Drawing Special Shaped Cabinets in Home Designer Software

In this video segment, we’re gonna take a look at how to create
shaped cabinets using the Home Designer software products. In this sample project you can see that
I’ve created a variety of shaped base and wall cabinets.
To create shaped cabinets, I’m gonna choose this cabinet on the left. You’ll find a dropdown for the different
cabinet styles: corner, right end, left end, right and
left radius, peninsula, and an angled front which gives you a
little bit more added control and how to shape your cabinets. Now the angle front cabinet
is only available in Home
Designer Architectural and Home Designer Pro and furthermore, the corner cabinet that you see in my
design that has the curve is available only in the Home Designer Pro product
for both the base and the wall cabinet. Let’s go through and take a look at the
process of creating cabinets that are shaped. Let me begin the process by
taking a look at a corner cabinet. The easiest way to
create a corner cabinet, in this case I’m going
to use a base cabinet. When you have an existing room and a
corner and you move your cursor with the cabinet selected and you
get close to the corner, notice the outline changes to a corner
cabinet. At that point, if you left click, you can automatically
create a corner cabinet. If you want to create a corner cabinet
out of an existing cabinet inside of the cabinet dialogue, I’m going to change the cabinet to a
corner cabinet and it’s going to tell us that the cabinets width must be greater
than its depth before you can change it. In this case,
I’ll change the width to be 36 inches. Go back up and now I can change that
to a corner cabinet and that’s how it becomes a corner cabinet.
Now this is the pie shaped cabinet. If you want to make it a diagonal cabinet, you can change the setting right in
here and if you want to make it a curved cabinet, we can come in here.
This is only in Home Designer Pro. I could put in a negative three inches
in this case and you’ll see that it becomes a shaped cabinet in the corner.
Next, let’s take a look at the right end and
the left end cabinet and I’m just going to press the undo button and open this
cabinet back up and this cabinet is simply selected as a right end cabinet
or you can change it as a left end cabinet. Pretty simple changes. Now
the radius cabinets work the same way. If you change the right
radius or the left radius, you can generate that. And then finally
at the very end, if I skip ahead, you see the peninsula radius
and that creates a shape here. Now the final one available
in Home Designer Architectural
and Home Designer Pro is an angled front. This gives you the ability to change the
left depth that can be different than the right depth and you
can see how that changes. You can type in just about any dimension
you need to create that shape of a cabinet. Now these same changes apply to your wall
cabinets and also remember if you use the help function, it’s context sensitive and it will walk
you through each of the components. You’ll see the cabinet style and you
can read in detail about exactly what settings are for your shaped cabinets.
Also, remember we have great support articles
if you visit our support center.

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