Douglas Ljungkvist – Fine-Art Photographer
Douglas Ljungkvist – Fine-Art Photographer

7 thoughts on “Douglas Ljungkvist – Fine-Art Photographer”

  1. Shlomo Taitz says:

    Douglas great work.
    Thoroughly enjoyed your lecture.

  2. Torsion7 says:

    Lovely talk, thanks for sharing your remarkable work and process!

  3. richard raesr says:

    Great images & explanations behind the work

  4. Vlade Past says:

    No offense but I my opinion this is just a bad photography, one could call it "art" of course. But it is still a bad photography. Sorry again…

  5. MetalDog MetalDog says:

    Very interesting to hear how and why and what got you going and I very much like your images. I have similar elements in my work. Thank you for this learning experience

  6. Dennis Swanner says:

    Are you kidding? Who cares?

  7. Martin Burkhalter says:

    This guy is full of himself. Lot’s of bla bla bla about himself that has nothing to do with his photography. Just bla bla bla…….

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