Embroidery pen, using the Kantan Needle :)
Embroidery pen, using the Kantan Needle :)

12 thoughts on “Embroidery pen, using the Kantan Needle :)”

  1. Martha Perez says:

    Hola zoe, Saludos desde Campeche Mexico 🙂

  2. Pamela Turner says:

    Aaaah te amo❤️

  3. Lex Mohamed says:

    Amo tu acentoooooooooo <3

  4. Memi G says:

    Me encanta la polleraaaaaa!!!

  5. M a g i c M u s h r o o m says:

    Lo hiciste! ❤️O ❤️gracias, super bien explicado (los subtitulos son lo mejor xD)

  6. Luis peral says:

    Ese acento británico me encanta:), que bueno que inoves en tu contenido, agregando vídeos en inglés y puedas llegar a más gente, eres un estuche de monerias zoe uwu

  7. ssᴀᴅᴛᴇᴇɴss bellyachevkook says:

    ese acento británico me encanta :'3 7u7

  8. Stephanie Castillo says:

    La falda te quedo bonita uwu btw I loved your accent in english

  9. Chelsea B says:

    I love your sense of humor 😀 😀 The needle almost seems like more work than it's worth…would you say it makes things easier/faster than just hand embroidery?

  10. Iannessa Sidhe says:

    Well done! You're a good teacher. Thank you.

  11. Caroline Mc evoy says:

    Everyone's right, you're English accent is super cute! Where did u get your needle? Or what's the brand?

  12. Trini Aiyanna says:

    Thank you!!

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