Embroidery Designs | DIY Ribbon Flower | HandiWorks #71
Embroidery Designs | DIY Ribbon Flower | HandiWorks #71

Your ribbon should be cut no longer than 12″ to 18″. Tapestry needles has a blunt tip that makes it easy to work the stitch as the needle doesn’t pierce the spokes. Crewel or chenille needles can both be used. The ribbon should not bend or curl but should lie flat in the eye of the needle. You can do your ribbon embroidery on any fabric… that’s woven as long as the weave is not too open and loose.. even though the stitch may be incorrect there is no way Silk Ribbon Embroidery can look bad. The ribbons need to be flexible and flow easily as well as being easy to manipulate… and these are qualities provided by 100 percent silk ribbon.

59 thoughts on “Embroidery Designs | DIY Ribbon Flower | HandiWorks #71”

  1. Anneta S says:

    where to get the sketch?

  2. Sukun-E-Qalb says:

    Hi.. Please let me know don't you tie any knot while you were needing flower patels? Else they could stretch out 🤔🤔🤔

  3. Joanna Anderson says:

    thank you for the inspiration. Love your work.

  4. Sweety Sweets says:

    love this..

  5. Saliha Benmalek says:

    you artist

  6. Martha Torres C says:


  7. Saiyad Afroz says:

    veri nice videos

  8. Saiyad Afroz says:

    veri nice videos

  9. Kiano Goncalves says:

    hermosa girasol lindo

  10. Trishika Afrin Tamanna says:

    if I want to make this on a cusion…than which fabric should I choose…???

  11. Silvania Rodrigues says:

    Lindo, parabéns!

  12. priya thangaraj says:

    I got new idea
    thank u

  13. graça peruna mauricio says:

    nunca quis saber de bordado com fita ,mas, quando sua aula me apaixonei e vou tentar obrigada

  14. Rekha Awate says:

    nice ..suppr❤👌

  15. Nelly Baez says:

    Excelente gracias una maravilla de trabajo.

  16. Alfonso poilao puerta says:

    Que divinura

  17. Sharon French says:

    Beautiful Sunflower and leaves I think I missed it. This one is great also.

  18. Kaushik Barman says:

    He ha nice but bad

  19. Jusmita Deka says:

    which kind of riboon you used plzzz reply

  20. Jusmita Deka says:

    nice video

  21. fatema bipa says:


  22. widdle brizzle says:

    hello, you and your hand is so amazing, these day i started to learning about this and I really confuse about what kind of fabric which is the best to make this craft, so would you mind to reply and tell me what kind of fabric that you use? it will help me alot…thank you and sorry for my bad english.. english is not my first language

  23. Zenilda pereira says:

    Belo trabalho parabéns👏👏👏

  24. ABDUL HANNAN says:


  25. Muharmis Wetty says:

    Wow bagus sekali untuk menambah , membuka kreatifitas 2 yg menyenang terimakasih sekali

  26. Kathie Frobe says:

    Love this, thanks!🐞

  27. Ardeleanu Monica says:


  28. Awais Awan says:

    beautiful work 💕

  29. Anne-Madeleine Woringer says:

    Merci it's superbe​, Madeleine.

  30. Nildy Guedes says:

    Muito lindo

  31. Khanh Pham says:

    Rat dep

  32. Manuela Herrera says:

    It's beautiful work,my question is how do you wash it by hand or can you put it in the washer? Does the ribbon not come undone?

  33. Parineeta Dandge says:

    which clothes we use for this

  34. hermes bravo says:

    Todos son hermosos

  35. Farwa Shoaib says:

    Ap my kapra kis cheez my bind keya hota hai plz reply

  36. Silvia Hernandez Guzman says:

    Q bellesa de puntada felicidades buenas noches

  37. v Cole says:

    Hi , what kind of fabric is this ??

  38. thanhvananh truong says:

    đẹp quá à

  39. فاطمه على says:

    الله ينور عليكى وتسلم ايدك …اعذرينى انا مااعرفش لغه قوى علشان كده بكلمك بلغتى

  40. kkrkrk 764 says:


  41. Yamile Gonngora Vasquez says:

    Hola handy, muy hermoso justo lo q buscaba, como hacer hojas. SALUDOS desde Bolivia

  42. Madeline Pedroza says:

    I really like their jobs, they are great.

  43. Family Wisher says:


  44. Alamin Hossain says:


  45. Haider Alibaba says:


  46. Mohammed Raashad says:


  47. Sabreen Hassan says:


  48. Ahmad Epul says:

    How much time does it take to do this

  49. Sara Leon says:

    Muy bonito gracias por compatir

  50. Mayra Ramirez says:

    Cómo se llama la tela en que borda

  51. Rekha Varma says:


  52. Parames Ramanathan says:

    you are a super tutor

  53. Christine 007 says:

    u are truly the best at your craft

  54. Pabel Ahmed says:


  55. Vaishali Shinde says:

    Simple n beautiful

  56. Cindy Gnel says:

    Lindo, lindo.

  57. Beck V says:

    This is lovely and I'd love to make it for my daughter who loves sunflowers. I have a couple of questions: how much ribbon did you use? Also, did you knot the ribbon in the back? How big was your flower?
    You do beautiful work and are a great instructor. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  58. afifa akram says:

    woooooooooooooooooooooo super well done

  59. sudha kumari says:

    Tell me type of cloth

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