DRIVE THRU PERSON SWAP PRANK! **crazy freakout** | FaZe Rug
DRIVE THRU PERSON SWAP PRANK! **crazy freakout** | FaZe Rug

Thank you Yeah You thought I was a guy What’s up guys? How’s everybody doing today? I hope you’re all having a fantastic day as always and today I’m bringing guys a brand new video with my lovely cousin Jessica oh Yeah, guys we have to take Luna Jessica’s cat to the vet right now, and then we’re gonna start the video I’m just start the video right now, but today. I’m so excited to do this first things first I just want to give a shout out to big dogs TV. I was inspired to do this by his video He made this like a year and a half ago. The drive-thru person swapped prank. It’s gonna be It’s gonna be hilarious But we have to be fast for those who don’t know what that is basically we’re gonna Go to fast food places drive-through and we’re gonna get our food And then I’m gonna ask them for like a water cup or cookies or an extra food so they can turn their back on me I’m gonna hop in the front and we’re gonna basically mind f*** the workers. They’re gonna turn around they were talking to you now They’re talking to me. Yeah exactly. They’re gonna be confused They’re gonna be like wait weren’t you just a guy you can just say something like I just put on some makeup No We are related, but yeah guys So when we do this Jessica’s gonna be in the back of course so the drive to work is gonna think that I’m the only one in the car they’re gonna go turn their back get me some water or whatever it is that I tell them and then they’re gonna come back and see Jessica and not me I’m gonna be in the back so we have to do this so quick the Heart is the middle there’s a middle thing right here guys like he doesn’t have a seat It’s like how am I gonna do like here? You literally like have to slither your way in Yeah, thats how he was doing it, he was doing it backwards So once again shout out to big daws the reactions he got on his video Were crazy, and I thought it was hilarious, so I want to give it a try myself. Hope you guys do enjoy I hope you guys are all having a great Friday. It’s December 1st Start of December Isn’t that crazy one more month and then 2018 new year new me Everyone says That New Resolution. New This. New That. That’s the spirit!. But Like I said nothing but banger videos in December no missing uploads. Yeah guys, no missing uploads. All right We’re gonna go drop off Luna at the vet, and start this video And I think me and Jessica are gonna have to practice like switching Slithering from front to back back to front. I hope we trick the drive through workers Oh, yeah And I hope we have some fun with this video and most of all most important part about this all is I hope You guys enjoy the alright guys so before we go to our first fast-food place to try this out We’re gonna have to practice. We’re gonna have to be lightning speed. I think yeah, you’re gonna go in the back should I just jump back there? Yeah, just hop. I’m gonna take off my shoes during this because yeah, I don’t want my car to get damaged I didn’t really think bless you Mike so the drive-thru worker isn’t gonna see her of course. It’s just gonna Be me they’re gonna think I’m alone right whatever blah blah blah I’m gonna be like oh, thanks for the food, and I’d be like wait Can I get like a cookie or? Maybe a cup of water it depends if the water machine is right by the window we can’t do it cuz They’re not gonna turn their back. Are you still there? Okay? Can I get two cookies please? Sorry sorry? Should I take off my shoes cuz I feel like I just damaged the hell out of my car from yes, okay I’m gonna take off my shoes. I can’t reach the floor so guys we’re gonna switch off like sometimes she’s gonna be the first one to talk to them so they’re gonna think it’s just a girl and I’m gonna switch over so we’re gonna practice that I have TVs back here. I once hit my head on this, and I got a concussion Oh, I’m sorry. Could I get two cookies please turns around No oh Wow Oh My god you stubbed my toe Stop, okay guys. We’re gonna go to our first drive new place and just wish us luck That was our practice attempts so maybe when we’re actually there We’ll probably just like get it down cuz like we want to get this hi can I get a tall strawberry refresher? And that’s it. Thank you. Thanks. Can I also please get a cup of water if you can alright? Thank you Thank you you too Did you Do anything no did you not notice okay? Where am I going? She really didn’t know it is Wait why are you shaking? It’s buggy. That was actually Okay guys, we are at Taco Bell We’re gonna see if we get a good reaction the first one wasn’t that good of a reaction actually there was no reaction at all I Thought we were quick on that we have little covers for the backseat. Can I just get one soft taco please? No, that’s it Thank you you drive too so tight I’m gonna hit something Oh yeah, you’re gonna have to drive all guys, so I’m gonna ask for an extra Cinnabon delight Oh, and they close the window for the second. Thank you wait. I’m sorry connect Please at us in a twist is that what they’re called us in a twist Nice an excess on you But it was but he’s like no, thank you. Have a good day The Success we got one goes can I just do a small mashed potato, please okay, and that’s it? Thank you well does she know she ever gonna get fried word, and then I’m gonna put it in park right away I could see myself Really, I got Ewings everything Thank you today, I’m nothing you can please out of Charles. Yeah, just one, please The winter Thank you Aha No way Hi, we’re filming a prank video we’re doing like a person swap prank No way did we kind of get you with the prank like it was a girl Thank you so much. Have a good one. Okay. Oh my god. That was holy Oh, she was more shocked that it’s a guy or more shocked that it was you don’t know and I just get a small fries Yeah, and that’s it Thank you Damn what did I just do why are these drivers so thin like so tight Oh? guys all the workers having girls so far Hi Good, how are you? Putting them park, thank you Yeah my fight yeah One guy you thought I was a guy you Saw, that was a guy. I’m a girl I just cornered my friend Yeah, I think it’s in the bag no I think it was a guy. Yeah, be good. They don’t know I ordered a small fries, okay, sorry Oh Okay wait can I add cookies please? Yeah, just cookies chocolate chip yeah, please Thank you No you didn’t what did we trick you we’re just doing a little prank for you too. We got you Now that’s so funny. Thank you for the cool reaction all right. Have a good one. Okay. Bye Bye okay you mm funny guy that was the funniest thing ever We got her twice good, how are you? Um can I please just get a small fries Um can I also add a cookie if my chocolate chip There you go, thank you Thank you, no cookie without that chocolate chip cookie yet Maria thank you Oh my god, you only just broke my car oh Hey guys, thank you Thank you oh My buzzer guys some injuries took place during this video So please like for our pain Brian my like you know your bun and the top Many dangerous objects in the back right here so when we did the switcheroo like it Just I landed my elbow is soaring. Oh my god. Yo, no actually I had so much fun doing this video I hope you guys did enjoy we got a lot of cool reactions. We did I think six places three or four of them gave us good reactions the other two are like Once again shout out to Big Boss TV for this cool idea yeah, I’m gonna end the video there Hope you guys did enjoy please smash that like button hit that subscribe button if you are new and check out Jessica’s Instagram for helping me with this video and She got injured many times, but it’s all good follow me on Instagram snapchat Twitter all that fun stuff Hope you guys all have a great rest of your day and other than that. It’s been rug And other than eyes and rug I just say rug Jessica okay other than I’ve been rug and we are out peace

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