Easy DIY Paper Crafts : You Can Make This Cute Paper Star in Just 5 Min!!!
Easy DIY Paper Crafts : You Can Make This Cute Paper Star in Just 5 Min!!!

How to Make a Cute Paper Star for Home Decoration You can also use it as a Kids craft Things You Need… Cardboard, Scissors, Color Papers, Origami Paper, Pencil, Scale, Adhesive Glitter, Thermocol balls, Craft wire Take a circular cardboard of 10 cm diameter. Take a color paper and draw the markings as shown here. Cut it. We need multiple square pieces of different colors as shown. Now take one square piece and fold it as shown. Keep folding the piece to make an accordion. Repeat the same process with the other color piece as well. Paste both the color accordion to each other at one edge. Now apply glue in between the folding as shown here on either side and stick it at one end. We need multiple such arrangement. Take origami paper and draw a circular shape similar to that of the cardboard. Make small cuttings on the paper and paste it on the cardboard. Now paste the designs on the cardboard piece in the shape of a star as shown here. Take a golden glitter and decorate the star as shown. Take thermocol balls and decorate the center of the star. Take the silver glitter and decorate the thermocol balls. Wow!! Your easy and beautiful star is now ready!! Use a craft wire to hang it on the walls. This star can form a part of your christmas decoration ideas. Hope you enjoyed watching this kids craft video. Happy Crafting!!

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