Elenor and Victor check out Barcelona’s Gaudí architecture – On the go with EF #36
Elenor and Victor check out Barcelona’s Gaudí architecture – On the go with EF #36

A Tour of Barcelona’s Gaudí Architecture Hi guys! Today I managed to snag an EF staff member.
This is Victor. Hi! What are we doing today? Where are you taking me? We’re going to visit some Gaudí
buildings here in Barcelona. Antoni Gaudí
Catalan architect (1852-1926) We’re standing here outside
a famous Gaudí building. Gaudí was a famous architect here in Barcelona. We’re here in front of Casa Batlló,
which Antoni Gaudí rebuilt in 1904. It’s a very famous and beautiful building. It is built of stained glass, ceramics and iron. Victor and I are standing outside La Pedrera,
one of Gaudí’s most famous buildings. It’s actually supposed to look like
it’s moving because it goes like this. It’s really nice.
Do you know some more facts about it? What you must know is that this building became a UNESCO
World Heritage Site in 1984, so we must preserve it. Also, the sculptures on the rooftop
are ventilation shafts. This building is very unique. Just imagine what a
rebel Gaudí must have been considered in his time because it was not a normal thing to be
reconstructing old buildings to look like this. Exactly. Victor and I are standing
outside la Sagrada Familia, which is Gaudí’s most famous building.
It’s this beautiful church. It’s still under construction and it won’t
be done until approximately 2030. It’s been under construction
for over 120 years. They started building it in 1892
when Gaudí was still alive. What you must know is that he died in a tram crash
in Barcelona and he’s buried here inside. You can actually go inside here to look
if you pay a small fee. It’s very beautiful. It’s worth the queue for sure. There’s been a huge debate whether it’s right
to continue building since he passed away, but Gaudí actually joked about the long construction,
saying that his client, meaning God, was not in a hurry since it’s a church. Now we’re standing inside the Park Güell
and it’s where Gaudí used to live. We’re going to visit some monuments and
sculptures he made when he was alive, and also see a very nice and
spectacular view of the city, Barcelona. It’s quite a popular tourist attraction. There are a lot of people here and you
actually have to get in line to get in. It was definitely worth it to stand
in queue because this is so nice. The view is really nice.
You can actually see the ocean from here. These irregular ceramic tiles covering the walls
are very typical for modernist architects, like Gaudí. As you know, they’ve continued the construction
of la Sagrada Familia, which we visited before, even though Gaudí is not there to
oversee the actual building of the church.
What’s your opinion? Is it right to continue the plans
even though he’s not here to oversee what they’re doing or should they have just left it
as it was when he died? Answer the question down below in the comments for a chance to win this small version
of “The Dragon”, Gaudí’s finest design. Park Güell was a lot of fun. Thank you for taking us today. And remember to tune in next
week for another episode. Adios! Next week:
Spanish vs. Latin American Spanish

11 thoughts on “Elenor and Victor check out Barcelona’s Gaudí architecture – On the go with EF #36”

  1. Ruben Arellano Teco says:

    Yeah. People say that Barcelona is a beautiful city. Keep up the good work. Greetings from Toluca, Mexico!

  2. i can ❶ says:


  3. ExplorandoConManuel says:

    Very cool 😎 I like it

  4. M says:

    I think it's okey to finish la Sagrada familia, Gaudi would be proud

  5. Angelina Gold says:

    La Sagrada Familia is an absolutely breathtaking church located in Barcelona👑 Spanish people are really care about their history and architecture, definitely an unfinished building, in the whole city wouldn't look so elegant and gothic as it can. Moreover, the main base of the building and the idea has been already laid by Gaudi, so nothing can be changed, and I think, Gaudi would be very happy that the Spanish helped him to complete his creation)

    P.S In the past, builders had to rely on paper sketches to correctly put together this massive structure, so, however, thanks to the invention of computers in the mid-20th century, the progress sped up rapidly))

  6. Thắm Lê says:

    that's nice

  7. Ali Abrahim says:

    The city of Barcelona, is the most important landmarks in the splendor its world fame acquired by the most enchanting Spanish cities, the most attractive to tourists culture and builders beautiful in cities Euro and Club football sport of Barcelona Points of Interest city or National Museum Art, and the Tower Agbar is like magic like New Era is build Tower Agbar is Take Eyes of Tours nice Maria in your program nice .

  8. Leni Cruz says:

    I totally agree and thinks will be the right thing to do. No one artist starts a masterpiece without imagine her ready. If Gaudí were alive I bet that he would love to see how we love his work e how we strive to make him alive through his magnificent creations. Besides that, this is a proof that spanish people value their culture and artists!

  9. Fer Cortés says:

    I'd love to visit La Sagrada Familia soon and I think it's great that they finish the church even though Gaudí died, I think it was his goal to finish it and even if he didn't get the chance to do it, the Spanish government can do it. I bet it will look amazing once it it done in a couple of years ❤❤. BTW, what a nice video guys

  10. Katherine Ayala Rojas says:

    i've seen the whole serie today and i'm so jealous of the gus because the spent so much time having fun…. i love the serie keep doing it!!

  11. Diego Riani Costa Agostinho says:

    Sem a menor sombra de dúvida, a Igreja deve ser concluída.

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