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Welcome to Studio StylEnrich! How to Make a Multicolor Floral Wall Decoration with Paper? This is an Easy Paper Room Decoration Craft. Things you Need… Color Paper, Craft Paper, Piece of Cardboard, Craft Glue, Scissors, Measuring Scale, Pencil. Take a circular piece of cardboard and craft paper. cut out the craft paper and paste it on the circular board as shown. Take a pink color paper and measure 5*4 cm on the sheet. Cut out the piece of paper from the sheet. Now fold the sheet and apply glue at one edge. Fold along this edge in the shape of a cone. Make several such cones. Take the cardboard piece and start sticking the cone pieces to form the outer layer of the craft. The first layer looks like this post completion. Take a green sheet and cut the same dimensions as that of the pink sheet. we need several such pieces. Now fold the sheet in the shape of a cone as done previously. The green cones should be pasted inner to the pink layer. This will form the 2nd layer of our wall decor craft. Now take the orange sheet and cut the same 5*4 cm and prepare the cones in a similar fashion. Start pasting these cones as the third layer for the craft. Similarly take a blue sheet and repeat the same process. Paste the blue cones forming the fourth layer of the craft. Take a yellow color sheet, this will form the fifth layer for our craft. Like the previous cones, cut 5*4 cm paper pieces and make paper cones out of it. Paste these yellow cones next to the blue layer as shown. This completes the fifth layer of the craft. Take black color paper and cut 5*4 cm paper pieces of it. Make cones of the same size as earlier. Paste the cones and this will be the sixth layer for the craft. Now finally take the red color sheet and make cones of it. Paste it as the seventh layer of the craft. Take a small piece of orange color sheet and make a single cone of it. Paste it at the center of the craft to complete the look. Take a pearl to place it at the middle of the craft. This is the final touch for the beautiful flower. Your beautiful floral wall decoration is now ready! You can use it on any occasion or simply hang or paste it in the walls as a home decor item. Hope you have enjoyed making this craft. Please share your experiences and feedback with us Thanks for watching our craft video and Happy Crafting!!

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