Elegant curtain | सुन्दर पर्दा | गणेशोत्सव
Elegant curtain | सुन्दर पर्दा | गणेशोत्सव

in this video, we will see making of a designer curtain For this we will need this cotton strip on this we will put our cloth and make it like this we have taken a colorful cloth we are taking pleats curls (sal) at around 1.5 – 2 inches we will do like this with little gap we will add one more stitch near this double stitching it it can be used for designer purpose can be used for decorating god’s place we are adding curls with pleats now we will put another colorful cloth and make a design of that we have taken this cloth, cut a small strip like this now we will fold this we have fold it four times now we will shape it we are giving it circular shape we will now cut it down we can give any other shape too like pointed shape like this we have done it circular on the bottom we will add lace strip like this we have taken decorative lace strip like this doing it slowly in circular shape we willl do it along all the circular side we can make this curtain at any size we can use it at doors, wndows we are making a little one now lacing is complete we can also make it in two colors we will now stitch it on our base cloth like this we have left some cotton strip, so that it may be used for tying it up we have now stitched it like this now we will add another designer lace on it to make it more attractive it is almost ready now double stitching the lace now our curtain is completed

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    मैम आप डोरी खिंचने वाला परदा बताना प्लीज जैसे रामलिला मै रहते है जो डोरी से खिंचने वाला होता है प्लीज बताना मैम आप छोटा सा ही बना देना प्लीज

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