DRAMA IS THE NEW BLACK – BOEN Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends (2/3)
DRAMA IS THE NEW BLACK – BOEN Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends (2/3)

Hi, I am Gudy Herder. Hi, I am Andreas Tippel. In the next couple of minutes … I’d like to share with you the main features and characteristics of the main features and characteristics of the of the interior design and lifestyle trend „DRAMA IS THE NEW BLACK“. And I will show you BOEN’s products which answer this trend. Whether you’re pro-darkness or not … you can’t argue that black rules the Interior Design world. Black – however – as a trending colour is so far no news. But entire interiors are being painted or decorated in black now, from the floor to the ceiling. And It’s all about the TOTAL LOOK. It certainly is a daring trend where BLACK is synonymous with a sleek sophisticated style. But it is not only the fashion and interior design field … that succumbs to that masculine and elegant palette … but other areas such as food, prop styling, architecture … artisan work and beauty are all engaged. How to soften this trend? Actually black can be a quite warm shade when the paint on the walls is thickened with pigments to give a matt finish. It’s always the glossy effect that give a colder appearance. As for 2017, black is no longer combined with copper but brass finishings are taking over when we talk metal accessories. If you like BLACK but rather prefer a warmer approach … natural wood on frames and flooring can be great combinations so is lush greenery in terracotta planters. Blots of dark green or dark blue are an interesting add on, too. Black is actually very versatile. If these aesthetics are up your alley … then it’s a good moment to see how we have translated this trend into a matching floor collection that depending on how you combine it can give you a more modern or classic appearance in your home. Thanks Gudy. Since BOEN is the style advisor we develop our products to match trends. The colours Ebony and Chalk Black are simple to explain. They are just black, in two different yet combinable shades. There is one thing that reminds us that we´re still talking about wooden floors. And that´s the smooth brushing. Boen´s Live Pure surface offers the best protection at an extremely low gloss level. Find out more about BOEN’s our stylish black floors. Your Boen salesman is happy to help.

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