Edmonton Luxury Home | 1708 Adamson Crescent | Allard | Conrad Bitangcol, EDMONTON REALTOR®
Edmonton Luxury Home | 1708 Adamson Crescent | Allard | Conrad Bitangcol, EDMONTON REALTOR®

Welcome to 1708 Adamson Crescent! I’ve got the homeowner, Jody, here. He’s done a perfect job with this home. You’re
definitely going to want to check this one out…My favorite feature…I’m
going to show it to you right now. Hi folks, I’m Conrad Bitangcol with RE/MAX
Professionals and on today’s episode of THE REAL ESTATE EXPERIENCE we are going
to tour a luxury class property in the community of ALLARD. So you’re going to
want to stick around for this!! Allard is located in the Heart of the
Heritage Valley in the Southwest of Edmonton. This is an exciting and vibrant
community that’s very family friendly…as a matter of fact if you’re moving into
the area you’re likely bringing a family so you’re going to be interested in the
Lila Fahlman Kindergarten to Grade 9 school that is just being finished
and will be completed in September. Also Allard is located next to the
exciting Heritage Valley Town Center which is going to feature over 260 acres
of entertainment, street front style shopping, parks and LRT transit. There’s
also over 26 acres of park and green space as well as six acres of wetlands
that the residents enjoy. As well, there’s access to the Blackmud Creek Ravine
where you can enjoy outdoor activities all year around and another great
feature of ALLARD is the community skating rink. This is an incredible
custom-built home. Inside you’ve got a total of 5 bedrooms with 3.5 bathrooms and once you step through that front door you’re going to notice
the fine level of detail and attention to craftsmanship within. So let’s just
get right into it & let me take you inside I want to show you around So that wraps up the property tour of
this gorgeous home. If you’d like more information I will post the website
right now…and if you’ve been watching this video on Facebook please feel free
to comment like and share. Again, my name is Conrad Bitangcol of RE/MAX Professionals
and that wraps up this episode of THE REAL ESTATE EXPERIENCE thanks for
watching…Until next time 🙂

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  1. Tony Yujin says:


  2. just 1 life says:

    Surrounding is nice.. the road in edmonton is nasty… screw that.. buy house in calgary. . Cost more. But happyness is where it is

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  4. Alexander Anderson says:

    what a home

  5. Seba Al-gunaid says:

    how much?

  6. Jatt Life Thug Life says:

    how much for that house

  7. Jacqueline Parkes says:

    I love that house . Tell us the price

  8. Ahmed Kassem says:

    I saw it on remax it's 1.3 million

  9. austine brown says:

    How much?

  10. Clover LI says:

    Stunning home. Just wondered how much time it costs to clean it, LOL.

  11. Alimou Bah says:

    Love your videos brother! Definitely learning a lot from you.

  12. jdddskk says:

    I fucking hate those effects that everyone put trying to be "professionals"
    You can't really appreciate the house

  13. Mrduckkick MDK says:

    This house in Canada 🇨🇦

  14. BlvckFire EDM iTrap iTrance iClub iChill says:

    I'm late, but this house is gorgeous 💖

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