Domino Chain Reaction
Domino Chain Reaction

Everybody knows about playing with
dominoes but what you may not know is that a domino can knock over another
domino which is about one and a half times larger so what I have here is a
chain of dominoes each one is one and a half times larger than the previous one
and the smallest domino is about five millimeters high and one millimeter
thick and I will carefully place it and there are 13 dominos the largest
domino it weighs about a hundred pounds and is more than a meter tall Ready? Boom! That was 13 dominos. If I had
29 dominos the last domino would be as tall as the Empire State Building What’s the physics going on here? Well every time you stand up a domino
you lift it against gravity and that stores some of gravitational potential
energy in the domino and you only have to put in a little bit of push to get it
to that tipping point and then you get all that energy back again when it falls
over and that’s more than enough energy to knock over the next domino which
releases even more energy so it turns out the amplification in this series of
13 dominoes is about two billion so we put in a little tiny bit of energy at
the beginning and we get two billion times as much out at the end. But of
course we put all that energy in by lifting these dominoes and standing them
up again so that’s a kind of chain reaction. You trigger it and more and
more energy comes out more and more energy is released each step. Let’s see
it in slow-mo

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  1. Boris G. says:

    0:25 one millimeter T H I C C

  2. Hector Cabrera says:

    Like it wasn't obvious

  3. Mac man says:

    ..In this video:
    The Antichrist Irrefutably Identified! • The “Beast” …666

  4. Scientist Albert Einstein says:

    What if we could keep shrinking the domino to infinitesimal sizes and by means of quantum mechanics, the infinitesimal domino moves by itself and creates the domino effect? Who caused the domino to fall? was it god or was it chance? Obviously, the answer is: it was pure chance and god had nothing to do with it. Interesting!

  5. Mr c12h17n2o4p says:

    Now we know what this guy has been doing on Friday nights

  6. flashkraft says:

    With enough dominos you could destroy the universe.

  7. Hylke Jellema says:

    unlimited energy

  8. Sammy Sue says:

    0:54 what, does he get scared or what?

  9. NonsenseCrusade says:

    breathing heavily as he is surrounded by the police for releasing classified information

  10. R Hirshi says:

    So next time do a 29 long one LOL

  11. Jshift4Lo says:

    29 dominos is only a theory until it is actually tested.

  12. Sacrifice Toby says:

    someone make a meme out of this

  13. Alison Wünderland says:

    Nice 'clinky' sound as they fall…

  14. Angela Smith says:


  15. MrGilRoland says:

    0:57 Boom! You never know, that's the point.

  16. ImTheFunny 07 -Minecraft- says:

    0:55 “OOoOoO”

  17. Captain Howdy says:

    Science is cool

  18. cakophon says:

    his reaction at the last one though

  19. o0RAGA0o says:

    I make it 10 domino's not 13

  20. DMinecraft 999 says:

    Who is watching in 2018?

  21. Starbuck 777 says:

    So, that would be theoretical perpetual motion then. The 'infinite domino run' effect.

  22. Obi wan Kenobi says:

    0:50 boom

  23. GregoryTheGr8ster says:

    I'm just wondering where you are thinking of putting that 29th domino.

  24. Storyline.chZurich says:

    Great example of how a little thing can have a huge impact of something really big!

  25. iaminstantword says:

    Domino effect animation here

  26. 1hourOfLove says:

    Look at Stephen Morris's face. You can tell he spent hours, maybe days working this one out.

  27. ALISH GOSAI says:


  28. MashedUp Vlogs says:

    The dominoes were like dink dink dink dink BOOM!! When the last domino fell, the whole room shoke and he jumped.

  29. Piers Mearns says:

    0:55 an alternate universe was made at that exact moment it landed

  30. XxVioleta FlowersxX says:

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  31. Cris Julca says:

    @ a mi

  32. Jake Graham says:


  33. 黃靖媛 says:

    0:56 Boom

  34. Casey Eden says:

    I randomly pondered this question. Thankyou for answering this. 👍😆

  35. Onder Dincoglu says:

    Çok güzel

  36. nur hikmah says:

    wow this. awesome

  37. M.H.0903 says:

    looks like the domino is coming out of the quantum realm

  38. J j says:

    I thought it was the pizza chain…=-)

  39. تلاوات قرآنية ساحرة says:


  40. sunset lover232 says:

    2018 anyone?

  41. Laia Ge-Fl G E says:


  42. Thunder Drain says:

    is it just me or asmr

  43. williehopscotch says:

    Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet?! Awesome.

  44. Kellsey's Kids Channel says:


  45. shalini vijayakumaran says:

    Me h

  46. MATAM says:

    Ahh, the s****y keyword suggestions.

  47. Richard Rybicki says:

    1 mm thicc

  48. Salam Satvilkar says:


  49. Lillian Farsalas says:

    anyone september 2018

  50. M.H.0903 says:


  51. Irlanda Miranda says:

    Boom boom boon

  52. F Y L says:

    Good! I wanna share your video.

  53. despatcito daily raf reviews says:

    The 69th one will be touching ur anus

  54. Angelo Gabriel Damada Farina says:

    Ele e fofo

  55. John Thor says:

    Damn, Is Very good education for everyone's and everybody's.

  56. Fartbottom10 Fortnite says:


  57. fireandcopper says:

    Also each domino is going 1.5 times slower

    I think It sure seems like it

  58. HeyItsMe says:


  59. Yingqi Sun says:

    What is the material of the dominos?

  60. luigi Esposito says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 0:55

  61. Federica Aceto says:


  62. k o r p a n z i e says:

    “ and the smallest one is about 0.5 millimeters tall and 0.1 millimeters THICC


  63. Rohit Bhosle says:

    I can't get full picture…man to understand plz someone give me explaination about conservation of energy ….imbalanced moment and how momentum is responsible for that

  64. jorge_ casso says:

    what are these dominoes made of ??

  65. Unnamed says:

    He said it was 100 lbs just to flex picking it up

  66. Unnamed says:

    Who’s here from the memes?

  67. Francesco Dizazzo says:

    Such an inspiring message

  68. Is Yeboi says:

    Hey look it’s a meme now

  69. Is Yeboi says:

    He sounds like h3h3 at the beginning

  70. Mario Fromadistance says:

    Very impressive!! Thank you for sharing. I guess each one of us do matter…🌼🌷

  71. Manan Makhija says:

    Who's here after watchin memes of it 😂

  72. A Anirudh says:

    Brad didn't have to be bad at Pubg

  73. Rob Lanzone says:

    What and that was cool and that is like belle the last domino

  74. annjk do says:

    ele se assustou kkkkkkkkk

  75. Michał Burdajewicz says:


  76. Paul E. Pockets says:

    Just wondering, would it still work going the other direction? WHAM!

  77. Elijah Allen says:

    I came here because if the memes

  78. Illectryx/server642 says:

    Instead of “the butterfly effect” I’m gonna start saying “the exponential domino procession” 😉

  79. Emilia Piscuoglio says:


  80. Dominick Klein says:

    I counted 10

  81. Square panda 15 says:

    0:55 boob.

  82. Justin Scoggin says:


  83. Ray Allan says:

    WOW! That is impressive!…

  84. gender neutral says:

    wait canadians use pounds for weight but the metric system for distance?

  85. Vladi says:

    Love the video 🙂

  86. Audio Pervert says:

    Climate change is working just the same way … The oceans, the natural currents, ice, rivers and the whole ecosystem is falling apart…

  87. DavidGX says:

    That first tiny domino is me going "Maybe instead of going to sleep, I stay up and watch a video about dominoes!"

  88. Cody Wright says:

    "about 100 lbs"??? You must be mad swoll cause you picked that last domino up like a professional rock climber!

  89. piyaporn songwan says:

    เเ)๕ค๑ /// ๑ _

  90. Bea Perfecto says:


  91. NOVA DRAKE says:


  92. Юрий Ковалёв says:

    That’s the most motivational video on YouTube

  93. humpy1980 says:

    I would love to see the Empire State Building domino.

  94. Jonathan LaRiviere says:

    At 1:28 he says that we're "storing" gravitational potential energy in the domino. I totally get how this is a helpful explanation and visualization, but it also introduces confusion since there really isn't any "stored" energy in the system. But still. VERY cool demonstration. I'm totally saving this one.

  95. John Cena says:

    I really want

  96. Nairda Charles says:

    Those aren't 1.5 times the preceding size. They are 1.5 on three dimensions. That's the cube of( each preceding dimension x 1.5) for each one.(1.5(a*b*c))^3. Sorry, it just bugged me.

  97. Matt Davis says:

    Why is an American using thirteen? I thought the number didn't exist in that country

  98. Lisl Kratzer says:

    What material are the stones made of?

  99. Jamie penrith Taketheleaddogtraining says:

    Please can I use a part of this video for educational purposes with full credit?

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