Embossed Moroccan Tile Background
Embossed Moroccan Tile Background

Hi, this is Janelle Stollfus at Rain
Puddles Design with a tutorial using the Stampendous (Cling) Moroccan Tile. I’m going to start by using Toffee Crunch ink as the base and in the end it’ll look like a
shadow under the embossing and I’m using the MISTI stamp tool because I want to
get a good impression a solid base for the shadow but also because in the step
I’ll need to be able to position for the second inking on the paper there are a
couple spots that didn’t stamp well so I’m going to go ahead and restart that
get a more solid image and also to keep that 6×6 inch paper in place I just use
a little piece of tape runner in the middle of the grid paper of my MISTI
so that it wouldn’t move while I lifted the stamp off. Now just a real quick
dusting of static remover and I’m gonna set that aside until I get finished with
this next step and to be able to do a very clean shadow I’m going to use this
plastic quilt template cut down to the right size for my MISTI and stamp on it
so that I have a guide when I’m getting ready to add the next ink level and this
is just you know any black ink any ink that you can see well enough through the
template and what I realized is that really only need like the four corners
of the stamped image so save some time and just stamp the corners and not the
whole image. and that looks pretty good so I’m gonna
remove this and I want to start lining it up with the Toffee Crunch ink on my
six by six inch paper and yet I still need to make sure that it stays in place
while I add it to the Misti tool so I’m just grabbing a post-it note and adding
it to the back of the Toffee Crunch stamped image and that way once I get it
lined up I can just press down on that post a note and it’ll stick to my guide
as long as I need it to until I can get it back in the MISTI tool. Now once it’s all lined up I’m going
to carefully lift up the the guide the plastic template from my paper and get
ready to use some embossing ink but I want to make sure that I have all of the
ink off of my stamp. And the ink i’m using is Versamark watermark ink and
again another great option to stamp watermark ink is with a stamp positioner
because then you can do it multiple times to get a good solid image. Now that’s done I’m gonna remove it
from the stamp tool and get ready to emboss. And I’m going to be using the
stamp in this detailed white embossing powder and I’ve already put some into a
little container that I’ll be able to scoop out with a spoon and drizzle over
the the Versamark ink and I’ve left the post-it note there so that I have a
little handle to make it convenient and not mess up any of the watermark ink. Just making sure that I get everything
covered and then whatever didn’t get in the
container I’ve put a piece of paper underneath it so I can just shake
that back into the container know that that’s all done I’m gonna go ahead and
get started with the heat tool and I’m gonna go ahead and speed this up so that
we don’t have to watch it slowly get set and you’ll see that it’s just almost
disappeared the white is covering up that toffee crunch ink and it makes just
a nice shadow it almost disappears but we have one more step that’ll really
make this pop. Then we’re going to go back to the toffee crunch ink and use a
blending tool. A sponge will work just as easily. I’m just going to rub that over
the paper and whatever isn’t embossed with the white embossing powder will
start showing up and then we’ll have the three different layers and levels
of color and it will really make a beautiful pop. And this is the finished
piece. And I’ve already finished a card and actually used a couple of other
stampendous products. I’ve done some borders below and above the sentiment
with Spring Borders Cutting Die. As well as the sentiment is from the new Big Words Happy Stamp Set from Stampendous. Find more information like supplies and
written instructions for this project on my blog a Rain Puddles Design. Thank you for watching!

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