Dreamscapes Hunter Ep3 Eco Mat
Dreamscapes Hunter Ep3 Eco Mat

Hi, I’m Ahmed Hassan. Welcome to Dreamscapes. On the last episode, we featured Hunter
Industries PGP Ultra and the I-20. On this episode of Dreamscapes, we’ll feature
their subsurface irrigation solution known as the Eco-Mat. Now during the install we had some ridiculously wet weather, but what Dave and I are going to be talking about today is about irrigation solutions to help conserve water and still have a
beautiful landscape. Is this that whole Eco-Mat section? This section here is all the Eco-Mat. It’s that funky, hard to water with overhead system area.–Are they talking too much again, Brian? Well we’re trying
to teach Brian about the Eco-Mat system because, you know, where it applies in
small tight spaces that overhead irrigation just doesn’t function well.–You know I’ve got a small demo of this stuff in my truck, right?–That would be good because I was gonna dig this up and try to show it
to him but yeah, it’s buried. I’ve got to go grab the demo piece. Give me a second. This is my demo. Let me show you what I’ve got. So Brian, how many classes have you taken in horticulture?–A few.–So remind me… You took soil science, right? So you remember in soil science where your teacher talked about water moves four different directions. What are
the four different directions that water moves.–It moves downward through the soil–Gravitational pull– Across. It’ll move across through capillary
action.–It’ll go through the plant itself.–It’ll go up into the plant through… what do we call that again?…Transpiration. Thank you, Dave. Then it moves upward through evaporation. Just evaporation, right? This is
based off a capillary action. This fleece mat has been engineered, meaning it’s the right thickness. It’s the right size. It has the right size pores in there that the in-line tubing, Hunter’s PLD tubing that has the emitters built in every twelve inches, is laced within this, wrapped. This water will actually instead of just saturating
out and going into maybe a circular area or depending on what the soil is, even in
a sandy soil, you can finally get your water to move laterally with drip.–Despite your soil. Independent of your soil. If you’ve got a clay-based soil, it’s going to work that much better, especially if you’re trying to water turf which is where we use it for
here–In an application like this, you’re over-spraying. There’s no way to efficiently apply water to this area overhead. So here’s the thing. Let me set this down
right here. I’m curious to know how Tony actually laid this thing out. The idea behind this is that in-line tubing has been used in irrigation for lawns and turf at least for the last fifteen years. So the reason that this is even developed today
is to try and combat really getting water to an entire area and being able to do that even in sandy
soils. It gives us alternatives. It gives us options. Tony, how did you install this in this
little section and where does it stop and start at? Because the turf looks all the same.–Yeah, they tell you they want it about 3 to 4 inches below the grade of your soil, of your final grade. And then we cover it with our native soil.
We don’t bring in top soil. We just cover it with soil. We get our grades set and then the turf is ready to be installed like normal turf.–So the other thing I really like about Hunter’s Eco-Mat
product is that you can get the in-line drip emitter tubing only with the cloth
cover for skinny strips like this. So you don’t have
to take a whole, you know, square-foot of material, cut it down three feet
long, one foot wide. Cut it down to meet a four inch area. It’s been an almost impossible to water that well and this allows us to
do that.–Sweet. I’m going to keep my sample because it’s not too dirty right now. I mean,
think about how many different applications.–For one, I can tell
you we have in many jurisdictions announced state law. You can’t irrigate overhead along a curb or a walkway so this is the only solution. So now you can put turf right up to the back edges of the curb and abide by
the law.–Whether you have hard water, which is another filtration issue, or
you have major water conservation regulations that you have to follow, Eco-Mat is going to get hugely popular. Mark my word. Maybe I’ll let you have that one. That’s for you. Don’t say I never gave you nothing. Well I’d really like to thank you all for
sticking with us and watching this very informational groundbreaking season of
Dreamscapes. Whether you’re doing your own small project or your very own
Dreamscape, you’ll want to find yourself a good set of professionals, do your research
and always, always, always dream big. I’m Ahmed Hassan. I wish you well.

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