Dream Catcher DIY | Home Decor | Dream Catcher Craft | Apostrophe S | Daydream
Dream Catcher DIY | Home Decor | Dream Catcher Craft | Apostrophe S | Daydream

Hi, this is Jill with Apostrophe S and today
I am going to show you how to make our Day Dream Dream Catcher. This is one of our new
kits and it looks like this. Okay, the first thing I do, is I like to get
all of the items from the kit laid out so I see exactly what I’m working with. And I
make sure that I have a really good pair of fabric scissors, since there’s so much trim
and ribbon to cut. So the first thing I do is I get the ring from the kit. You can see
that this one has been wrapped in the ribbon and there is some taffeta ribbon in the kit
like this. It’s a light brown with dark brown edges. And I take one of these mini glue dots.
It’s hard to see with the camera angle, but you just lift this sheet and there’s a glue
dot on it. And I just take the end of the ribbon, put it on the glue dot, attach it
to one part of the ring and then just wrap it all the way around and secure it with another
glue dot when I’m all finished, so that it looks like this. The next thing that I do is I lay the doily
in the middle, and you’ll notice that I do right side up with the flowers all facing
up and then I get some of the linen thread that comes in the kit and I thread it through
the floss threader. We find that a floss threader actually works quite a bit easier than a needle.
And from the underside I come up and I take the end point of one of the little petals
on the doily and then I do it again from the underside through that point on the end of
the petal and I do that all the way around also, so that when I’m done with that, it
looks like this. And I just take the two points, excuse me, the two ends of the thread and
tie them off together, so that it looks like that. Now all of the ribbon trim that comes
in your kit is all in a section like this and they are actually quite long. So I unravel
all of these and cut them in half. So by the time you cut it in half, you’ve got about
roughly a yard. So I take that and I put my finger about in the center of that and I go
down. I determine where the bottom of my dream catcher is, here where I’ve started with the,
excuse me with the ribbon, right here, and I put it down from the front and then I bring
that ring up, excuse me, the loop of the ribbon up and put the ends down through and just
pull it taught. Like that. Okay? And I finish all of the ribbons, the rest of the ribbon
trim, the same way. So that you can see, whoops that ones come a little bit loose. You can
see that they’re all along the bottom. This one I came up from the other side. So it just
depends on whether you want the knots to show, or you want them to come this way. Either
way is fine. Then the next thing I’ve done is again, I’ve
used some of the linen thread and I’ve put it on the side and tied the ribbon, excuse
me, the feathers to the end of each one and have them hanging at different lengths, just
attached to the side of the dream catcher. Then I’ve also taken some linen thread and
I’ve come up in the center, threaded it through two of the turquoise beads, threaded it back
down in the center and then just tied a knot to secure that and trim the edges, the ends.
Then I’ve taken a feather and just slid it through one of the holes. Then very last, I’ve taken more linen thread
and thread one of the turquoise beads and a feather through and I have three of them
hanging from the dream catcher at different lengths. And I’m done. The whole thing takes
less than about an hour and it looks great. It’s great hanging as a decor in your home,
or even hanging from the ceiling. It’s really fun. We appreciate you joining us today. This is Apostrophe S…make it yours.

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  1. HurricaneKaiti says:

    Beautiful job!

  2. Fre sh A voca do says:

    I love it. Looks great in my room! :)👍🏼

  3. Joyce and Ray Smith says:

    Nice job!! Thanks for sharing

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