollarama Haul | March 2020 – Easter, Home Decor, Beauty

hey friends welcome back so for today’s
video I wanted to share with you a follow up to the last video that I
posted which was a walkthrough Dollarama I went in last week specifically looking
for a couple of things that I needed but also because in years past at least this
time of year like end of February early March is when Dollarama
usually does a good changeover of their stock they clear out a lot of the winter
to make room for spring and summer and that was definitely the case last week
they basically had all of their Easter stuff out and definitely all of their
spring and summer and as I am always saying about Dollarama you really have
to get in and buy what you want right away because they don’t necessarily
restock and you can miss out on some really good deals so another thing that
I find to be really helpful in shopping at Dollarama is to do a little bit of
pre-shopping research if you have the time and I actually do this like nine
times out of ten before going into Dollarama I check out Instagram for
relevant hashtags so hashtag Dollarama or hashtag dollar fines and what’s the
other one I do hashtag dollar am does it again and
that’s the other one because you can find some really great things that you
wouldn’t necessarily be looking for but are good to pick up so I did that before
the shop and I did buy according to a couple of things that I did see on
Instagram so jumping right in here oh and if you didn’t happen to see that
walk through the store I will throw that video up and a card and link it down
below in the description so this is a look at the bag a minute I’ll show you
that before I get going I bought a lot wasn’t necessarily my plan – oh it doesn’t
look like much does it? so it wasn’t necessarily my plan to go
in and buy a lot but everything that I purchased I’m really really happy with
so the first thing I am super excited to have found again this is the second one
of these pots that I have these came out last year and everybody
went crazy for them because they are an anthropology dupe they are really heavy
they’re really trendy I have currently in my other one a full plant that I got
it IKEA I don’t know what I’m going to put in this one I actually have an aloe
plant that I might split and put the other half in this one actually that
might be my plan and put it in the bathroom and that might be fun as I’m
thinking about it out loud but yes these sell for three dollars and fifty cents
in their great size the next thing that I have straight out of the bag is this
really cute tea towel this was in with the Easter section however if you can
read it there it says just bloom so it’s not necessarily specific to Easter I
think it’s just fun and a nice bright pop of color for spring in my kitchen
and that was two dollars and fifty cents and really good quality I should mention
that as well so this basket I am really excited about
it was only 250 I do find that some of dollar Anna’s baskets can be a little I
don’t know strange and pricing like some of the smaller things the things that I
wouldn’t think would be four dollars are and something bigger like this is only
250 there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of logic when it comes to pricing their
bins and containers but anyway I’m just glad that this was only 250 because I’d
like to get more of them this one I did buy for Mary’s room and I’d like to get
her about two more of them however when I was shopping this was the only who on
left so it has been added to my list for the next time I head into Dollarama but
it’s a great sized basket two handles and I’m thinking what I’ll use this
first one for is Mary’s hair supplies so she has a couple of like detangling
sprays and her brushes and then she can carry it often she likes for me to do
her hair while I’m watching TV in bed so she can bring her stuff into my room and
then take it back to her own when I’m done so that’s kind of Handy would also
be great for small toys as well lots of different purposes obviously I did get
her another little basket this water up it’s kind of a lidded I don’t know what
you would call it container I guess in the Easter section
so it’s definitely meant for Easter I’m going to just think about these those
polka-dots and not eggs which they are but I
thought this would be good especially where has a lid for all of her little
elastics just to kind of help with the organization in her vanity so that was a
dollar fifty great find and really cute for filling up for gifting some somebody
a little Easter goodie you could put cookies in there that
would be really cute too actually okay again with the Easter things I did buy a
package of 30 Easter bags these are only at all 25 and they sell out quickly I
can’t tell you the amount of times that I have gone in looking for these exact
bags because they make them for every holiday and they’re completely sold up
they don’t seem to restock that item unfortunately another Easter thing that
I was so excited to find and I I did film a clip of this for the video that I
posted going through the store and for some reason it just was completely out
of focus and wonky and I couldn’t use it so they have a great selection of
children’s Easter shirts this is the one that I picked out for Marie it says one
cute chick on it really seems to be a decent quality for you know like a
novelty t-shirt it’s not overly thick but it’s really cute
I think it’ll wash decently and it was only 350 they do have styles that I
would consider to be more boyish I hate to say that but a little bit more boyish
than something like this that makes sense it’s 350 alright so this was one
of those things that I found on Instagram that I did have my eye out
looking for it is this shampoo by the brand strive act in which I wasn’t
previously familiar with and I did look it up on the internet this brand and
they make anti-aging skin care products and they sell anywhere between 35 to 50
dollars some are even more pricey than that so it’s definitely like a higher
end brand and they had a whole hair line which they have now discontinued so this
would be considered dead stock from what I gather this retail for about 30 or 35
dollars when they were selling it and I paid for for it so I’m really excited
about it because it’s a really great shampoo I’ve used it like three times
now really really like the smell it’s not too heavy but I do feel like it
cleans my hair very thoroughly this one is for color-treated hair and they do
have a bit of highlighting so I figure if that worked the only disappointment
is that because this is not something that’s made anymore I might not be able
to repurchase it so that’s kind of one of the things about buying higher-end
items because I find that they have a fair amount of it in the beauty section
it’s dead stock so it’s not bad quality it’s just they’re not making it anymore
so you fall in love with something only to find that you can’t repurchase it
which is a bit of a letdown anyway that’s the deal with the shampoo I did
buy some hair accessories this is a definite repurchase I think I have
booked three of them now and I love them they sell for a dollar piece that’s
upside down not helpful it’s a jock clip and this one
specifically is for extra thick hair and I have extra thick hair so it works out
well and what I use this for is for styling so I will grab my hair up in
sections and then I will just blow-dry straighten or curl in layers I just find
it works out really easy for me and I find I actually use like two to three
you when I’m styling my hair because I’ll just do you know section yeah and
then this was another thing that I repurchase because I found these the
last time I was shopping and I love them and I’m afraid that I’m not gonna be
able to find them again and so I sort of wanted a backup this is by the same
brand I’m not gonna try and pronounce it but it’s that SC UNC I these are the
thick hair bobby pins and they’re extra long I actually asked if anybody knew
where you could purchase these in a video like a long time ago and everybody
said Walmart and I have still yet to find these at loaner but I found them at
Dollarama resealable package and only a dollar so
now I have two of them this was something that I hadn’t purchased before
but I actually love them the other one is in my end is it my makeup bag right
now it’s an eyebrow and bikini line razor I
don’t use it for that but I do use it for my eyebrow and I
really really like these I had always purchased them and I had a shop or
strike merit or Walmart but the 3-pack that I had always purchased there
retails for about eight or nine dollars and this was only a dollar 25 and I find
the quality the exact same so this is the Laurie brand which I think is unique
to Dollarama if I’m not mistaken so I’m glad to have discovered that because
nine dollars for little eyebrow raiser things and they don’t last all that long
it’s kind of expensive when you can pay only a dollar twenty-five package of
clear elastics for Marie and myself I’m just going to divide the package between
the two of us that’s a dollar these are really good quality as well if you need
little elastics I like the clear one because then you don’t see them alright
this I found in the kitchen section this is a wine seal and serve topper this was
only I want to say a dollar fifty looks to be a decent brand I haven’t looked it
up I’m not familiar with it but just gauging by the packaging it looks like
it’s nice I meant to buy a couple more because I
think these are the types of things that are good to have on hand to add to gifts
and if we are going somewhere where we’re bringing about a lot wine or
something I think this is a nice little add-on very inexpensive but just yeah a
nice little thing to be able to put into a wine bag or something and I’m excited
because we don’t have anything like this at home and we are always looking for a
wine stopper alright last few items so these socks I
pointed out in the video I was really excited to find them the brand is called
Connor and right on the top there it says any three for twenty and if you
flip the back there they sold for $7.99 a pair of socks and at Dollarama they
were only two dollars they only had three styles at my local store the third
one was kind of like a brighter red with a whole bunch of other colors it was a
little too bold for Rob these are men’s socks by the way but I did pick them up
the navy with the palm trees and this pair I’m going to take them out of the
bank I was super excited about because they have lobsters Oh Rob is from a
small all town it’s only about 15 minutes away
from here and every year they have what they call their lobster carnival it’s
when the end of the lobster season comes together and it’s like a big celebration
and it just thought that would be really fun for him to be able to wear I know
he’s actually really gonna like these so for two dollars each I might actually
hold off on giving them to him and put them in his Easter basket or something
kind of fun okay so this tray retails dollar Anna for four dollars which seems
sort of expensive but compared to the ones that they sell at winners and
HomeSense which are basically the exact same this is like half the cost if not
less and I want to do a full reorganisation of our kitchen it’s part
of my spring cleaning plan so I only bought this one while I was shopping
because I want to try it out in the fridge I want to get a sense of how it’s
gonna fit and how many more I need so I only picked up the one that they’re
really really nice really good in a pantry as well and I might even use a
cricket and label them get really fancy we’ll see and then the least exciting of
all the things that I purchased bags of potting mix it was like a dog – for a
dollar fifty or something like that I have a couple of plants that need
repotting so I purchased that too bad and that is it for that shop as I said
lots of great things new in store and you know maybe the next time that I go
in I’ll bring you guys along again probably give it a little bit just to
see if they bring more things in certainly in the way of home decor I
feel like I don’t know I feel like they have some new things that are coming in
because there are tons of boxes in that section when I was shopping so maybe
next week I’ll go in and if it’s anything we’re sharing I will certainly
put together a video but until next time thank you so much for checking up this
video and if you have been into Dollarama recently and maybe you found a
good deal or you had like the score of the century on something that you
purchased I love it too here you and until next time take good care
and we’ll catch up Russell Byford how you guys

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  1. jan gill says:

    I wish I would of known they had some of those pink baskets in the Lower Sackville dollar store when I was there on Saturday

  2. Navneet Singh says:

    Very nice good job 😊

  3. Cheryl Mayers says:

    When we go to Canada Dollarama is definitely on my list of stores to go to!! Wish there was one in Michigan!

  4. Lei Arnaz says:

    🙂 thanks! heading over now lol

  5. Lisa6812 says:

    I bought one of those containers for my fridge and over time it cracked 😕 Hopefully you have better luck 🤞🏼 Great haul, Dollarama can be a dangerous place sometimes lol

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